Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicillian Roast

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My first time going to Giuseppe was when my boyfriend's Grandmother came to Cebu to visit him, and her two Sons, (his Uncles). All of their birthdays run in the same month of September, and this is why we went out to dinner to celebrate. All three of them retired here in the Philippines, and who can blame them for coming to such a great country! :)


We didn't know where we wanted to eat, and none of us had been to or heard of this place before. Of course, its always safe to choose to eat Italian food when everyone may have different cravings, since Italian food usually has an expansive menu to suit every one.

One of his Uncles, Mark- Did a search online and chose Giuseppe over Anzani (which was closer and had better ratings)- Since the price online for Giuseppe seemed much cheaper. (Side note, I have since eaten at Anzani, and have to say Giuseppe is miles ahead of them in the taste and quality).

We all piled in one car, a Fortuner rather- And made our way to the gates of Maria Luisa subdivision where the restaurant was located. Even though we arrived during rush hour, 6:30 PM, the restaurant wasn't crowded at all.

outside resto.jpg
The outside of the restaurant

After we sat down, and they passed out the menus to us all, his grandmother made it clear to order whatever and as much as we all wanted. It was her treat. On the menu, were about 100 meals that I was not familiar with, so I ordered a pepperoni pizza to be safe, while my boyfriend Rob, ordered lasagna. We started with a few appetizers and some rosé wine, and after a few minutes a pizza arrived on our table.

This didn't look like a pepperoni pizza, as it had thinly sliced meat and argula toppings. We called over the waitress, who apologized for sending it to the wrong table, and she took it away. When the manger stopped by to ask us how we were, she also told us the next time we come by, she will give us a free arugula e prociutto pizza for the mishap :) (Smart, because I have been back about 5-7 more times and always order this pizza).

wines panorama.jpg
Some wines and other goods being sold at the restaurant

Everything was incredible. I am always a bit skeptical about online reviews, but Giuseppe is seriously underrated. When I checked on Facebook, it was only rated 3.5/5 stars. How is this possible? This is by far, the best Italian restaurant in Cebu. And probably one of the top 10 best restaurants altogether. Sadly, this place isn't just around the corner- So I don't go as often as I would like. I guess though, this is what keeps it great. Since I cannot go 2-3 times per week, I always look forward to the trek (usually in rush hour traffic), to get my arugula e prosciutto fix.

My lovely best friend Floriza

Yesterday, my best friend Floriza stayed the night- And the next evening Rob told us that he wanted to take us to dinner. It wasn't a special occasion or anything, he was just craving pizza. This was great news, since Floriza has never been to Giuseppe before, and I was excited to share the experience with her.

rating award.jpg

When I walked in the restaurant I noticed this plaque in the left corner and I got more excited when I saw the other plaque sitting on top bar next to the cashier. I asked the hostess, (her name is Mhegai) if I can move the plaque on the table so I can take a better photo of both awards and she gladly said yes. The restaurant has been awarded as “Best Pizza of Cebu in 2015 and Best Italian Restaurant in 2016 published in the Cebu Sun Star, a newspaper based in Cebu City. Mhegai said that the result for the last year hasn't announced yet but she's sure they'll get another award for the year of 2017 and she sounded keen about it.



Since Rob already knew what I wanted to order, Floriza and I went into the open kitchen and without any hesitation, I asked Mhegai if we can watch the chef make the pizza. We got to the restaurant right when they opened and there was only one other customer so the chefs weren't so busy -She let us in the kitchen to take photos. Floriza and I watched the chef work the dough, and he made it look so easy that it took him less than a minute to toss and shape the pizza dough! Once the Chef placed our pizza in the over, Mhegai told us some interesting things about the restaurant and its history. She mentioned that Giuseppe has been around for 15 years and the the owner is Chef Giuseppe Genco who worked with the Azani owner, Marco Anzani at the Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa, which is one of the top luxury resorts located here in Cebu, Philippines. 15 years! I thought it was new :)


Chef Giuseppe also runs another branch on Alona Beach in Panglao Bohol, Philippines and there are 5 'franchisees' of the restaurant which are located in: Dumaguete, Cagayan, Manila, Tacloban and one on Mactan Island, Cebu. The branch we were at, was on Maria Luisa road, and it has 1 executive chef, Chef Luca Genco and his 7 assisant/sous Chefs. Mhegai the hostess/waitress has been working here for over 4 years already, and was very proud about it.


