Pig and Palm- Lost & Found!

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Pig and Palm is the only Michelin star run restaurant in Cebu. Actually, I heard about it months ago, and looked it up but didn't know exactly where it was located at. I knew it wasn't in a popular area since I am sure I would have seen it if it were. Pig and Palm is run by Jason Atheron, who is married to a Filipina- Which is why he opened a restaurant here in Cebu. This is a modern tapas-style restaurant, but if you go at lunch only the bar menu is available.

bar 2 sitting.jpg

cubicle dining.jpg

hallway entrance.jpg

Last week me and my partner were driving around Cebu, since I didn't feel like going home, and this is when I got lost; And found the location of Pig and Palm. Right on cue, since we were hungry- And also wanted something different than usual. When we parked in the garage and entered the restaurant, I was honestly taken aback. Unlike most restaurants in Cebu- Or the Philippines for this matter;

zoom entrance.jpg

outside sitting.jpg


The layout and design took me out of the Philippines and made me comfortable and hungry instantaneously. With the hardwood, brick and metal rustic decor, a nice bar in the entryway, and a fully open kitchen in the middle of the dining room- This restaurant was exactly how I would like to design a business.


When we entered the main dining room, there was only one other couple, who were finishing their meal as we sat down. This meant we had the entire place to ourselves, and I felt free to snap photos that I hope you will all appreciate.

big dinning panorama.jpg


zoom bar.jpg

Since only the bar menu was available to us, we ordered the beef sliders and fried chicken (Karaage). Although I wanted to try a cocktail, I was actually afraid to enjoy it too much- And drinking mid-afternoon isn't usually my forte' :D So, whenever possible- I exercise my willpower, and just. say. no.



Jason Atheron is an obviously experienced chef. He worked with the Gordon Ramsey group in 2001, in which he ran Chef Ramsey's Maze restaurant chain, and even oversaw the opening of 5 concurrent branches. After he left Maze, he went on to open his own restaurant group named, 'The Social Company'; Which consists of 17 different restaurants around the world! Looking into many of the chefs that started with Chef Ramsey, they all seem to move on and create great success on their own. Although I haven't eaten at any of Chef Ramsey's restaurants- Just imagine what he is doing to the food industry. Training all these chefs to place quality first, and to get their competitive juices flowing... This creates excellent restaurants and bars all over the world for us to enjoy :D

chef prep.jpg

The burgers at Pig and Palm were incredible. They weren't too pretentious that it took away from a burger that I was craving- They were simply delectable. Of course, perfectly cooked, and seasoned- A perfect portion of cheese and bacon with a homemade pickle and alioli mayonnaise. The waiter told us that the meat was imported from USA, and they grind it on site.

Beef Sliders

I am not a food critic, and I wouldn't ever imagine that my expertise would be justifiable enough to actually rate this restaurant. However, I have had the pleasure of eating at a lot of great restaurants on my travels, and I must say the food here deserved any accolades I could offer. Absolutely zero complaints.


bus card.jpg

Now, I am absolutely hooked on this place and cannot wait to go back for dinner! (wink!)

The Location:

msy tower.jpg
MSY Tower, Pescadores Road, Cebu Business Park.

front entrance.jpg
Front Entrance

back entrance panorama.jpg

Back Entrance

back outside big sitting.jpg
Outdoor Seatings

I hope you enjoy the photos I took, I didn't have my camera with me- But these were all taken with my Google Pixel XL, which in my opinion takes the absolute best photos of any other smartphone I have tested.




Looks like an amazing place. Here in Chicago we have The Girl and the Goat and The Purple Pig Restaurants both very famous...

The girl and the goat,

that sounds strange and funny, here in Africa there are varieties of different pretentious dishes, you'd love them.

Hmmm... the burgers! Looks so delicious, Ate..
Bring me to that place when I visit Cebu. The ambiance of place looks really great. Di ko maka move on hehe. Ito nalang sa akin. 🐷🐷 Baboy mode
Hahaha.. this is one is for me. And I need diet coke 🤣🤣 ..

