Traveling the World #98 (Asia Series) - Kid's US.LAND Play Centres @ Japan

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Hi Steemians,

Today I’ll be taking to an indoor play centre chain in Japan called Kids Us Land. When you have kids or with a bunch of kids, where do you take them? While were in the countryside in Japan, you see this indoor play centre branch everywhere so we decided to visit one to see what it involves.


The entry prices. Parents were supposed to pay but the attendant was nice and gave us free entry.


We went during the Christmas period so the centre was well decorated at the front.


There were all sorts of activities for all ages. There are soft play areas for babies and toddlers.


You can’t have a play centre without a large pull of colourful balls


There are loads of arcade machines for the older kids & adults


There were numerous electrical rides the parents can operate themselves for the children


Loads of books & comics for everyone read. Computers to use and I didn’t expect to see karaoke rooms here either!


Another activity that I really liked was the fishing pond. You pay an extra charge for rod & bait and any fish you manage to catch you can take home.

IMG_5107 2

The reason I like Japan so much is they look after everyone. The centre provides massage chairs & magazines for the parents to enjoy while the kids have fun.


If you have some spare time and not sure where to entertain the kids, be sure to visit one of these play centres in Japan. They are all time based so make sure you know how long you will be staying or alternatively there are day packages for you to choose from.


To find your nearest branch:



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