Chatuchak, Largest Weekend Market in Thailand

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Chatuchak pronounced as "Jatujak", others also call it JJ market has more than 15,000 stalls!

This market has pretty much everything you can think of from food, clothes, jewelry, arts, toys, furniture and pets. It's huge! I didn't know where to look first, I was overwhelmed I wanted to buy a big shopping bag and wanted to start shopping but you know what? I didn't even get to buy any souvenir, not even one! I was a bit upset because I was being so cheap when I know that the price was already very affordable (this was two years ago, before the crypto lifestyle, haha!)


Although I didn't buy any clothes or souvenirs, I tried some Thai snacks that I really enjoyed. This one is called choconana, it's a frozen banana, dipped chocolate syrup and coated with nuts. They have almond at 50thb, cashew 45thb, peanut 40thb and rainbow at 40thb.



I had my first mango and sticky rice at this place and I think it was good but I had some better ones in Chiang Mai. I thought of getting the rotti but we skipped that and got some drinks instead.

I also had some popsicle sticks. They have it in different colors and fruity flavors, I felt like a little kid again.


We had a handful of cool drinks from different stalls. We didn't finish all of it because we wanted to try a variety, it was a really fun experience!




On our way back to the hotel we took the Skytrain since it was faster (not that tuk-tuk you see in the photo above). Mind you, the traffic in Bangkok is crazy during rush hours!

If you ever visit the market, it's best to wear something comfy and light shoes especially if you have a plan of staying longer to see a lot of stuff or go for shopping galore!

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Thanks for dropping by!

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Looks like that was a fun place!

It was really fun trying out some drinks and snacks! 😁

Looks like you had a great time :)

Thank you, indeed 😉

very nice post @purepinay more travel to come my dear.

Choconana Choconanaaa :) I would also try that as a Banana-/Minion-fan. I think it's impossible to capture the impressions of such a huge market on camera...would possible get an overload with all the stuff.
So I decided to buy some Stellar and Cardano etc. instead on cryptomarket :-) Random and doesn't make sense sorry.

yea ... Chatuchak is one place which you can walk walk walk walk till your feet hurts and you still wanna walk. also do you realize that you see similar bits of pieces of hotels there ? looked like boutique hotels goes shopping there too .. lol

BTW, I voted you as a witness just today. You were one of the people on @donkeypong's list, then you happened to visit my page 😀

@purepinay ! thanks for the vote =) appreciate it

  ·  last year (edited)

"your feet hurts and you still wanna walk" So true! I didn't even want to go back to our hotel yet but my partner wanted to get a some rest coz we flew in that day and I was eager to go shopping, lol.

Haha, oh yeah coz a lot of stuff are very affordable... also you'll find the same stuff from different stalls, they probably get it from the same supplier.

I love any market with fresh products as this. I am a fruit person, so i might visit the fruits section more, with the popsicles. Haha

You are one pretty lady. Stunning!.

Hello friend @purepinay, first of all I want to say that I am glad that you are well, given the weather events in your country.

What a great experience that you have been able to visit such a big and popular market, and although sadly you have not been able to buy some things, I see that you had a lot of fun with the flavors.

I'm sure I would love choconana, because of the ingredients it sounds delicious. As for mango and sticky rice, I'm not very sure, even though in my country mango is a fruit found everywhere and we love it madly because it's delicious and very versatile (I've eaten it in cakes, jellies, ice creams, juices, salads...); however I've never tasted it with sticky rice, I don't know, but it doesn't look delicious, hahaha.

Greetings, I hope you keep having a great time.

We also have mango here and you buy it all year round, probably one of my favorite fruit. I never thought of eating it with sticky rice though, lol but it's really good ;)

I'll take it into account, here is not available for sale like this, but I will look for the recipe to prepare and test it, if it is with mango, should be good ; )

One feels confused when there are so many pretty good things at markets but don't know where to start buying. It happens to me too at supermarkets so i now learn to write down my needs to before i go to markets or else i will buy whats not useful for me.

I have never try mango and rice before but i will try that too. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Are you just visiting or do you live in Bangkok? @suitcasemama (also a pinay!) and I are based here :)

I was just visiting. 😊

Oh nice, how long have you been living in BKK?

We hope you enjoyed Bangkok. Let us know next time you come though! We've been living here for five years already :)

miss you sis:)
so beautiful there.
Hope all is well.
always good to see you

Enjoy your vacation..
Live your life to the fullest..
God bless you..@purepinay

Thank you dear

Really lively I must visit I think 🧐 hete only rain
GREETZ from the Netherlands

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice to see you in another exploration @purepinay. I enjoy all your posts but its always the ones about travel and food that gives me the thrill. Maybe I should put this on my list. Markets are an it for me the past couple of months. I go to the saturday and sunday markets here in Manila with maybe 50 stalls and I am already confused with what to buy and eat. I can't begin to imagine 1500! Have a wonderful trip!!

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You dont look a day older lol ;-) Thats only a couple of km from my house but Ive only been once. Too busy and claustrophobic for me!
You guys have a wonderful weekend :-)

Also, on your travel blogs add travelfeed as a tag cos they curate, resteem and give decent upvotes on chosen posts :-)

Oh cool, thanks for letting me know. I'll remember that.

Enjoy your weekend! 😉

Yeah it can be crazy, specially at night. If I live near this place is would be broke lol

Awesome place! I love Thailand markets and local food! I can spend literally hours to look for treats at these small stands! I made some videos about it so to take a look at my profile if you find a moment.

This is your first time in Thailand @purepinay? Which dish have you enjoyed the most so far?

Two years ago was my first visit in Thailand.

My favorite is the Khao Man Gai, khao kha moo, braised duck, chicken biryani, Mango & sticky rice. Gosh so many dishes actually! Haha

You got a very good taste @purepinay! 👌
I can eat Khao Man Gai, duck and rice with mango all the time! 😆

Aww!! YUm! Yum! Thailand food was one of my favorites! (^_^)