Hehe @gerel diet coke talaga! Mas daku pa ang burger sa coke :D

@purepinay best photography ever! Ang ganda ng Camera phone mo ;) Wala pa daw yan dito sa Pinas?


diet coke na hindi diet lol, hoi asan ka ba? mag punta kami ni @bonjovey sa Dumaguete kay mag renew ko ng passport lol

wala pa ata yung ganitong unit sa Pinas


Miss you more!

Andeto lang ako sa tabi tabi nag iisip kong anong magandang plano sa buhay :D

Nasabi nga pala yun ni @bonjovey na punta kayo Dumaguete, kung gusto ko daw sumama. Ang layo ng pagrerenewhan mo oyy pero sayang dili ako makasama kay magpunta kami bohol bukas tapos deretsu manila... Sayang, solo na naman sana nating tatlo ang life! xD

@purepinay it pains me i am always late here, this resturant is cool, and you are making me want to come to Cebu. If i fix my device i will continue my tour and i hope you will be interested in africa too. Pardon my comment under @gerel shr is my dear friend. And accept my token of a vote. I also have a gift for you later on my blog. Thanks for being a friend. One day i will eat this meal besides you and ypur partner please remind me of his name again.

Your friend
Loves you always!

thank you, @iconnelly!

no worries, you can leave your comment here anywhere you want ;)

Hopefully, someday... his name is Rob ;)

I would love to visit some animal sanctuary in Africa. I hope you are doing well.

Thank you for the mention on your blog. Keep up the good work and don't give up on your dreams, STEEM ON!

hahaha panalo to @gerel!! hahaha
dyan ako wala sinabi si burger king dyan hahaha

haist! sis hindi pwede yan mag kakain ng ganyan kadami na burger, kay nagpa doctor na nga yan kay may problem sa heart.

hahaha no worries:) It's vegan burger sis:)
kala mo lang meat, vegan dyan ask @gerel
vegan cheese den:)

Hehehe.. veggan sandwich nalang @sunnylife.

Hmmmm I can see that's NOT Jolibee !! I miss Jolibee :-(

haha really? The burger steak with rice used to be my favorite. I used to love fast food when I used to work in a corporate office since I don't have time to cook.

I used to like Jollibee until I didn't eat there for over a year and I went back and I got sick ;(

lol It was just a fun cheap burger joint , now its a reminder of happy times :-)

I went to one in Hong Kong a few years ago, it was nothing like the Philippines one and it was awful beyond words !

haha really? I used to like Jollibee until I didn't eat there for over a year and I went back and I got sick ;(

Hiii @gerel, what a amazing "Diet Plan", Hahahaha.

Hahahaha. I do need this diet coke @rabeel. Can you imagine me eating this burger? Hahahah

Hahaha @gerel, This burger is included in your 6 months dieting plan.

That's a bellybuster if I ever saw one. Yum.
I woud have to run about 1 more hour to burn that one off. whewww!!

Yes truly the burger looks delicious,Pig and Palm also looks like a nice place.Cebu must be a wonderful place,to have a place like this.

DAMN !!! is that a family burger?? 😂

I really love your smartphone ate , it captures every detail of the subject.
The structure of the restuarant at first glance is simple yet their kitchen is so elegant and neat.

Those burgers are mouth watering!.Yummy!
I remembered the chicken sandwich you made for me.hehe
I miss you ate..

Want to see you before you leave. Can you visit me here in Manila? Hehe
Stay safe always.. love you.



ahaha! chill! that's not the kind of burger you should be eating! You'll be in a food coma for a week!

I really hope you are here so I can take you out to eat and try some good food, and pls stop eating some pancit cantons and "crapy canned goods" with over 20 ingredients! And rice on rice! For real, you are making me worried about your health!

I might visit soon, I'll give you a call.

Please take care always! Love you so much!


