Tentelicious camping in the Ardennes (Belgium)

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This is part #1 of my latest adventure in a tent with @guchtere and @smalltall
Our trip took us to the our neighbour country Belgium where we enjoyed the Ardennes near Malmedy.

Make sure you'll watch to the end for the bloopers.

More info about the why and the how will follow in the next episode.

music: www.bensound.com

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Nice! Any nice cycling planned? Enjoy!

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We did do a little mountainbiking indeed. But being lazy felt better than extremly exhausted. :)
So shooting photo's is what we did instead. Day 2 will be ready soon with some preview photo's of the small waterstreams.

Haha, funny bloopers! I live in Belgium now. Malmedy is a fun place with some weird but cool festivals like the giant omelette-fest! ;).

O yeah, it was quite fun but mostly beautifull with all the forests and lakes. I didn't know you're from Belgium :) Where your living now?

O and thanks for your curation xx

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