Right on cue, I noticed that our pizza was done baking in the wood-fired oven, and the Chef said since its so hot, over 500 degrees, that it bakes the pizza in just under 5 minutes! How I wish I was able to take a photo of it while it was cooking, but maybe it would have melted my lens lol. Although I couldn't take photos of everything, it's the good story that makes up for it and I couldn't wait for my friend Floriza to try the food here.

Arugula E Prociutto

Hot Sauce

We sat down at our table and started off with the pizza, which was super photogenic as you can tell! I have made pizza hundreds of times at home but baking it in a fired-wood oven is far superior. You get that cracking slightly burnt crust which is still chewy on the inside, exactly how I love it to be. The pizza has an exquisite smoky flavor, whuch I always enjoy. They also gave us a homemade hot sauce on the side, it was really good and spicy and I wanted to ask them for a whole bottle to take it home, lol.

Lasagna di Carne

Our next dish was the lasagna, it had meat, mozarella, and parmesan cheese. Did you notice that the shape of the pasta was the same shape as the bowl? It's because they make there own pasta there. Nothing taste better than homemade pasta! When the osso buco arrived to our table we were 20 bites past full but we ate half of it, and took the rest home.

osso.jpgosso1.jpgosso zoom.jpg
Osso Buco

So we had our top 3 favorite dishes: Arugula e prosciutto pizza, lasagna, and osso buco. This was absolutely way too much food, but we both wanted Floriza to try all 3 meals, and as Rob said it was still much cheaper than eating out in USA. The total bill for this evening came to 2,000 pesos which is about $39 USD.

Adress: Paseo Saturnino, Ma. Kuisa Road, Banilad Cebu City
Hrs: 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Contact #: (032) 343 9901

The Staff (Mhegai, the lady in the middle)

This dinner was last night, and as I sit here editing my blog and trying to reorganize my thoughts, these photos and memories are making me already want to revisit Giuseppe for a second round :)

If you are ever in Cebu, and craving great and authentic Italian food, please remember this place- And do not dare to visit without inviting me :)




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Now, you have made me speechless. I keep looking at this amazing pizza and I can't just comprehend with my head how well you have enjoyed your outing. Great post purepinay

Thank you so much @teegold yes we had a great time and I love the pizza, I hope you can try to eat the same quality that we had. =)

Looks like fun. The pizza looks delicious. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

The place looks great. Congratulations on this great article. You really have a way of crafting your own masterpiece. More power!

Wow, looks like a home-made pizza. When i got there in cebu ill try to visit that place and have some pizza. Sometimes prize doesn't matter as long as we were satisfy on what we eat. You simply makes me to salivate just looking with that picture. LOL

Sa picture plang ay ang sarap na! Petmalu

You find all the best places! Now I want pizza!

Haha it's my mission :)

Sweet Lord! this is an amazing post

Oops! Super Delicious.
Pizza's first image made me remember my first trip to Barcelona, when we wanted to take a launch in one of the famous restaurants and we asked for Pizza and we got a pizza similar to the one above, it was Delicious too :)

What I like in your trip post is:

  • you show us the advantages and the beauty of places you went to.
  • The most lovely thing for me is you're showing us food ^_^

May I ask you to show us the most popular food in places you visit, this way we can see best meals for different places and cultures.

Nice Trips and thanks for this post @purepinay :)

kumusta girl whose posts i sometimes check out.. how u? :) i luv that pic of all the wine bottles.. i don't drink at all, but it still looks cool. so, u seem to really enjoy some Italian, but what is ur fave kind of food? Mine is Thai.

I must say that ur posts are up there with the best.. I show u off as one of those role model steemians, when i am trying to coach a new minnow on how to post or build their account, etc.

ok, ttyl,


Hmmm...Yummy yummy! Now, you're making my mouth to salivate. What a food adventure! I am sure Floriza will want to visit more or invite her family members to the Guiseppe treat. I like the way you described it all to details. It really reflects how truly underrated the restaurant has been over time.

So we had our top 3 favorite dishes: Arugula e prosciutto pizza, lasagna, and osso buco.

