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Hi everyone it @LivingUKTaiwan here. Yes!!! 3 days in a row, I hope you haven't got bored of me yet. But not to worry, the stars are our featured posts not me, so let's go!!!

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Travel Digest

#1 Travel Diaries - Hong Kong by @tggr

Central is the main CBD area of HK and is the heart of the city. Lots of tourists and expats alike are roaming the numerous restaurants and bars in the area after business hours. This part of the city reminds me a lot of NYC with its narrow streets, highrise buildings, grimy smells and people rushing around. It is almost like a NY put into Asia to see what would happen.

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#2 Authentic Northern Thai food | Lampang Cultural Street Market by @waybeyondpadthai

Lampang is the third largest city in northern Thailand. Not often I visit the city and I'm sure other people, especially, foreigners.. when talking about traveling in Northern Thailand to enjoy the cool(er) air, we all think about Chiang Mai. Lampang is nice too. One thing that would pop up in mind right away when thinking about it would be a horse-run rickshaw with an easy-going vibe, clean air and such local sceneries as a background.

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#3 Bush walk to a plane wreck in Brisbane Australia. by @vcclothing

Now ever since I was in high school we always heard this tale about a light plane that crashed in the mountains just outside of Brisbane. The other day while we were having a beer or two the story about the crashed plane came up again. Now with the internet being a thing, we googled that story with the quickness and low and behold. The tale that we heard all those years ago was actually true and someone described how to get there!!

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