You gave me opportunity to stay there with you. I wish i took it. I don't know you'll be staying in a short period of time there in Cebu. I felt so sad. Huhu. I wnat to see you first before you go abroad..
😔😔 ..


it's okay, I'll see you before I leave ;)

I miss you more! TC always

"Diet mode " ata yan ah maam @gerel

Hahaha.. diet coke nalang iinum ko para laging diet hahaha.

Very nice.Pls can you vote for my posts too?

Wow @gerel. Is this Burger even existing? Hahaha. I need it

Haha.. yeah it is! I can't imagine ntself eating it. Haha. Looks like a tower burger. Hahaha.

waaaa kakatakam naman hahaha..pero parang sasabog tyan ko pag naubos ko yan lol

How do you even start eating that? That looks like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

alam mo yong feeling na mababasa mo eto
hahahahaharrr charot!
Hope you had a great time there:)
lovely place! Love the burger!:)
kzo mahal kaya burger king na lang akow! nyahha

miss you! steem on!

haha I know sis!

for the record, you got here early, akalain mo yun haha, yung dati laging nababaon, haha... hinahagilap kita lagi. Akala ko nasa bundok ka pa o nasa steemit forest ka pa rin ba o balik ka na sa family mo?

Ayan may pambili ka na ng sosyal na tapas hehehe

We deserve everything in this world, we own our business, kaya wag ka na masyado kuripot ha, ehehe

How's papa Bear and Shaman? I miss them both. ;( Tell them I said hi, I'll try to visit soon.

hahaha yesss alam mo yon nagtagpo ng time yes im still in the Steemian Forest
no cellular signal gorabels! hahaha
I'm going to the Steemian Ocean soon
and I'll eat fishhhhh or whales hnyahahaha
I'll save more para nde na kuripot hahaha
Papa Bear is busy nurturing the little cubs:) captain Shaman is great! Flying all over the world:)
Will send your greetings, know ur busy to the maxxx winner!!!hahahaha

whooaaaa nakaka 30 cents nako? bwahahahha
pangbili ng burger!!! yahooooo!!

busy ang peg, Steemit life! Virtual world pa more! haha

tubig lang akis haha

hahaha d ko kaya tubig wa energy!
steem on!! xoxo

hahaha, eh wine ako ngayn sis, buti may dumalaw sakin ngayon yung high school bff ko

I feel like am getting old na sis *haist tamad na mag gagala

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Haha @sunnylife ang traffic naman dito masyado😂 oyyy @bonjovey mag ingay nga din tayo dito! Haha 😁


masanay ka na oi, madaming ampon eh, lol

lagi ka nalang late haha! nandito si floriza ngayon, inom kami ng wine ngayon, pampahaba ng buhay lol

Haha painom nga ng wine na yan kasi feeling ko umiikli na ang buhay ko lol 😂😂😂😂

Wow the food looks very delicious Ate :)
And the place is very amazing, it's kinda relaxing while you are enjoying the food, indeed the ambiance is really unusual. Hope to visit it soon :)


thank you, @micch!

balit, makahurolo it ak kusina hit ira kusina haha! kun mayda la hini paro ha guiuan... okay na unta mag ukoy ngadto haha!

Haha, myda ngani ate hiton ada ha guiuan mas doble pa ada it price kysa ngada :D
pero asya anu? maiba nmn it guiuan dri nala puro tanghay .. hehe

Hehe.. kada kita iton Bratty, soon

I have told you before many times that I have become a huge fan and admirer of your blog posts not because you give back a lot to the community but the main reason being that you have a superpower for making the audiences engaged with your every post.

It's the power of writing and the presentation style which attract other readers. Whoever comes to visit your post, stick with you for the whole life. They all will.

As a person, whatever and however I have known you through the interaction of your posts and comments for the last few months, I have realized that you not only have the desire to take everything from the community but also you have that knack of giving back more if possible and you don't show any kind of misery in doing so.

You support me in my post and comment on your posts - it's a sign that I have been able to make you feel happy and special every time and all the time. And I promise you that I'll keep doing that for the rest of my life.

I told you before I like Phillippines as a country and I feel I have some kind of connection with the Filipinos. I can't expalin it to you but that's the truth.