All of that for $110? It is not even the cost of the meal that matter, but the satisfaction you get from it. I can only imagine what you did after the meal, being so heavy after eating the 3 dishes. What a wonderful moment for you and your friend.

aw thank you for the compliment! It's easier to write about your experience and I think this time I managed to just deal with imperfections. My previous blogs, I had to finish writing in weeks ;(

hahaha it's even making me crave some pizza right now but I have to stop my self and good thing the place is already closed at this time...

Yeah, a bit pricey for some people but the portion is good for its value and I think it is worth a try and reward yourself with excellent food.

My friend still managed to get back massage, not sure if it's a good idea LOL

My previous blogs, I had to finish writing in weeks

Wowie! That's a long time. I don't think I've ever taken more than a few hours to finish any post I made. If you want, I could give you a hand with proofreading. That way you could finish much earlier and have more time to do other things (or to post more, for that matter).

My issue is, everytime I reread my work, I always find mistakes and I try to make everything perfect but really I should just write what's in my head but not over think too much.
I also get distracted so easy when I write my blog on my laptop ;(
Thanks a lot for the offer, that's really kind of you. I'll surely visit you if I need a help. <3

No wonder why your article genuinely conveys the message you want for readers to enjoy because you really put a lot of effort into it. When you always find an opportunity for improvement in your own work, then you are being an excellent writer. Congratulations again on this very successful work @purepinay.

When i come to cebu(not sure when) i will surely invite you, for thses meals, they look lalacious.
your boyfriend and 2uncles birthday septemper? How did that happen.

I also need back massage too. Its always a good idea.

Thanks for this article @purepinay

@purepinay, but why this? why are you doing this to me. lol.

I couldn't believe what i am seeing, had to just stare at the pictures for so long that folks around me started asking if everything is okay.

If i had seen these pictures while driving, i am sure i would loose control.

This is so beautiful, no wonder you are looking fresh. I am so sure you would prefer this to any other menu any day any time.

I am not sure i would be able to take dinner today, staring at these pictures fill me up.

Am sorry @tolustx my math was wrong with the conversation. 2000pesos is about 39usd only. When I did the conversion on google it was in pH(which is Mexican pesos) lol

Are you the owner of hearts are very useful

Hahahahaha what. Yeah, she owns all of our hearts with her super posts that enchant us and make us want to be there too.

I agree. Sometimes it's not about the money but really about the satisfaction you get from the company. It is always #beautiful to share special moments with friends.

Good Evening My Sweet Friend @purepinay,
wonderful visit of Giuseppe Restaurant, Your today adventure is Food, The dishes you taken and shots made here the best awarded restaurant in 2015-16. Really great to see you here, Its outside and inside view are amazing and your best friend Floriza also looks excited along with you here as well as whole the staff of restaurant. You are really Lucky that you enjoyed your Life very well to visit different places. Lots Of Love and Best wishes for you dear Gilaine. My Appreciations and Support always with You.

Good morning, Rabeel!

Thank you for dropping by, it's good to see you here. Am happy I brought Floriza there, she's a very nice person and has always been good to me. We've been friends for decades now lol I hope she can travel with me someday and see other places.

Thank you, I appreciate your support. Have a wonderful day! ;)

Thanks a lot sweetie for your love.

:) You're always on her posts, it's so cool!

Ang swerte ni ate Floriza 😢😊. . .

How are you, Ate?
I miss you😘

waray ka bay dd, pag paluto nala kan Pino ;)

am okay, sorry quite busy nowadays. I miss you more. how are you?

Yeah, I did call your number few times this day. Hehehe. I'm doin good te. I'm planning to pursue my teaching career . Kailangan ko na an laptop hehe.
Love you, henay kaw perme. Mwuah!

I'm sorry to say in my country (ITALY) pizza is a little bit different. The real Pizza is created by italian people and it was born In Italy - NAPLES. We call pizza the standard: POMODORO E BASILICO CON MOZZARELLA DI BUFALA. Come in Italy and try ;)

Wow, the food looks delicious @purepinay! The way you presented your blog is truly awesome, this makes me really hungry. Thank you very much gorgeous @purepinay you are amazing!♥ ☺


hey, Leah! thank you for this-- travel queen! haha

how are you?

