Salad Stop or not to Stop?

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I have dined here many times and there was only one time that I had a bad experience. That was my first time visiting the restaurant! Haha. How bad can it be and what made me come back?


Here's what happened... I was starving to death and I asked the server to just to mixed a bunch of veggies and all kinds of toppings instead of choosing from the menu. I sat down and waited for my salad and when it got on my table it wasn't a salad I thought, it was a soup!

The big mistake that she did was to add too much-wet ingredients in the bowl and mixed the dressing, oh no! Still, I I gave it another try after a month hoping they will regain my trust but this time, I ordered what's on the menu. Something that they're already familiar with the recipe and not the "put whatever you want recipe by purepinay". LOL =p


So far, I was satisfied with the outcome. Happy tummy at last! So this has been my ultimate salad stop for almost five months now whenever I get lazy to make my own salad at home. ^_-


Tip: If you happen to visit this place, ask the server to put the dressing aside that way the veggies stays fresh lookin'. ^_- It's better that way.


The place can be quite busy during lunch, dinner and weekends. If you are one those people who like to eat healthily but most food nerds out there know that salad takes time to prepare. So I like to buy an extra for the next day.


A few days ago I ordered two extra for lunch and dinner. How did I manage to keep the veggies fresh? I took some out and transfer it to a different container and put a table napkin at the bottom of the bowl and on top. They said it helps suck the moisture out making the veggies stays fresh. Walah! it did work for me, thumbs up!



wheres the beef? i see salad but no steak? they messed up the order right.. lol

oh the butcher was sick so I guess ahaha

You wouldn’t want a sick butcher. Hah

omg, no way! I'd rather starve myself lol

why you sabotage my appetite? haha!

Sorry about that. I just hope they didn’t charge you for the missing beef. Lol

stay happy and pretty!
i todo na to mga besh!
yessss! this is it! SALAD! lols
happy for back, ( nde ako makapaniwala na ur backk tlga!!)

p.s. love ur hair:) you and gerel got the same hair type?
ako kalbo na hahaha

thank you sis, mega tumbling to the moon! haha

the no time to shower hair haha!

@gerel's hair is a fake one, mine is natural lol

I talked her into cutting her hair so looks more natural because she got a freaking "rebond" few years ago, but her hair looks better now

you're not kalbo oi haha ouch grabe siya, be proud, beauty ng pinay, wagi lagi! charot alam mo yan besh!

hahha natwa ako don haha
you're so lucky, todo maxxx volume ng hair mo, yong hair ang nagdala sa post nato
kalokey!! naglalagas buhok ko waaa, gusto ko magpa kalbo tlga dream ko haha
tas kulayan ng yellow! aha bongaliscious! bwahah
kelan mo promote ang steemit sa ABS cbn sis hehehe panlao to beshh!


hair pa lang bonggalicious na ha! haha
hindi naman sis, feeling mo lang yan, ganda nga ng hair mo eh, natural ba yan? yung akin natural, yung kulay lnag hindi, buhosan ng pintura hahaha!

muntik na nga mapromote sa ABS eh, kaso busy pa yung friend, ayon nag gagala pa haha waley pa sa pinas nasa Paris haha!

sis i sent message FB
thinking of you.
hope all is well. I push na yan abas cbn isama mo si teom
kazo wag mo ayawin sa show lols:)
my hair is ok normal hair lol lagas sya:(:(
ny, stay safe always yong message in a bottle soon!
gagandahan natin ng bongggaaa!!!


hi sis, just finished shower now air drying my hair while steeming haha

Attended the steemit gift-giving event, haggardoverzosa! nag dance break eh haha

Busy si Teom haha, nasa north pole ata kasama si Santa Claus! haha

Are you ready for the holiday season? gastos na naman haha, nauso pa kasi gifts ahaha!

Beautiful place to visit, thanks for sharing

thank you!

You are welcome

where are you from?

hi. I also like this post. SALADSTOP is nice place to visit.

