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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 Kondalilla Nationalpark

First, we visit Kondalilla National Park near the Sunshine Coast, Australia with @betterthanhome. The park boasts many beautiful walks from 2.5km to half day walks, most of which lead to the Waterfall Lookout. Although quite hot at the time, it was worth the final climb up the stairs to take in the view of the beautiful falls. On the way home he stops in at one of Australia's most iconic tourist attractions, the Big Pineapple.

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#2 DTube - A STEEMy New Year's Eve in Phuket, Thailand w/ @martibis & @lizanomadsoul

Next, we head to Phuket, Thailand with @daveonarrival. He meets up with two members of the steemitworldmap team, @martibis and @lizanomadsoul to ring in 2019. The group manages to get some quality beach time in beforehand, even though it is very crowded at this time of year. Thankfully rain did not spoil the big New Year's Eve beach party. Instead, the sky was lit up by fireworks and Chinese sky lanterns, albeit a tad early at four minutes to midnight.

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#3 Visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia

Lastly, @coldsteem takes us to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. His post presents information, such as getting to the city, and where to stay and eat, while providing a visual overview of the key sites. Sarajevo is rich in history and served as the flash-point for World War I (following the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand). It was also the location of the longest military siege in modern history. Although the scars of war are still visible and lurk beneath the surface, it is an interesting and friendly place to visit.

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thank you so much for the feature @choogirl

You're welcome. Looks nice there.

Great to meet with part if the @steemitworldmap team. Thanks for the feature.

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You guys looked like you had a fun time together.

Congratulations @betterthanhome ( I haven't been to Kondalia park for a while) @daveonarrival and @coldsteem on your featured blogs. Congratulations to all who acheived Honourable Mention Status.

Thank you @traveldigest and @steemitworldmap for including my Redcliffe post here too. Much appreciated.

It was another great post Trudee, but we can't feature you all the time. :)

No worries @steemitworldmap I fully support the concept of sharing the love. Have a great day.

@betterthanhome the Kondalilla Park really looks wonderful! Thanks @choogirl for mentioning our last post about China :)

You're welcome!

Honored to be featured here :)

You're welcome!