Girona, Costa Brava, Spain (Part1): A Must Visit For Game Of Thrones Fans!

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If your planning a trip to Barelona or the other neighboring city for a few days, then you can add the charming town of Girona into your bucketlist if your schedule permits. The city of Girona is home to some of the tv show series actual filming sites such as the Legend of The Blue Sea, a Korean tv serie and the popular Game Of Thrones tv series. Yay! one more sleep before the final episode so I thought it's time for me to share my birthday getaway experience in Girona!

How To Get There

It only takes 38 minutes to Girona through Barcelona Sants Train Station than riding a car which will take more than an hour. My friend and I book the second earliest time so we can return to Barcelona after lunch time, 4 hours before our scheduled flight back to Alicante, Spain.


(Girona’s train station)

Girona is a walkable city. You can reach the famous landmarks in just a few minutes. Before we reach the Girona Cathedral which is our first stop, we were entertained by the greeneries, autumn vibes, friendly atmosphere and most of all the interesting street arts which I am going to share in my upcoming posts.





Girona Cathedral/ The Great Sept of Baelor


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona also known as Girona Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church and was built between the 11th and 18th centuries and features the world’s widest Gothic nave. The cathedral has a series of walls with different styles to baroque façade and a total of 91 stone steps.

In GOT Episode 6, the cathedral was an actual film site as The Kings Landing's Great Sept of Baelor where the House of Tyrell, Jaime Lannister and his army showed up, having a short debate with the High Sparrow before Queen Margaery's walk of atonement.
photo source: gameofthronesspain

In the finale of season six, Episode 10, the cathedral as Great_Sept_of_Baelor was exploded by the evil Queen Cersei killing everyone inside, including the High Sparrow and Margaery Tyrell.

A walk of shame (for eating too much birthday cake!) 😂

Carrer del Bisbe/ The Jewish Quarter


Carrer del Bisbe, located behind Girona Cathedral. This Medieval street of Girona is the Jewish Quarter film site where Arya was a ”no one”, blinded and begging in the streets of Braavos, helplessly attacked by the Waif.

photo source: gameofthronesspain

On our way back to the train station, we saw this familiar bridge which I think it was also featured in one of the tv show’s previous episode.

Although were not able to see the inside of the iconic cathedral because it was close, we are still very grateful for the experience.

Are you excited for the finale episode?
Who do you think will sit on the Iron Throne?
The mother of dragons? Jon Snow? or the epic Night King slayer, Arya Stark?
I would love to hear your thoughts. 😌

All contents are mine unless stated otherwise.
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!steemitworldmap 41.987676 lat 2.826045 long Girona Cathedral Spain D3SCR

Cool banners by @qurator

Have a joyful day Steemian!


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It really is an awesome place to visit. And those perfect matches...

Are you going to have a party to see the last episode of GOT too?

I'm so exited to see how it all ends...

Greetings from Mexico.

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No party but yes, was excited a nd a bit disappointed of how they end the last episode but atleast they all have a happy ending except for drogon, lol greeting from 🇬🇧

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I am stunned by the beauty here Lady Joy!
That cathedral is certainly epic.

Thanks Papillon
It was a memorable trip ❤️

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