You're always welcome! I doing good, thank you. I am really glad to see your post again. You're really helping the tourism of Cebu. You deserve to be called The Travel Queen!.
Steemians and Cebuanos are very lucky to have you @purepinay. 😙😊

how come it's underrated? on the side though, it's good that you were able to discover it before everyone else. those really look good. the only thing that I dont like about Italian restaurants is the unfamiliar names that I dont even know how to pronounce hahaha but that could be learned right. 😁❤

This place is not mentioned in any top restaurant Cebu list that I have seen.

Haha the first time I saw the menu, I had to just point my finger on the menu coz I didn't want to mispronounce the words haha!

Wow ate, i'm craving for pizza na ☺️
Thank you for always sharing, oh! You actually introduce the best restaurant here in cebu..


i feel like it is my job to hunt down the best restaurants in Cebu, charot! haha

Hi @purepinay! How are you? It's been a while.

Anyway, I love love love Giuseppe! Their pizza and pasta dishes are my fave. Plus, the open kitchen is just awesome. I always enjoy watching the chef making the pasta from scratch. :)

I hope to back there soon.

Hello, wincee! I am doing good, thank you for thinking of me. I know, sometimes I get burned out. it's a lot of work for me to work on my blog, reply to some comments, read other blogs, everything is on queue but it's impossible for me to read everything, ;D

I also try to live a life outside, I get so addicted to Steem that everything I do now it has to be about steemit. ;)

Am glad you a had a wonderful experience at this place it only shows that they are consistent with their dishes. Have a great time!

Actually, yesterday was my first time uploading a post in SteemIt after 10 days because of some personal things. I totally understand you having a life outside, we have other priorities too. :)

I've only been to Giuseppe maybe 2 or 3 times only. The place is not very accessible, I think that's why maybe not a lot knows the place. I also forgot to include on my comment before that I agree with you for saying this is the top Italian resto in Cebu. :)

it's another fun travel i had with you miss @purepinay , maybe one day if we had a chance to visit Cebu , we definitely can include yhose places you have shared with us on our itineraries,

The place looks so simple , but i love how you captured the winery area, love the photo

i am jealous on you being able to take photos from the fun , foods placesyou've been through to share it to the whole community , maybe one day when my little kiddos are all grown up and can walk on their own i can do these too 😀

you are such na inspiration , by the way , the envy thing is in positive way , it motivates me haha. so glad dear @sunnylife introduced you to me since i started like almost 2 months ago 😊

Stay beautiful miss @purepinay

God bless you more
much love from me 😍😘❤️❤️❤️

hello, @zephalexia!

oh, you don't have to be jealous dear, ^_- I am sure you will be able to visit Cebu someday and it'll be more fun if you have the kids with you. How many kids do you have?

It's nice to meet you here, thank you for dropping by. @sunnylife is one of my loyal steemit friends am glad you met her.

My friend is a pizzeria hunter....

Another mouth-watering blog from the Travel Queen of the Philippines @purepinay- but I'd like to make a correction Ma'm , 2,000 pesos is just $40 USD and $110 USD is 5,500 pesos...he,he anlaki po ng Tip nyo sa mga gorgeous restaurant people over there.

just read this, haha thank you for noticing, @joshvel. I read corrected my blog when I read it the next day. The conversation I used was mexican peso lol. haha! mamumulubi ako lalo!

Ha,ha...thank you din sa supports, Ma'm.

you made me droll over that fire wood oven pizza! in bohol, we tried a brick oven pizza too which was good and we have an actual view of the crew putting wood into the brick oven...

I won't be ashamed to droll in public for a wood-fired pizza, charot! Haha

Wow that's cool, am glad you had a tried a brick oven pizza, it taste so much better.
Sorry for the late response, queuing eh, sakit sa bangz! Lol
Thank you for always visiting my page. I visited your blog and you are doing great. Kaka-proud! Keep it up!

Xoxo're so sweet.thanks dear!

hi @purepinay! fun blog.. i always enjoy looking at your food photography and resto reviews. This is the first time I heard about the dish Osso buco though.. sounds very interesting and definitely looks yummmyyyy

Thank you, @memebibiboboo. The Osso buco is a popular dish in Italy. The meat is from a veal shank and very tender! If you happen to find any Italian restaurant in your area you should give it a go :)

It’s difficult to find Italian food here like what I enjoyed in New Jersey. The sauce is usually very sweet. Filipinos like their pasta sauce very sweet. maybe the reason for the low ratings is because the sauce is not as suited for Filipino taste. Nice post again. We will surely go visit the Branch in CDO very soon. I can’t wait.