I have decided that I'll visit Cebu just to meet you in person if God permits me mentally, physically and financially. I'd like to meet a Filipino in my life.

hi, @knowkrish! how are you?

Thanks a lot for this wonderful message. I wish you the best thing in life and hope you can meet one someday ;)

thank you for support, always!

Enjoy your weekend ;)

Hi [email protected] you are back :) omg! It's nice to see the pig and palm. I've been there last 2016 :D the most expensive restaurant that I ever been to around ayala. Haha :D I really love the cozy ambiance and trees. It's just that they serve small but worth it. Hehe! ! I hope I go back there again..they have delicious foods omg! ! Thank you for sharing this it reminds me. :) I hope to get wine there and some meal. Hehe! You have yummy burger. . I think there place more become bigger than before.

Hello, bella! How are you?

Oh wow, what did you order? haha! they didn't have the dinner menu yet so we only got a chance to order the bar menu. I'd love to go back for dinner, maybe when I get a big appetite lol

Am not sure, but they have sitting outside and the place looks really inviting.

Are you traveling to Siargao, yet?

Hi Gil. . I'm good still in Cebu. I will transfer to a new house somewhere in busay. I will start my 30days journey as a backpackers soon on february first week then siargao is my first trip.

By the way, I forgot wht I ordered but for sure I got butter chicken something and the carrot . My memories not fresh to remember. All I knew we had a special table in the private area like for meeting or special occassion that time there a lot of customers. Hehe. .

Invite me when you get back there if I'm still in Cebu I will come😊 haha


ayan yung picture namin kinalkal ko pa yan sa facebook. haha ang itim ko. aray! Excuse.

Gil.. My gwapo silang chef diyan ibang lahi nalimutan ko basta nka chat ko yun before somewhere na site. Ayeee yun yung reason bakit ko nalaman ang pig and palm and tinary ko na din kumain kaya ayan na. Hehe

kinalkal talaga sa fb haha!

oh yeah that looks different before but, same glass and plates haha!

ang haba ng hair! ahaha ikaw na beh! waley man ko nakitang gwaps na chef dun haha, baka sa dinner pa lol... I'll let you know when I'll visit.

Hey Gilaine! :) another good one from that pinay girl.. :P like there's no other pinay around here. Good on u for not drinking. and that place looks awesome! very cool..

hey there! how are you?

haha! thank you for this lovely message, where did you get your pick-up line? kidding, haha

Enjoy your weekend!

no, if it were a pick up line i woulda say that PRETTY pinay girl! :P

Hiii Lovely Friend @purepinay, Good Evening.

Nice to see your so lovely and delicious food related post and your visit here in cebu in "Pig and Palm Restaurant" Everything is perfect here, I dont know the taste of it but most impressing thing for me is that whole the restaurant looks so neat and clean, which i never seen here in my country. I hope you enjoy to take meal here as well adventure while travelling. All the photo shots are taken seems to be professional photographer. amazing photography.

Always Love and Appreciation for your Lovely work. Take Care.

Jason Atherton and Cebuano Wife, Irha to launch The Pig & Palm.


aw! thank you, dear!

you always wellcome my sweetest friend.

My goodness, the antique and the design the interior decorator is extraordinary, it's like a Porsche outlet for banquets for Kings honestly, I don't know but Cebu has a thing for this extravagancy, wow Manila I can't even imagine

thank you for noticing, @josediccus! ^_-

😱 I never thought there's a Michelin star run restaurant in Cebu! Even in the Philippines! Good job in finding it Gilaine! It's one of my goals to dine in a Michelin star restaurant. I became interested in it when I heard how difficult it is to get even 1 star.

I will definitely try it! Even if it costs me a fortune. Haha

You can always check out a michelin rated bib gourmand restaurant, quality menues for 29 € or less (35 € or less in Paris). I was once in one, and it got later even one star.

wow, good for you, @street.yoga!

I would love to try one these Michelin restaurants someday!

There are quite a few with 1-2 stars in my city, 10 to be exactly.

