A new day, new possibilities...

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Daltinden, norhtern Norway


...and among todays opportunities, it was an easy choice to take a walk in the mountain in the beautiful weather. The goal was the mountain Daltinden. This mountain facing towards the south and the snow have melted quite a lot in the hight. It is still much snow in the mountains and not possible to hike without skiing. We long for summer so we wanted to check how high up in the mountain it was possible to walk on dryland. Daltitnden is just across the fjord where I live, so it is not far away.


The first part of the trail goes through forest of birch with little view to the surroundings, so no pictures from this part of the hike. After around 2 km we are above the treeline and the view opens up towards the fjord Rombaken, Ofotfjorden and the mountains along the fjord.

If I go close to the trees they have tiny signs of green leafs. A couple of weeks with higher temperatures, the forest will "explode" in green.

Higher up we met areas with more snow.


A local mountain goat :-)

Higher up the areas with snow became bigger. The snow is wet and "rotten" resulting we suddenly sank down above the knees in the wet snow. After passing this area we decided to find a nice place for a rest and enjoying the view.


Daltinden b.jpg



The view from the resting spot

The mountain Tøttaoppen above my village.

Nero enjoying the sun and possibilities for something good to eat. Of course he got some :-)



We used the possibility to spend an hour or two in good company, coffee, food, nice view and silence before we went home meeting lots of new possibilities, options and choices. In the end it is my own responsibility to choose and use the opportunities I get in a good way. For example my english sucks, but writing on Steemit give me the opportunity to maybe get better within some years. :-)


Have a great day with lots of good possibilities.

Best regards

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Great photos. And that doesn't look like any mountain goat I've ever seen! \n

Always weird to get up to the snowline after it has been pushed back in the warmer time of year!

No I dont think you have seen that kind of goat, it is a golden retriever goat 😂 it smells spring in the warmth of the sun from the ground when the snow melt🌞

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Fantastic views! I like how the peaks are still snowy.

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Thank you @markkujantunen. The snow give a nice contrast. Especially when it comes more green in the landscape.

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What beautiful views especially the ones with Nero! :-)
Gorgeous photographs @harkar! Your english is great!

Thank you @shasta for Nice comment.

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For noen fantastiske bilder. 🙏🏼

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Tusen takk @marenontherun😊

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Mange nydelige bilete av det vakre landskapet i Nord-Norge @Harkar
Nero på ein topp i forgrunnen med kvite fjell i bakgrunnen likte eg spesielt godt.
Eit velkomåponert bilete @Harkar

Tusen [email protected] for hyggelig tilbakemelding.

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Beautiful place, best regards :)

Thank you very much @dirapa. Have a great evening 😊

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Nice spring day walk, it is spectacular landscape and you did very well, having this trip not like many people just sitting on sofa and watching Tele. As always you have your loyal friend Nero who is always there and seems to be really enjoying those trips.

Reading your posts, your English sounds really good and you build up your posts very well, with interesting texts and pictures.

By the way, just wanted to mention we watched Eurovision 2019 yesterday and the Norwegian group KEiiNO - "Spirit in the Sky" was the best, we really enjoyed it and even thought that next Eurovision might be in Norway, unfortunately it was not the case, that was really pity. I wish you and your family nice Sunday, Harald!

Thank you very much @stef1. Nero is also a good motivator to get out of the sofa 😊 great you liked the song, they managed good. We have been last some years too😂 have a great evening.

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This is a fantastic walk!! You live in strange surrounding full of high mountains and vast blue sky! It’s like a kind of divine place for few people to experience! Would love to join your walk so I can see the local mountain goat!! Very strange goat! Haha.

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You have to drop by if you are in the area. Nero love people 😊

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Thank you very much! I would love to meet Nero!
I will have to find my magic carpet first, so I could fly to visit your country!

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A new day, a new possibility. A new possibility a new achievement

That's true 😊

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