I agree with you, Filipinos love adding sugar in many dishes sometimes they overdo it.

That could be also one of the reasons why it has a low rating, some Filipinos think it's too sour for their taste buds. The one in CDO is only franchise - different owner but I hope they were able to adopt the recipe from Giuseppe. Have fun! ;)

I see. I will report on the CDO branch. Thanks
I will also be in cebu in March and try the one there. I miss Italian food.

hi @purepinay

I love all the photos especially the food.

you look like a celebrity on this photos.

hope that someday we can visit it.

all and all are very excellent.

thanks for sharing this..

Hi kumusta? Thank you at least na appreciate mo heheh.
You should visit this place I am pleased with how they entertain my question. =)

Ang sasarap naman nyan @purepinay.
Walang alinlangan na napaka-ganda ng Cebu pati mga tanawin, mga tao at mga pagkain nila..
salamat sa pagshare sa amin neto.

thank you, @shytype

taga saan ka po?

Taga Pangasinan Province po.
Pero mag kaibigan ko po nakapunta na po sila ng Cebu.
kinikwento lang po nila sakin na maganda daw dyan at mababait mga tao, kaya gustong-gusto ng mga turista.

Oo I agree mababait ang mga tao dito and na eenjoy ko din naman ang mga pagkain dito and yong mga tourist spot as well. =)
Hope you can come and join your friend one time if gusto nyong magbakasyon. =)

looks soo delicious thanks for sharing

Yes indeed it was, thank you for leaving a comment see you around @jassi. =)

very good food and awesome traveling dear friend @purepinay i love your post, thank you for sharing with us,, this's good work, keep it up D: @purepimay

thank you, dear ;) how are you?

btw, welcome to steemit, I hope you'll make a lot of good friends here. Feel free to say hello to everyone on the comments, I used to do that when I was a newbie and basically talk to everyone, lol but it's a fun way to do it as long as you leave thoughtful comments.

Where are you from?

That looks really good!

thank you, Drewley!

Wonderful pictures of reception with so much love and kindness. It's really amazing to see your respect for others. Good food is a one way of showing respect to our loved ones.

dear @purepinay

this is really awsome post, you are a talented writer dear i like your every word, and your photography is looking beautiful. and your food is very importent food i need your food for hungry moment


#resteem your post

thank you, dear ^_-

i'm drooling while reading this! T_T
but the again i saw the price and came back to myself drooling at the pictures and told "for my eyes only" T_T

hahaha, hindi naman.. I would suggest you go there with some friends and you split the bill. It's good to try new food ;)

will do Ms. Gilaine! hehe :)

I should bring my boyf here one day. 😃 He might feel home away from home. Thanks for this @gilaine!

hey there Glenna! how are you? oh so Italian pala si bf mo. You have to bring him there or better yet he needs to take you out on a date at this place haha mag order ka ng pizza and rosé wine, you'll love it! ^_-

Great Post & Pictures!
The food looks so good the hot sauce is a different twist. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience and steem on :)

hi @jcsteem!
thank you, I should have asked for a bottle of hot sauce to take home though haha

how are you? thank you for always visiting my page.

Great thank you. I always enjoy your posts!
Steem on :)


Happy Steeming ;)

@purepinay Everything looks amazing, including all the food and Italy overall. I've always wanted to go there, considering one of my friends is Italian and they're known for making some of the most mouth-watering foods I've ever tasted. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and shared it.

You're welcome and thank you I go I hope I give you an idea about the Italian food we had. It is delicious and the ambiance as well is nice as if I am in Italy. lol

Ummmmm I am already salivating for your sweet delicacy.

Sorry if I make you crave for pizza I just can't help not to share this great experience. =)

Ohh, my Lasagna..:)
Craving for that Lasagna..
And also that pizza looks very delicious..
Thanks for sharing these very wonderful photos.
I hope, you'll visit my new post about supporting ' STEEMGIGS'..

thank you so much

Yeah I made a post also to show my fully support to steemgigs, they deserve our support, I was inspired by the post of @purepinay.

thank you for this, I visited your page. I am really appreciate your support for @surpasinggoogle on his @steemgigs.

thank you for this, I visited your page. I am really appreciate your support for @surpasinggoogle on his @steemgigs.

thank you for your support @steemgigs, it's nice of you to promote steemgigs on your page

I hope your sunburns gone already. Send my regards to your husband. I hope you guys are doing well.