The one I was, the Tian Bistro, is a vegetarian one, of them there are only 4 worldwide with a star, and really affordable .

This is my favorite dish there, i got the recipe because the chef Paul Ivic wrote a cookbook, i want to recreate it at home but am still missing one ingredient, wild assam pepper, handpicked from India, which is really hard to get.

raffaello, savory coco bonbon with shiitake mushrooms & pak choi, heaven in your mouth

you're so lucky then, I'd love to visit any of those restaurants.

wow, that looks good! Did you make that at home?

No, this was at the restaurant, have to finally order that assam pepper online :)

thank you, Kim ;)

it's not a Michelin star restaurant though, it's the Michelin starred Chef. It is rare to get a restaurant rated as Michelin, must be a heck of pressure for all the staff especially the Chef.

You should try it, the price is not awfully as expensive as I thought, especially if you just want to try a little bit of everything, the portion is also surprisingly fair considering the high quality of the food.

Oh! I see. I'll try it even if the chef only has a Michelin star. It's still a Michelin star. Hahaha

oh yes, Gordon Ramsey's Michelin Star! ^_-

this pictures are really good!

Love this restaurant, love their elegant decor. This is a cozy place if we just want to relax and eat good food.

Excellent post! I love how you give a back story on the owners! Great job. The pics are amazing. That hamburger tho.. yum!! Blessings

thank you, @gatorlynne ;) glad to see you here. How is everything?

All is well on our end. @prettydecent has a few more weeks before she heads off to New York City so I am enjoying my time with her! I hope you are happy and well, also. Blessings

that's good to know...

Oh does she work in NYC? I hope you have a quality time with her. Send my regards ;)

thank you for thinking of me, I am doing okay, just staying at home most of the time now, doing some Steemit stuff ;)

One of my bucket list is to eat at one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants. Since that is very impossible to happen, I guess this will do. But I should save up first before going there coz I'm sure it's expensive.

Anyway, this is the first time I heard of a Michelin Star restaurant in Cebu. Thank you for sharing this. I will look forward to your next great restaurant find. 😊

hello, @wincee

sorry for the late response, I thought I already replied to this comment lol guess it didn't get uploaded, poor internet connection. urgh

anyways, how are you doing? thank you for visiting again my blog. Hope you'll be able to save soon so you can visit ;)

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I can't reply to comments too since I get this "bandwidth limit" message. The life of a minnow. LOL

I always look forward to your post so you will probably see me often on your comment section. :) Thank you for replying by the way. Have a good day.

Thank you for this nice review,

Since my gf is pinay also, i cant wait to visit there again, Cebu is on our "to do" list and we will be visiting this restaurant then for sure!

I enjoy the way you write, keep up the good work!

thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

oh, nice =) I hope you both have a good time on your Cebu trip ^_-

Those little corners look comfy, and your pixel xl surely takes great pics with a nice bokeh effect, capturing the tastiness of those heavenly looking burgers 😋

you just made me crave with "heavenly looking burgers", I looked at the photo again my stomach growled! lol

I crave burgers all the time :)

There are few restaurants with Michelin stars, here in Venezuela there are none. We live a sad situation for myself and for all Venezuelans. I'm glad you enjoyed that experience and tasted the food of chef Jason Atheron. Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you, @cesarsc

I don't think there is a Michelin star restaurant in the Philippines... the chef at this place is a Michelin Starred Chef though which is already an honor to tase his creation ;)

From the looks of it Pig and palm is worth boarding a plane to Philipines to reach.
The wood is something that brings a little nature into the atmosphere.
I wonder why the name pig and palm, with pig in it. But otherwise the place is a great destination for spending some steemit money

hahaha pack your stuff now and get ready to bored!

Good thought, I wonder why Pig and Palm. Maybe on my next visit, I'll ask the staff ;)

@purepinay the place looks amazing and so do these hamburgers hahah... Are you filipina then? Hablas español? Un abrazo desde España!!!

thank you, @albertoyago.

