[TRIP JAPAN 2019 | ep.1] Phuket - Dotonburi, Namba in Osaka (EN/FR)

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I hope you enjoyed this Dtube video (or maybe you'd rather read the post first)


In April 2008, 11 years ago, I made my first trip to Japan (video at the end of the post). In my case, there is a before and an after my first trip to Japan, it is certain that Japan will not leave you indifferent.

In 2011, I convinced my older sister, who is fond of flowers and gardens, to come with me this time for a second trip to the land of the rising sun. A few days before our departure the Fukushima disaster happened and everything was cancelled by the travel agency as a precautionary measure.

Since then, unfortunately, I hadn't had the opportunity to go back there, because of my expatriation, but the thing is fixed and I was able to enjoy a great revenge.

At first, only my second sister was supposed to join my wife and I in Japan for these 2 weeks around Osaka (my older sister not being able to come) but it was without counting on the tenacity of my older sister who made me happy and surprised me to see her coming too as only few days before our departure. I couldn't have had a better birthday gift than having my 2 sisters with me, we who hadn't been reunited together as a family for almost 4 years.

But enough for the context, it's time to travel ;)


After a very long wait, the time has finally come to leave for Japan 🇯🇵 for 2 weeks.

Direction the Phuket International Airport 🇹🇭 to take an Air Asia flight ✈️💺 to Osaka via Bangkok.

With my wife we tried the quiet area of the plane (only a few more Bahts) and it was a great idea, there was no one here 😁


Once at Osaka Kansai International Airport we were surprised by a beautiful and unusual express train.

Always at the forefront of technology these Japanese, already 11 years ago I was surprised to see the reversible train bench and a service worthy of a flight by plane with the staff and their cart. To this is added this time, thanks to the Japanese rigour and seriousness, the real-time monitoring of trains and metros, station by station, on smartphones to the nearest second!


Final destination, the great Namba station a stone's throw from Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi, really nice and lively places in Osaka. A trip to Japan that starts very well, too lucky to be in a small, very charming and quiet street in the heart of the most lively area.


Just arrived at our very well located Airbnb we are already on our way to Dotonbori and shinsaibashi to compare the street food 🥩🍣🍺🥢 with that of Thailand but also to enjoy the very nice vibe there 🌆🌉


I have finally seen how the Japan has changed in 11 years and I'm really not disappointed with the trip even though the number of tourists has greatly increased since then. Japan remains a magical destination to do at least once in his life and to convince you I have at my disposal 5000 photos and videos of these 2 unforgettable weeks, so be ready for the next video 😁❤️🇯🇵

_____ [ FR ] ______________

J'espère que vous avez aimé cette vidéo de Dtube (ou peut-être préférez-vous lire le post d'abord)


En avril 2008, il y a 11 ans, j'ai fait mon premier voyage au Japon (vidéo à la fin du post). Dans mon cas, il y a un avant et un après mon premier voyage au Japon, il est certain que le Japon ne vous laissera pas indifférent.

En 2011, j'ai convaincu ma sœur aînée, passionnée de fleurs et de jardins, de m'accompagner cette fois-ci pour un second voyage au pays du soleil levant. Quelques jours avant notre départ, la catastrophe de Fukushima s'est produite et tout a été annulé par l'agence de voyage par mesure de précaution.

Depuis, malheureusement, je n'avais pas eu l'occasion d'y retourner, à cause de mon expatriation, mais la chose est désormais réglée et j'ai pu profiter d'une bien belle revanche.

Au début, seule ma deuxième sœur devait nous rejoindre ma femme et moi au Japon pour participer à ces 2 semaines autour d'Osaka (ma sœur aînée ne pouvant venir) mais c'était sans compter sur la ténacité de ma sœur aînée qui me rendit heureux et surpris de venir aussi. Je n'aurais pas pu avoir un meilleur cadeau d'anniversaire que d'avoir mes 2 sœurs avec moi, nous qui n'avions pas été réuni ensemble depuis presque 4 ans.

Mais assez pour le contexte, il est temps de voyager ;)


Après une très longue attente, le temps est enfin venu de partir pour le Japon 🇯🇵 pour 2 semaines.

Direction l'aéroport international de Phuket 🇹🇭 pour prendre un vol Air Asia ✈️💺 vers Osaka via Bangkok.

Avec ma femme, nous avons essayé la zone tranquille (Quiet), seulement quelques Bahts de plus, et c'était une bonne idée car il n'y avait personne 😁


Une fois à l'aéroport international d'Osaka Kansai, nous avons été surpris par un magnifique et inhabituel train express.

Toujours à la pointe de la technologie ces Japonais, il y a 11 ans déjà , j'étais surpris de voir les banquette retournable et un service digne d'un vol en avion avec le personnel et leur chariot. A cela s'ajoute cette fois-ci, grâce à la rigueur et au sérieux japonais, le suivi en temps réel des trains et des métros, gare par gare, sur smartphones à la seconde près !


