Travel Digest #517

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Hi everyone @lizanomadsoul here presenting you the sunday edition of our #traveldigest. Enjoy the read!

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Travel Digest

#1 [TRIP JAPAN 2019 | ep.1] Phuket - Dotonburi, Namba in Osaka (EN/FR) by @ten-years-before

After a very long wait, the time has finally come to leave for Japan 🇯🇵 for 2 weeks. Direction the Phuket International Airport 🇹🇭 to take an Air Asia flight ✈️💺 to Osaka. Once at Osaka Kansai International Airport we were surprised by a beautiful and unusual express train. Final destination, the great Namba station a stone's throw from Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, really nice and lively places in Osaka. Finally my revenge after the cancellation of my previous trip because of Fukushima.
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#2 Tales of the Urban Explorer: St Hilda's by @slobberchops

We seem to have been doing a lot of Mills lately, and there are more to come so if you are not a Mill person then you had better find your Urbex reads elsewhere. Except there isn’t an ‘elsewhere’ and it’s still just me doing these. One of these days somebody else might just write something with this tag that is complete. I can only hope. I was alerted to St Hilda’s in Rochdale by this post on the premiere Urbex site in the UK.
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#3 A glimpse of Bontoc, Mountain Province by @leeart

The municipality of Bontoc is the capital of Mountain Province. It is a landlocked area and the gateway to Kalinga, Sadanga, Sagada, Barlig, Ifugao and other places in the Cordilleras. You may want to check out my posts about Barlig and Ifugao. You may want to visit the tourism office of Bontoc located at the new capitol for more information regarding trips and destinations you can go to.
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My post and I would like to say a big thank you ;)

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