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Hi. It's @choogirl here with another edition of #traveldigest! Enjoy!

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Travel Digest

#1 A Beach Day in Dubai w/ @steemcafe

@daveonarrival is back with yet another vlog. This time he's in Dubai, UAE for a blockchain conference. However, before that kicks off, he enjoys the luxuries that this Middle Eastern city has to offer, including a buffet breakfast at the beautiful Hilton hotel with its amazing pool overlooking the beach. After jumping on the metro he then walks 3km along an airconditioned (of course) walkway to the Dubai Mall, which is home to a vast array of shops and a giant aquarium. He ends his day watching a fountain show followed by an awesome and unexpected light show on the world's tallest building.

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#2 I'm on a boat! #nomadcruise

Next, @r00sj3 takes us on the annual nomad cruise from Barcelona, Spain to Recife, Brazil. This is like steemfest but on a boat! Basically, 500 digital nomads (many of whom know each other from previous cruises) spend thirteen days together to attend conference presentations and hang out. She is currently stopped in Tenerife, but instead of going exploring she is enjoying internet access and the quiet time in her junior suite. Once she gets to Brazil, she plans to fly down to Patagonia. This means saying goodbye to everyone early, but there's always next year to meet up again.

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#3 Tangalooma Beach Resort Part 2

Finally, @trudeehunter is back with her second post about the Tangalooma Beach Resort on Moreton Island, Australia. The island is a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane, making it an easy day trip from the Queensland capital. Tangalooma is the main attraction since visitors here can participate in hand feeding wild bottlenosed dolphins. Strict rules in place mean Tangalooma's wild dolphin feeding program is recognised as the best in the world. Scientists travel here from all over the world to study dolphin behaviour. Other popular activities on the island include camping, jet skiing, 4WD tours, dune buggies, helicopter rides, and of course lying on the beach.

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Ha, thanks for giving Nomadcruise some attention! A bit of a correction: there are 2 cruises every year. One in spring and one in fall. The next one will be in April!

Sorry, I missed that. Unfortunately I can't update the post cos of the stupid bug that is blocking Dave's video from showing. Martibis will have to fix this, then I can change the text. I've updated the WordPress version though.

Great selection as always!

Aww, thanks again.

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Thank you so much for the honorable mention! I am happy that you like my post :)

Congratulations @daveonarrival and @r00sj3 on your features and thankyou @choogirl and steemitworldmap for including my post in this Travel Digest. Much Appreciated.