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Hi there everyone it's @LivingUKTaiwan here. Since we started our Fundition campaign over two weeks ago we've been overwhelmed with the support received.

A couple of days ago we received our biggest donation to date of USD37.96!!! THANK YOU @derekrichardson!!! Derek is "the most badass mountaineer on Steem" (those were his own words ^_^ ) but no kidding, he does some really awesome hikes around Calilfornia. He's also the leader of @socalsteemit, that's the Southern California if you didn't know. So on behalf of the whole @SteemitWorldMap team, thanks a ton for your support!

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Travel Digest

#1 Make The Most Of Your Trip To Varkala, Kerela by @hungry-nomad

Varkala is a beautiful coastal town situated in the state of Kerela, India. The town is famous for its beaches, delicious and wide variety of seafood and most importantly for its wellness spas. The best time to visit Varkala is during the winter season (Nov-Jan) as the weather is pleasant during these months. The summers are extremely humid and hot while in the monsoon season the town experiences heavy rainfall. The beaches in Varkala are amongst the cleanest beaches in India.
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#2 The Leather Crafts of Tamale-Zongo by @for91days

If some dude in the USA says, "Oh yeah, some friends and I get together to cure leather in my back yard", your instant and one-hundred-percent-accurate reaction is going to be: "Whatever, hipster". In Ghana, though, there's nothing hipster about it. We visited the Tamale neighborhood of Zongo, whose DIY leather "factories" would be the dream of so many bored Americans.
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#3 Discovering Secret Location Beach by @greddyforce

A couple of weeks I decided to visit one location, not too far from my home but I had been there only once before but never went down there before. It is called Secret Location beach, this is also seen in google maps with the same name. This beach is located in northern Estonia near the town Suurupi. I'm not sure how secret this really is but is definitely a little hidden.
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Thanks for the shout out!


That was certainly one unique experience there

Yeees! Always happy to see one of our posts in the top 3!! Thank you!


I heard untreated leather really stinks, hopefully it wasn't too bad

🙌thank you!!


You're welcome @helgalubevi

Wow....thank you so much for this...looking forward to writing more posts :)


And looking forward to see more from you

Awesome, thanks for the honourable mention :)


Have really been enjoying following you guys around China, it such an extraordinary journey


Thank you! Just one more post to come from China and then we will be into Kyrgyzstan! Thanks for following us!