Travel Digest #513

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Hi everyone, @itchyfeetdonica here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy! =)

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Travel Digest

#1 5 things you need to know before you visit Georgia by @haydae

"Despite all odds, Georgian culture withstood the test of time, from its unique alphabet to its tradition of wine-making. Mountainous landscapes, beautiful Orthodox Churches, genuine hospitality and rich cultural heritage, Georgia is about all that and it deserves more recognition than it gets. Before you hop on the next plane to Tbilisi, here are five things you should know before visiting the country."
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#2 Beatrix Potter - How failure produced beloved children’s books - Location - Wray Castle by @molometer

"Beatrix, from a very early age was very interested in the natural world around her. With her brother Bertram she would wander around the family garden and when on holiday at Wray Castle, the nearby woods collecting various plants and animals including hedgehogs, rabbits, bats and mice and many types of plants and mushrooms which they would take home and study intently and then draw representations of these finds."
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#3 Trulli of ALBEROBELLO - UNESCO World Heritage Site by @lashotta

"Alberobello is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All thanks to the unique houses, trulli. These are round houses with a characteristic stone roof in the shape of a pointed cone. In the past, limestone slates were used to build such houses, which were laid without cement mortar."
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@steemitworldmap thanks much for mentioning my Mill Ruins post.

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Most welcome. Well deserved!

Thank you for mentioning @steemitworldmap!

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You are welcome! Keep your good posts coming. :)

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