Look delicious :x


Nice pictures! I can't wait till I try these foods.

wow i love that food, hmmn im getting hungry now..:-< huhuhuh...

nice the photos,

but i'm so hungry watching your photos,,,

have a nice day

Haha sorry bout that, maybe someday we can have dinner with the other steemians!

I also love veggie salad but the only option I have is either make my own or go to pizza hut haha

I used to like pizza until I learned how to make my own pizza dough from scratch, and they're just really cheap with cheese, I like putting a whole load of cheese on my pizza

Making your own is the best

Most of the time when I don't rush things :) @amirl

Yes me too @purepinay I love overloaded cheese on pizza and sometimes in my salad but I'm not a good cook so extra charge it is haha sad...

pak! overloaded a more! ahaha

well, practice makes perfect ikanga

how's steemit life so far? are you enjoying your time here?

@purepinay Very happy that I became part of Steemit haha Love reading all the blogs and the whole community! I also love reading your blogs, hope you can post more often hehe

you are sweet =)

and thank you for your support. I think I am getting more familiar with you now.

Glad you're hanging out here more often. I appreciate your time. =)

What have you been up to today?

This is a great,
I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!

oh dear you are so sweet!

though I am not a witness, how I wish I am one of them though but maybe in the future hehe

but thank you for your support ^_- where are you from?


isn't she a cutie? I should start saving some more money to pay for the server in the future, oh no haha

haha :D yes get saving!

could save a lot more if SBD is not too high, do you know any boosts that can accept Steem token instead?

My local bank account is going to drain soon, lol might need to sell some of my family's coconut trees (oh no!) haha, OMG that Steemitlife, the real addiction!

Do you mean bid-bots?

Yay for coconuts, i'll buy some! :D

Good morning @purepinay, and have a nice day. valuable stuff you shared with us. photographs are attractive. "Salad" is my weekness, i daily used salad. fresh salad which is at home made is awsome.its best for health.
stay blessed.

Good morning to you too!
Thank you, I use my new Google PXL, I do love the camera on this phone.
Salad with bread, that'll do :)

Wow ! Nice place !!
Salad looks yummy and delicious !!

Mouth watering !

thank you! love the thumbs up photo, so cute!

Thank you so much my friend !

How can someone live without food, this is cool!

Haha! thank you, dear

by the way I visted your page

I'd like to see you writing, I look forward to your story. visit me again when you have a new blog, okay? you'll do well here, I can see you're good at interacting with people

Looks yummy 😋..... I nid support guys... Pls , like my post.... Help me grow.... Resteem my posts... Pls followback.. Thanks 😘

thank you! there's a lot of opportunity to grow on steemit, keep writing blogs and make friends.

Tip: A lot of steemians including myself don't like when they see others ask for upvote or resteem but you know what, you'll never know this till somebody tells you right? So I have to tell you so you won't have to ask some help. You have to talk like you are in control of everything.

I will help you, if you help yourself. I have a lot of steemians that come to me for help too so I will try all my best. You can see that I upvote comments because I barely have enough time to read all the comments and visit other blogs and I really try hard.

Always ask questions if you happen to comment a blog, that way you can start to make a connection with the author and you can also do this with your followers.

You just started, I visited your page just a few seconds ago. You will do great here! Trust me, you just have to keep the pace, keep blogging and interact with your audience, always.


I am done visiting your page, friend. I look forward to more of your stories ^_-

talk soon!


@purepinay is really good in making salad :)

@gerel and I ate like "KAMBING" when we first tried the salad made by ate Gilaine ..hehe

Thank you! Hahaha you'll get used to it, gerel even made cabbage salad, cabbage and cheese that's it..ewwwk

Great veggies but not good for this cold weather. I want a heavy meal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eye candy photos ^^

Veggies soup for you then 😉

Thank you dear!

yay! at last you noticed me :D

Haha, I haven't before? So many of you here, it's overwhelming.

Thank you for your time, appreciate.

Where are you from?

Cebu, my good friends are @itinerantph @fernwehninja haha

oh I know those sweet fellas, they're always on the go. Going on the right track to achieve their dreams =)

how's your steemit experience so far? Hope it's a fun one ^_-

Yeah I’m having fun! Actually I’m already part of the chat group in messenger. Your words of wisdom earlier were too inspiring. About one steemian who told you that he couldn’t reach where you’re from now, I read FAQ of steemit as you advised to newbies, and to never beg for upvotes haha. Nice to meet you @purepinay!!!