Destination finale, la grande gare de Namba à deux pas de Dotonbori et Shinsaibashi, des endroits très agréables et vivants à Osaka. Un voyage au Japon qui commence très bien, trop chanceux d'être dans une petite rue très charmante et tranquille au cœur du quartier le plus animé.


Tout juste arrivés à notre Airbnb très bien situé, nous sommes déjà en route pour Dotonbori et shinsaibashi pour comparer la nourriture de rue 🥩🍣🥢🍺🥢 avec celle de la Thaïlande mais aussi pour profiter de la très bonne ambiance qui y règne 🌆🌉


J'ai enfin pu voir comment le Japon a changé en 11 ans et je ne suis vraiment pas déçu du voyage même si le nombre de touriste c'est grandement développé depuis. Le Japon reste une destination magique à faire au moins une fois dans sa vie et pour vous convaincre j'ai à ma disposition 5000 photos et vidéos de ces 2 semaines inoubliables, donc soyez prêt pour la prochaine vidéo :) 😁❤️🇯🇵

🎵 Credit music:

Epidemic sound : https://www.epidemicsound.com

🎦 Material used in the video:

Canon EOS M50
Canon EOS 60D
Xiaomi YI 4K+ Action Camera
Iphone 8 Plus
Elephone S8

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM with Viltrox EF-EOS M2
Yongnuo EF 35 mm f/2 with Viltrox EF-EOS M2
Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM with Viltrox EF-EOS M
Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5

Gimbal Stabilizer:
Zhiyun Weebill Lab

💻 Post Production:

Video: Hitfilm express
Photo: Adobe Photoshop CC


Video from Japan 11 years ago / Vidéo du Japon il y a 11 ans:


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I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your trip due to Fukushima in the past. But you took a very good 'revenge' :)

It looks like a very busy place and I think I would get dizzy just looking at all those signs and billboards :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Yes, I wanted to introduce my older sister, who loves flowers and gardens, to Japan (Tokyo and the north) under which I had fallen under the charm. A few days before our departure the Fukushima disaster happened and everything was cancelled by the travel agency as a precautionary measure.

Since then, unfortunately, I hadn't had the opportunity to go back there, because of my expatriation, but the thing is fixed and I was able to enjoy a great revenge.

At first only my second sister was supposed to join me in Japan to participate in these 2 weeks around Osaka (my older sister having had an operation a few months ago) but it was without counting on the tenacity of my older sister who made me happy and surprised to come too. I couldn't have a better birthday gift than having my 2 sisters with me, us who hadn't been together for almost 4 years.

If there is a place that I would really love to go, that is Japan. I have been seeing Japan only on TV as featurette or a location for a movie and I really love it. The place is fantastic. I get to appreciate their way of culture and traditions. I also love their way of living, so very discipline. It seems everything in there are organized. Experiencing such as these is already an extraordinary one aside from being fascinated by their breath-taking sceneries and attractions. I hope that I can visit in there someday, especially during springtime, when cherry blossoms bloom. I always believe that the moment I dreamed of will be truly magical.

Thanks for the share, my friend. Enjoy your travels.

In my case, there is a before and an after my first trip to Japan, it is certain that Japan will not leave you indifferent. It is a culture, a philosophy that is truly unique, based on collective spirit, discipline and in opposition to self-centeredness.

Everything is so organized and rigorous that you can even follow the metro station by station on your smartphone (compared to France, we are really light years away). Another extremely memorable thing (and still in total opposition to France) is cleanliness, not a single garbage in the streets and yet we could eat on the floor.

A truly magical, welcoming and unique country. In addition to the Sakura season you can also go there in autumn when the parks are bright yellow and red ;)

I wish you could go there :)

It looks so busy and I like all the different signs. I thought the crab looked pretty cool obviously highlighting what they are selling. The train looks really modern with all the bright colors and looks very comfortable as well. I have never been to the East and would like to experience this one day.

Thank you for your comment, if you have opportunity to go there not hesitate ;)

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Thank you so much :)

11 years is a lot of time to change for a country like Japan, they live their lives working and doing everything fast and with the higher standards in quality, I love the Kinikuman Train, they sure know how to advertise lol, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks a lot! In advertising or even basic prevention messages, they are so good. I love the way they use the characters drawn on their warning message (crossing, construction in progress.......), it's all the time cute and fun as their garbage trucks :)

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Ok, I will go on your Discord. Thanks

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Merci beaucoup :)

Great work man, this looks awesome! Also the Weebil Lab is amazing. I still use a Crane 2, but might be switching soon. Your trip looks like it was an epic time!

Thank you for your comment, Yes I am happy to have chosen the Weebill Lab, it is compact and practical to use thanks to its handle that moves easily. My trip was like Japan, animated in the most vibrant places like Dotonbori and peaceful in the parks and their temples like Sumiyoshi-Taisha ;)