Travel Digest #420

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Hi. It's @lizanomadsoul here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 The Insider's Guide to Diving in Cozumel by @liquidtravel

"It’s funny where you're mind can wander while your waiting to surface at the end of a long dive. Kneeling in the sand 20 feet underwater, when I should still be concerned with time, depth, and pressure; I found myself watching as the bubbles from my scuba regulator gently ascended to the surface. As the tension mounted, each bubble erupted as it breached the surface. Looking around for my dive buddy, numerous fish, soft coral, and sponges swayed in the current as if presented with a stiff wind."

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#2 National Palace Museum in Taipei // Nationales Palastmuseum in Taipeh by @vieanna

"The world's largest and most valuable collection of Chinese artworks can be found not in China, but in Taiwan. The National Palace Museum in the north of Taipei has around 700,000 finds and artifacts, only a fraction of which are on display."

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#3 R2R Travelogue 7: Sabbath Rest and Morro Bay, California by @roleerob

"Waking up in Ventura, California this morning, I was resolutely determined to "reset" for the next few days. While very enjoyable, the pace I had set for the first few days definitely needed to be "dialed back" ..."

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Thanks for mention your post


you are welcome my friend. I am looking forward see more from Canada through your posts :)


Nice #traveldigest, good job @lizanomadsoul. Looking forward to read more stories from your recent travels, too! ;)


Thanks. I will try to find the time soon! I have so much to tell now haha

Catching up this morning, before heading back "out on the road" and want to thank you very kindly @lizanomadsoul / @steemitworldmap for highlighting my post. I am enjoying writing these more than I had anticipated, although it is putting a bit of a "crimp" in my time ... 😉


Thanks for contributing to the map! I enjoyed your post today too :) It's nice to have travel bloggers like you on our map. Steem on!

I'm very happy to find my post among all these great travel posts. Thank you @lizanomandsoul for your support! Greetings from Vienna :)


You deserve the mention :) It is a great post! Greetings back from Munich :)