Thank you so much..
Actually, you inspired me to do it when you made a blog about them.

And when @surpassinggoogle made another post about supporting 'steemgigs'.

It's all worth and thanks to you for your unconditional love as always, especially to a newbie like me..
Yes,we are okay and I hope you too will have more blessings and good health.

aw, thank you for the kind words @franbel. Am honored to know I inspired you, it is one of those few things we have to be humble with. I know you will also inspire a lot of people here. Where are you from?

You are welcome @purepinay and truly deserved it. I'm also honored to met you here and I can see how you want to help and encourage steemians.
You have such a beautiful heart inside and out. Thank you and I hope, I inspire steemians someday even I'm a minnow. I'm From Binmaley. Maybe more or less 2 hours away from Baguio.

hello, @franbel! thank you for dropping.

sure, I'll check it now

Thankyou @purepinay for inspiring us. Indeed! You re beautiful inside and outside. I can see your effort for helping us as a newbie like @franbel said.
I really appreciate it, I hope I can meet you in person.

thank you, this means a lot to me. We inspire each other, all of us here. Everything that we do here will benefit us all in the future. Let us continue to lift each others spirit.

Have fun as much as possible, ALWAYS! I do hope I'd get a chance to meet everyone, it'll be an honor. ;)


I'm craving for pizza and lasagna, I'm so hungry now because of what I see. The foods the chef look so good.. I hope I could visit Cebu.

that's why sometimes I avoid staring at photos of appetizing food, it's almost 11 pm here and not good to start my cravings lol

Haha! I want to avoid to but I can't resist to look at your post. Yeah same here, it's already 11, I want to eat but I'm considering my tummy. Hehe lumalaki na kasi.

sound like interesting place to eat,hope i can go on that place,the restaurant maybe there food is all tasty,,you feel also that you are in Italy.

It is indeed very interesting and a place you can look forward when you visit Cebu. =)

Wow excellent post very healthy and testy food thank you for shere dear @purepinay

I just #upvote and #resteem your post

thank you, dear ;)

A really thorough review of this place, Gilaine :-) Thank you for sharing! Oh and homemade hot sauce!? Always a win in my books :-)

Thank you for dropping by @yasminep I just love this place and the staff as well. =)

yes, homemade hot sauce! ^_-

I love pizza and lasagna!! How I wish they have also branch near in our place.. Can I invite you when we have a chance to go there in Cebu? :).. Love how you organize your post, I can imagine the scenery :)

Hi there @saskia how are you? Sure I'll be more than happy to meet you in person and have a little chitchat and I can show you around if I have more time. =)

I'm fine:) thanks. Cebu is one in our list. I'm also happy if I meet you in person. Looking forward for this. Stay pretty and lively!

That pizza looks very good, the place does not have to be luxurious for the food to be good, congratulations to the staff that works in that kitchen

I agree, as long as the place serves good food and the pizza happened to be excellent!

That's right, I loved that place that good that you enjoyed it

You're right, the wood-fired pizza is the best the flavor is incredible, I like a lot more to cook wood, it's a good place, good choice

thank you, @andrina
my first time at this place and I already fall in love with the pizza ;)

I think that with the pictures I also fall in love with that pizza, they look very good that they discovered that place

I like your blog to follow Cebu's interesting place, because I plan to travel there end of Oct together with Boracay :) Keep it up, and I'll stay tune.

Surely I'd be glad to post all of the interesting places that I myself have experienced here in Cebu. =)

The food just looks too tempting for me.. especially this hour where I supposed to go to bed... gonna have a starving sleepless night :( ..

Sorry if my blog starve you at this moment, but I'll be more than happy to let you know and to share the experiences that I had. =)

Thanks sharing. I cure myself the next morning for Italian pasta brunch already :)

I have never eaten any thing Italian and never hopd to eat any thing international but with sbd i now have a geat hope to traval and eat good food

I'm hoping with the help of SBD you can go where you want and visit some interesting places that you love. =)

Hi @purepinay. Wowww I’ve seen this franchise here in CDO many times but never had a chance to drop by the place. Now that you’ve given me an idea what they have, I would surely go there with @ivantorres. Excellent photos as always.

