Dtube - A Beach Day in Dubai w/ @steemcafe

in dubai •  3 months ago

@steemcafe and I had a day off in Dubai because the blockchain conference we were supposed to be at moved down to one day instead of 2. So we took advantage of the time off and went to the DoubleTree by Hilton on Jumeirah Beach to eat breakfast and lounge at their pool and beach area. Not a bad way to spend a November day.

Because of I.J.'s connections, we met some friends of friends of his in the Dubai Mall, largest mall in the world, to have dinner and watch the fountains dance. After the fountains we were in for a surprise that was really cool.

Soon I'll post a video of the conference we went to.

Have you ever been to Dubai?

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You're the best person posting to SWM right now Dave!

Also sorry, there appears to be a bug in the code so your video is not showing up as the image in the Travel Digest. Martibis needs to fix this cos I don't know how.


You're so sweet, @choogirl.

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Looks like a fantastic place to hang out for a bit, haha. I hope to check it out one day soon ;) Enjoy and look forward to your upcoming videos.


Maybe we'll have a Steem Creators Conference Dubai Edition one day and we'll all go. :D

Fantastic Day! You rock @daveonarrival

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No, you rock

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Wow, that place looks amazing! mmm Greek food. That is what I was raised on! This city ism truly impressive! WOW the light show on the skyscraper! Very good vlog!


I've never seen a place like Dubai. Great food and incredible architecture in a massive supercity.

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Glad you’re enjoying Dubai @daveonarrival - your weather is definitely better than London weather currently, that’s for sure!

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I have no doubt. It has been mostly good weather here. Make the best of London.

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Happy to see cool people together!!

Now I'm thinking who is cooler ? you or I.J ?


I can only hope I get to be as cool as IJ

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I guess both are cool in a own unique way!!

Have a productive and fun time in Dubai :)