Yes, I am a Filipino ;) No hablas español. Gracias pol erl abrazo ! ;)

Such a pitty you lost the touch with a beautiful language spoken by 500 Million people... It's a bit sad how you kind of rejected your roots... Filipinas was Spain for long time... I think the links between Filipinas and Hispanic countries should be stronger... I'm sure you or anyone of your family/friends have a Spanish surname am I right? What are your thoughts about it? Un fuerte abrazo :)

Hey @purepinay I just love to visit different types of restaurants in different mood like you but never ever thought of writing about the experiences like you.You make me feel that anything can be written up with presentable articles and photos.All of your posts have given me the mileage and inspiration to make a good article about any topic.Thank you for this lovely photos and its my dream to meet you anyday if possible.

Sometimes I get intimidated in writing but I just try it and just write as simple as I can base on my experience. I bet you are even a good writer than I am.

Try writing it on your journal, make a draft. It'll be easier for you to compose it into a full story ;)

Thank you for this lovely suggestion from a lovely lady @purepinay . I definitely will follow your saying.thanks

I am no doubt gonna visit Philippine soon, thanks to you. And the pictures are full of awesomeness

you can someday ;)

thank you ^_-

keep up the good work madam @purepinay .. that's it a amazing and fantastic place.i like your choice.delicious and yummy yummy food.excellent photography.
i am new steemit member.i love your blog.i followed you and upvoted + resteem your post.thanks

thank you for your support, @ellianaa

How are you doing?

Fantastic photos of this lovely restaurant.
What I liked about the fine organization was everything in its own place, cleanliness of the place and wonderful decor
Thanks for sharing with us.
I wish you a happy and enjoyable day

thank you, dear ;)

Awesome and amazing place friend @purepinay ! This is another very creatively thought up photography.
Nicely moments in photo shot.
Keep it up you did some really genius and
loving to your all delicious and tasty food .
I am wait to see your next post.

thank you, Robert! ;)

Look delicious yammy

I always wanted to eat at a Michelin star restaurant but we don’t have any in my country so I envy you for this experience,everything looks absolutely beautiful and I bet the food was amazing 😊

I love the brick design ambiance of the resto.. Simple yet elegant.
Thanks for sharing another piece of Cebu @purepinay. Bless you!

thank you, Dante ;)

I loved your post, with excellent photos where you can appreciate the elegance of the restaurant, I confess that reading the post made me hungry, especially for the hamburger that looks so good: D greetings from Venezuela.

lol, the last paragraph of this post got my attention, looking at the photograph one can't say that they are taken by a mobile camera. Gotta have a look on pixel XL mobile reviews :)

I know right! It got a really good review.

Google Pixler XL is now my new favorite mobile phone! ;)

This place is neat. Contemporary design at it's best.

Jason Atheron is an obviously experienced chef. He worked with the Gordon Ramsey group in 2001, in which he ran Chef Ramsey's Maze restaurant chain, and even oversaw the opening of 5 concurrent branches.

Anything coming from Gordon Ramsey's worth Michelin Star.

Thank you for sharing @purepinay

Thank you, @papanog. Just knowing that he's one of Gordon's Michelin Star gives me goosebumps! lol


Thank you for sharing. Now I know where to find one in Cebu. If I ever landed on that shore.

you're welcome. I hope you can visit soon. Cheers!

Hopefully paid by steem blockchain dollar. That would be nice.

Thank you.

no doubt! ;)

how's everything?

Well, I am actually binge-reply and comment. Ginabot, the bot that I am using now, keeps me busy. That is the reason why I can see your reply immediately.

ohh cool! is that a mobile phone app or a browser?

It looks like a great place and I really love the design of the restaurant, all those different natural materials! The food looks really tasty!

yes, it is. omg, I wish this is my kitchen, lol!

Looks like a great place:)

Nice. Must visit place this march.
Keep doing post like this, i love to know cebu,
Hope can visit cebu this march.

