An alternative way of living in Copenhagen (Denmark)

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark has without no doubt one of Denmark's most popular tourist attractions – Christiania – the famous freetown of Copenhagen. It is estimated that 500.000 people visit Christiania every year. This controversial area has been inhabitet since the foundation in 1971. When the society here has been debated, it has usually been related to the residents' free view of cannabis. Pusher Steet is the street where you can buy hash and pot from several stalls. The last week-end in april I was on a short vacation in Copenhagen. This is the first time that I pay Christiania a visit.

The area is a former military quarter. When the military left, the area was just left empty. By accident some people saw through a hole in the wall that the area was not inhabited. At that time the hippie movement was causing disturbance in the inner city of Copenhagen, but after a jounalist wrote about the empty area in Christianshavn, they mooved over here and founded Christiania. According to a guide on one of my walking tours in Copenhagen, some 400 people are still living here. Many of the original settlers still live here.

Many of the buildings are beautifully decorated

The area still has that 70s feel to it. Many of the residents do have jobs outside their village, but some have within. There are several restaurants, bars, workshops, galleries, in adition to all sort of musical and cultural events. It is a collectivly controlled village. When it comes to deciding on something that concerns everyone, they vote for it.

Very inviting public toilet

I walked down through Pusher Street (not allowed to take photos here) to an area where I had a very interesting architectural experience! A lot of the people living here built their own houses giving the area a unique diverity when it comes to architectural styles.

According to Copenhagen police the area around Pusher Steet is controlled by organised criminal groups. The residents themselves have adopted to a set of rules for security reasons. At the main entrance there is a sign listing the rules: do not run, talk on the phone or take photoes in the area around Pusher Street.

Most of the buildings are beautifully decorated. There is hardly a building without any graffiti. This is only a small selection.

Christiania is not like any other district in Copenhagen. It is considered quite rough and dodgy. Some incidents of violence do occur now and then, even the residents themselves are against violence. An alternative society which is still very much alive in Copenhagen.

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Kristiansand, Norway

All the photoes are mine, Ulla Jensen (flickr, Instagram and facebook)

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I am surprised to see that they can put their own rules and simply say do not talk on the phone or take pictures. This is quite bizarre and I am not sure how it would make me feel. But overall it looks like a truly interesting place to visit. I love the hippie charm and all those decorations on building. The architecture is cool too. I didn't know there was such an interesting place to see in Copenhagen!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

thank you :) It is only in Pusher Street we can't take photoes. That is the street where canabis is sold openly. And only in that street no one should talk on the phone or run. But to mee the whole place felt peaceful and with a great 70s feel, that was really charming. The artscene and the architecture is really amazing.

What an incredible place, a small society standing on its own. I love all the artwork. There are some phenomenal pieces in there! Wow!

Thanks for great article, @digi-me! 😎

Thank you :) more artwork will come later..just have to go through all over them, but they are really good, so you can look forward to that :)

Honestly, the place is nice. The vibes and the atmosphere seems that is not scary at all. Maybe it is just the front so technically you can't judge it. Well, it is also good that they are posting warnings to all especially the visitors. The only thing left to do is to abide by the rules that they set and I think you are good to go. I do hope that the cases of criminal activities there are not that rampant and they still uphold the rule of the law. As visitors, the best that we can do is to be vigilant at all times, or better yet, prefer to go to other places in Copenhagen that are much safer.

Thanks for the share @digi-me.

It is a nice place. Relaxed and peaceful. It is not scary. It is only when in Pusher Street one should not take photoes, talk in the phone etc. It is a good feeing beeing there. It did feel safe. It is only in the street where drugs are sold openly, one should take care. It is interesting to see how it is possible to choose another way of living.

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Thanks a lot.

[email protected] You can see the military influence by some of the buildings. i honestly believe it is great that they found a community outside the city that they can all live together in. They obviously respect what they have as the area is well kept and they have maintained standards. Voting as a community works if everyone is in harmony and I think this is working for them.You have photographed and explained how they exist very well.

Thank you. I did get that 70s, hippie feel and found it a great place to wander around. I admire the society for beeing able to keep there rules and way of living for so many years.

I think that is what impresses me most is they have kept it going and made something from nothing. Having an ex military base obviously helped get the basics going.

Hi digi-me,

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Thank you so much :)

What a peculiar place! Very interesting story and pics... I got curious to see the places you couldn't photograph...

This reminds me of the Kowloon walled city in Hong Kong many years. It was an area controlled by the local triads and from what I heard the police rarely went there. However, it looked nothing as vibrant and colourful as Christiania.

Thanks for your comment. Christiania is indeed colorful. I think it was hard to find a building without artwork! And so many really talented artwork.

Lovely pictures. Such talented graffiti artists. Love the stories as well. Looks really well put together for a bad neighborhood. Or you just a great photographer!

Thank you. You are kind ;) The artwork is some of the best I have seen. Will post more when I got all my photoes sorted out :)

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Hopefully you get some more interaction!!

Thank you so much :)

You are very welcome!!

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Amazing experience and lovely pictures. That seems like a great trip and a very widely amount of beautiful art and architecture. Thanks for sharing and
thanks @trincowski for sharing this gem

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Thank you. It was a different experience. I am glad I chose to visit this time. I have a lot more beautiful artwork and will try to post them as soon as I have got them sortet out.

Christiania is a city in the city. Nice street art pics...

Thank you ;)

Awesome shots, really gives you a feel of the different parts of the town. Must have been fun exploring and finding all these shots :)

It was a great place to visit. And all that talented artwork!

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Thanks a lot.

hi @digi-me
your description is very interesting. I read that many people are eager to move here, that you have to do some sort of request and that there are very long lists because, of course, space is not enough for everyone! You know something about this?
congratulations for the curie vote and thanks for sharing with us

I heard to that people are eager to move to Christiania, but it is dificult, because of the long list. I am not sure about the space. I did walk beyond the "town" senter to more quiet areas, where there is more space as well.


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Thank you so much :)

Wonderful post! I always love to see street art and other details about how other people live. Thanks so much for sharing and congrats on the Curie!

I found you thanks to @mimismartypants featuring you in the curation contest - keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot for taking time to comment :) I am glad you like the content. It is certainly an interesting place.

Thanks for supporting!!!

I didn't know about Christiania – the famous freetown of Copenhagen, actually I know very little about Copenhagen in general so I'm happy to read your blog. I'm not interested in buying hash and pot but would still visit this place and have a look around. As I can see there are valuable wall paintings there that are worth to see and that market has many beautiful things to offer for someone like me who loves these markets.
The buildings and houses are absolutely wonderful and unique as well. I love that black wooden house, it's very interesting. I'm not sure how comfortable or cozy is, winter in Copenhagen must be tough and a wooden house is not the best solution but who knows, if it's properly isolated, it can work.
Too bad photography is not allowed but I can understand the reasons.
Well done, I'm really grateful to see these photos. have a nice weekend and steem on!

Thank you for stopping by . It is a famous place, but if you do not know too much about Copenhagen, then it is understandable that you do not know about Christiania. I was not interested in the cannabis either, but the small houses, the amazing art, the feeling of being back to the 70s was an amazing experience. It is a peaceful place just to walk around. A small "city" within the city of Copenghagen. Have a great weekend you too and thanks for taken time to coment :)

My pleasure and thank you for the wishes. It's always good to see something unique, out of the box :)