Happy to know that!
I don't normally hangout on chat rooms or any group chats because it takes a way my time from steemit. I like to engage with steemians through comments, not only it'll help your reputation but more steemians can read your messages, who knows how many steemians and people outside you are inspiring. 😉
Am glad I brought inspiration to you, writing it in words helps me do better. I appreciate your support and it's my pleasure to meet you ☺️

Have you already set a goal for yourself here?

I am not really into veggies but this looks delicious!

Omg why? Haha What do you mostly eat then?

Meat hahaha

wait! no greens at all?

Hmmm I only eat veggies sometimes hahahaha

Awwwww yummy very nice post young lady. All the bet to you.

aw! this is overwhelming

thank you for your support!

how's everything going on with you?


I love salad with chicken drumsticks and mash potato :P

by the way, thank you for always visiting my page, I appreciate your time, will visit you soon

Looking forward for more. God bless!

omg! you just made me hungry, how ould you! haha

green salad is both delicious and nutritious. love it!

oh you said it well! =) how's your appetite now a days?

Mas bet ko talagang basahin blog entries mo about food and travel. Yum

Thank you, dear! Wagi ka naman sa painting haha waley ang aking sticks drawing lol

Yummy veggies!! I like them fresh, too!!! But I also love meat... I love to eat.. lol... ^^
I wonder how "put whatever you want recipe by purepinay" tasted like.. hahaha :P

I know, can I tell you love to eat with those three exclamation mark right there haha, you are always excited! haha

Oh I'll let you try one someday haha

Food makes me excited~!! <3 And a lot of other things, too.. ^^

Yay... Sounds great! hihihi (^^,)/

hahaha you are so cute!

how are you doing? what's new?

Yay.. hahaha.. ^^
Nothing special... I just painted a blue moon and hanged out on Steemit today.. Too cold and rainy to go out.. My room has a strong magnetic field.. lol

nope, you are special!

Visited you today. Am glad you're keeping up with those little chats, you'll building yourself some awesome audience, I can see. Good job!

I know, the weather makes me not want to move. I woke up at past 12noon haha

Are you joining tomorrow at the gift-giving event?

Thanks Gil!!

I appreciate your visit.. You know how I love chatting online, though I'm not "that" talkative in person.. haha..

Ohh.. good for you! I always get up around 6 or 7 regardless the weather.. guess that's my "normal" waking time..

I'm afraid not.. It's at night (I'm a "Cinderella"), and quite far from where I live... T_T

Good morning!
Woke up late coz I went to bed late 😁

Oh even got lost the other to get to the venue, now I don't know how the heck am going to get there when uber cannot find the address on the map haha

Looks like a good place worth visiting :)

yes it ^_- and thank you for visiting my page

Happy steeming!


@purepinay I love your post and you also <3 thanks for sharing your experience, looking forward for your next destination. Cheers! have good one!

aw you are sweet! thank you for the love and support

how are you doing?

I'm not that sweet like you @purepinay <3 just a newbie to the community and you just catches my attention haha. I'm always here to follow and support @purepinay. Cheers!

just visited your page

well done!

Just saw your post, thanks for visiting my page <3

You're welcome 😊 btw, where are you from?

I’m from the province of Laguna Philippines. How about you @purepinay? 😊

Awesome post. Salad is a thing i always crave for, i now know how to keep my salad safe.

I am glad to know that somebody at least craves for salad, I don't see how people live on not eating any veggies hehe

how often do eat salad in a week?

Thats really very good food, salad good for health, salad good for health.thanks for sharing excellent post.resteem it mam

Haha you are funny, I like you.thanks for dropping by

I want to eat all. lol looks good hotel. but may be first experience is bad @purepinay

Haha you had one before?

Hi, nice post, that salad looks great. Greetings from Venezuela

ohh thank you!

how are you doing?

Wow yummy.... Like it....