Oh, amazing! Yes you should go there don't forget to show me how it looks like and tell us kung masarap din ba doon. Hehehe

Sure I will @purepinay. Thank you for supporting me.

This is tempting...really wish i could start consuming it from my phone right now. Nice location & post dear @purepinay

Thank you @stacey31 and for dropping by. =)
It was great and I love how they prepare our food. I want to go back sometime next week. =)

I hope you gave it a 5-star rating so that it's not so underrated anymore! Or, maybe not, so that you can keep the restaurant all to yourself haha.

I love that they make their own noodles there. Have you ever made your own noodles? It's pretty fun! Upvoted and all that jazz. You're such an inspiration to me!

Hi there @nomadicsoul they actually exceeded my expectation they deserve more than 5 lol.
I tried making my own noodles before and its okay and very simple. =)

Oh my goodness. The foods look so gorgeous and scrumptious, making me mouth watery right now. Gaah. I bet you guys had a good time there. Hope I can visit Cebu this summer. I heard a lot of beautiful things about the city. <3

You should come and visit Cebu and for sure you might wanna stay longer as you planned. =)

There must be a mistake with the dollar conversion. hehe
I'll go with Hawaiian when it comes to pizza.

yes, thank you for noticing. When I woke up this morning I read my blog again and I edited the conversion. it was in Mexican peso instead of Philippine peso ^_-

I haven't had Hawaiian pizza in a long time maybe I'll try this next time we visit ;)

wow! i have the same birthmonth (september) with them. the lasagna and the pizza (Arugula E Prosciutto) looks really delicious!

Ohh cool! :D

Thank you, the food their was all delish!

I love Cebu! My last visit in cebu was 2011 nung nabubuhay si tatay . :)
So i remember my dad to your post.

hello, @jvhon15

thank you for dropping by, sorry to hear about your dad but am glad you always remember your him because of your memory in Cebu. Taga saan ka po?

Taga Antipolo City, ikaw? :)

grew up in E Samar, currently living in Cebu ;) Nice to meet you here! ;)

I would love to try that style of pizza.

Hahaha! Good thing I already had dinner before I saw this post. All the food looks interesting. Am happy I am not in Cebu, I might order everything just to see if it does taste good if I am there. Lol.

Haha that's good you just saved some 1k+ calories :D

Looks amazing. Planning on visiting in December. I’ll consider this spot!

Hi @simplygenelyn you should visit this place I know when you go out from the resto you will have a big smile on your face. =)

Wow. It's all looking so delicious. I can have it all on my own. Hopefully. I will be visiting Philippines in a few months. I won't forget to try Osso buco, Lasagne di carne and Prosciutto Pizza.

Where are you heading next?

Hi thank you for dropping by, I'm thinking where to go next actually. =)
Hope you enjoy your vacation when you get here. =)

Wow! Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum...

You really are blessed @purepinay to have the chance going inside their kitchen to have a look. And of course, they're blessed as well to have you.

By the way, how do you make it? Maybe someday, whenever I got the chance, I'd like to make a blog like this. I dont know if just a simple permission to get inside is even acceptable.

Love the way you're doing. Hahaha...

It's an open kitchen where you can see how they make the pizza and how they prepare the ingredients and I ask permission to take a photo with them. =)

Thanks @Gilaine, (hahaha - feeling close?) do you think by informing them that you are to blog about their a idea? I have not done it yet so I ask. ;-)

wow! all look delicious! I'm happy that you encountered good service

Even though we arrived during rush hour, 6:30 PM, the restaurant wasn't crowded at all.
Lets's treasure the beauty of Cebu,

Yes, I was so happy after we finished the food we were actually laughing because it was so good and we were able to eat everything. =)

I am hungry

That is the freshest pizza I've ever seen. Everything looks delicious.

This has me craving pizza now and I am on a diet right now!

they have this thing called pizza diet, you know, lol ^_-

the best cooking method ever! happy to see you enjoy your taste every day, you remind me to my friend who was in aceh.

Sorry if it's off topic. Please delete it,if its not allowed

I need help for my baby Chowder

Looks yummy......!!! .......wanna try the stuff...👍