Wow, after reading your posts about Cebu and seeing all these delicious foods, I think I really need to start saving for a trip to Philippines! Keep up the amazing work! :)

thank you! I hope you can visit someday ;)

wow mukang masarap ang pagkain diyan. Kaso wala pa akong pera kaya ipon2 muna at magpost sa steem pra kumita.

nafollow na kita at upvote follow me back nlng @igneous-22 pa upvote nlng din ng mga post ko tnx,,,, @purepinay

thank you for your support, @igneous-22 and welcome to Steemit!

<3 Gilaine

your welcome...and also tnx for welcoming me to steemit...^_^ na follow na kita...i hope follow mo rin ako tnx again

very well decorate restaurant and brilliant smartphone photography... very nice. outdoor settings is awsome.

Nice blog ganda!😄
Natatakam ako sa burger!😋

thank you, sis

Kamusta ka na? I haven't seen you in awhile! =D

Miss you!


Your welcome ganda!😍

Eto okey lang ako sabi nga ni sis @sunnylife dumatabling tambling pa!😄

Miss you too ganda!😘😍

haha! happy to hear that! still full time on Steemit?

I remember yung kape, tinapay at Steemit! haha

Hahaha naalala mo pa yun ganda!😄😄😄

Wish I could've smelled the pic with that burger, just my type, NO GREENS lol. when I looked at the first few pics I noticed just how empty it was, then I read that you were the only couple there after one left, u definitely chose a good time to go there because personally I hate eating in crowded restaurants.

hahaha, don't you wish there is a rub wrist online that sends the smell lol, kinda of like the Avon brochures haha! too bad we don't have that (yet?)

I hate eating in crowds, I love to enjoy my food peacefully too lol!

That NO GREENS though, get little bit sometimes ;)

oh..its just in business park! i guess i'll check it out with colleagues soon... thanks for the great review!

you didn't mention the pricing!

it's five-star food with five $$$ prices ;)

Wonderful, that chicken looks incredibly crispy!

I'm hungry as hell

Excellent post!!

Gosh, the photography is fantastic and the design of that place....that is my kind of design. It's beautiful. Did you ask who the architects were or where they got their influence from ?
By the way, as you're a Gordon Ramsey fan. Did you know he has produced a masterclass on www.masterclass.com ? perhaps you could learn and maybe one day, a Steemian maybe in your restaurant, posting about you !!!
As always, you take care, be safe and be happy :-) x

deluxe collection @purepinay

the environment the restaurant gave was just mind blowing
I loved the red tone in burgers though
an awesum adventure of food

Great article with some great pictures. Steemians like you give me motivation to grow even bigger. I saw u upvoting one of my posts and started following u. I neeed to have as a followerr! Would loveee that

it is worth to go and see.nice restaurant.I hope you have a wonderful day. @purepinay

thank you, you too @ayshetyh

Sana maka kain ako dito ate, nice place masyado maganda at malinis❤

Gorgeous restaurant! And the food looked delicious, too!

thank you ;)

Great shots and great restaurant architecture and interiors! I'd love to chill over cocktails in the same venue as well 😁 Google Pixel XL takes great pics too!

Hey dear @purepinay, I am so impressed with your photography skills. You have lot of awesomeness in your personality:

  • Beautiful
  • Kind
  • Given
  • Kindness
  • Generous
  • Humanity

These qualities are a few, but you are a full package of humanity, that's why people love you.
You shared Jason Atheron here and I'm thankful that you gave this opportunity to us. I love the way you spread love to all over the world and people get your message so easily.
Pictures are awesome and the restaurant is best. I will must visit Philippines once I get a chance in near future.
All the very best my friend and Stay Blessed!

@purepinay I would love to have an invite to come visit the Philippines...

you are always welcome, @brindocorp

You have done it again my friend @purepinay...the way you describe your experience is just amazing...it feels like I am there in the restaurant and everything is so lively...proud of you...cheers...
PS...I also don’t like drinking in the afternoons 😊

Very cool bar
I hope they will have cool foods too

Okay!! A visit to philippines is now on my life's must do list. @purepinay, the version of what you do is good. Keep it up.