Thanks for your feed back and for the advice:
"put a table napkin at the bottom of the bowl and on top"
Wow, this is new for me. I'll follow this advice from now on.

You should treat us with those kind of meals @purepinay. Share your blessings! Resteemed for awareness.Lol

No worries, I'll make you some of my simple recipes soon, ^_-

It's good to eat some raw food, you get the most nutrition out of it.

Thank you, what's our food tomorrow at the event? I hope there's veggies haha

Salad is always a YES for me! Healthy and good for the tummy. But a bit pricey too. :3

I thought that branch was the one in Glorietta which i always pass by. More power to you kabayan! :)

i love salad..thanks for sharing...hmmn yummy..i want to taste it..

Thank you 😊

too raw for my liking, congrats

oh no, why is that? haha

thank you, dear!

Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures. Yummy....Can I have all that right now?

Hy sist.. Can you support me. Maybe you can resteem anymore my post. Hopefully. I want a your colega.

build some good relations with steemians that you can call your friends and keep posting interesting blogs, start from that.

Keep steeming my friend, you'll on the right track, eventually, you'll get more audience, and make a lot of friends by engaging with steemians through comments =)

for me making SALAD so easy
why should go to A restaurant for SALAD !!!!!
I'm SALAd master :D

You have a point but for someone like me who barely have enough time to read all the comments and take some time to reply, I sometimes forget to eat lol

Thank you for dropping by, salad monster. It'll be nice to have my own chef, maybe in the future haha

TC 🤗

i wish same here as you wishing to have own chef :D
may all the wishes come true both of lol

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Thank you for the update! 🤗

Looks yummy...pls guys help me grow by liking my post.... Follow me
Resteem.. thanks...

Visited you, keep up the good work!

amazing, interisting and original post

Looks delicious. Super healthy food.

I don't say this iften, but this actually makes me want a salad;) Great post!

Haha that's good, go grab some greens now! 😉

very testfull and helthy too.i like this food.thanks

Ya welcome 😊

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salad not to stop

Haha good one

I really appreciate you could adopt a healthy lifestyle by having salad as your lunch & dinner. They looked pretty nice. It makes so hungry for just reading your post and I need to grab something to eat now. Keep it up, please share more about your meal and recommend more healthy restaurants.

thank you for reading, I appreciate your time.

It'll be my pleasure to share more of my food adventure. Where's your favorite stop to get a quick food?

verry good i love this food i hope you enjoy good luck

friends i need your spot please visit my blog thanks

I visited your page, I'd like to see your original work, it'll help you gain more audience

ok again i work hard

Even if they had the bad service but the food is yummy, there are reason why do I cameback too. It about the food not the service.

you have good point there, as long as their's a reason to go back =)

not to stop 😁😁

Alright, thank you 😉

thanks, where is your avatar photo my dear?

Moral:Give everything a second chance ;)
I'm gonna use your table napkin technique to keep my veggies fresh.😉

Let me know how it turns out 😘

Where are you from?

Healthy stuff. I also like Russian salad.

Russian salad sounds interesting, what's in it?

Salad is always something that I could not replace regardless of my obsession with meats. In order to keep my body healthy, I definitely need to keep up with salad to balance my diet. I'm glad that you've chosen this topic to write to encourage more people to start on a salad diet. Well, I guess you're equally obsessed with food. Do check me out too @explorernations I blog about food and travels

Balance is important...

I always feel good after eating just all veggies but of course meat is another story, sometimes you just crave for that savory dish..

thank you for dropping by, I'll try to take some time to check on you soon as I do have a lot of back logs to read from a lot of my avid supporters, all the best!


Looks really fresh and varied, you are lucky to have such a place to go to! :D

OMG that looks super mouth-watering @purepinay, where is this? I wanna go hahaha

I like your post friend I follow you and vote follow me

Let me help you. I will always be with you.

The beautiful and talent Gilaine!!
Looks like you and I both love a good salad!!
Thank you for the freshness tip!!
Steem to the MOON!!
Bear hugs!! x0x0x

Love the color:) Looks healthy

thank you!

Thank you 😉