[Blog #44] We Made it to Poland | SteemFest 3 | Kraków

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Heeeyho Readers! We made it to Poland! I'm still tired but here is the journey summarized.

When I thought about coming to Poland, in my mind it was so simple. Come on, only 11.000 km, I have done that hitchhiking, easy peasy - Noup. But it wasn't difficult as well, just way too tiring.

To be honest, my mind is still in adjustment phase switching languages, weather and time completely. As I write this small report I'm brainstorming one hundred ideas of content to bring, and one of the ideas is a video showing how long it took me to get here. Wait and see because it's going to be funny!


Leaving São Paulo

Bus, plane, car and the bicycle is ready! The journey started in southern Brazil and ended up in Kraków. Many hours sitting, waiting and not eating - at least my good friend @riverflows is not sending me food pictures on Whatsapp Haha.


As if I wasn't worried enough with immigration, I got to Porto Alegre and bang. Ticket counter agent looks at my flight, scratches head, looks at the computer, thinks, look at the ticket and finally decides to call the manager. Problem, I knew it. Will I be able to board I thought... I shouldn't have bought a cheap ticket.

Luckly there was a change in flight... for better... how miraculous? Am I really lucky? Maybe...

Now I was going directly to the international airport in São Paulo, sparing me a connection, and it would fly 2 hours before the original flight, yes!

The first leg went smooth as butter, arrival in São Paulo was weird as hell. Where's the Mate? - I thought. People going to a machine, pressing a button ice falls, press another button coke falls. Can't they invent one for Mate? Press yerba falls, press hot water falls. But no... they drink that strange cold Mate, yuuuuc.


After a couple hours sitting in São Paulo, and many more hours sitting in a small tube made of aluminium with two giant ass engines to power it, I finally made it to Frankfurt.

Now it was time, now it was immigration madness! Not going to lie, I was worried. And I had a one way ticket to Europe and a cheap ticket to Ireland as proof of onward travel. Even though I had all the documents to support my long stay in Europe, I was still nervous. What if...?

The immigration office stamped my passport, but not without a big questionaire. Where are you going? What will you do? How much money do you have? I had all the answears, until he asked to fatality question, the only one I had no answaer whatsoever.

For how long are you staying in Ireland? Really? Am.... am.... I don't know - I said. You don't know? No, sir. I'll travel by bike, it takes time...

The questionaire continued until he finally gave up. We were in! We ARE in! What are the plans after SteemFest? I still don't know, but I'll figure out.


The last leg was completed by car from Frankfurt, where my great friend @guchtere, picked me up. Lots of talking, music and eating! I still can't pronounce the name of the stuff we were eating, but I'll do a post only about that.

All this time I was communicating with another great friend, @for91days, the whole time he was helping me with the airport steps, at each step conquered we'd celebrate. Can you imagine how happy we were when I finally wen't through the gates of the gigantic Frankfurt airport. We were screaming on the Whatsapp chat. We were a few hours from meeting, the TravelFeed gang would be partially complete, only missing @rimicane and @jpphotography.


Remy and I before starting the road trip


Juergen and I preparing one of the breads with peanut butter and chocolate (awesomely weird combination, tastes fantastic)

From that moment until now I've met so many people already, so cool to talk to @captainbob, @bimjer, @stoodkev, @goodwithtravels, @phortun, @matkodurko, @world-travel-pro, @daveonarrival, a brief introduction with @evecab, @llfarms and the names keep on coming as I remember - after some beers it becomes difficult, give me a break.

So anyway, I just wanted this blog post to be as simple as possible because I'm travelling, and that doesn't mean I'm just doing tourism, still a lot of work to be done for the projects I work.

I'll talk about the journey in a video and bring a funny challenge so we can interact. I'd like to thank my family and friends (you know who you are) for being so supportive on my decisions. You guys rock!

There's a lot to come, and if you are here in Kraków, drop me a message so we can meet!

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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Best bot ever, thank you.

Hah he's not that good when you fuck up the same name over and over again and he reminds u every time :D and then people think u r retarded :D

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HAhahahahaha, especially after some beer and a long trip!

Glad to hear you had NO problems getting there! All that crazy worrying - and it went smooth as peanut butter with chocolate sprinkles.... But, you were so prepared!!! xx Glad to se eyou are there and safe and sound and having fun. Say hi to @llfarms for me!

I just hugged @llfarms real quick, I had no time to ask if she wants to marry me. Wait... is she reading this? Hopefully not!

Btw it was not that smooth, I'll need to call you one time to tell all the questions they asked me, it was insane


Hahahhaha, do baralho pow! Tinhas que ter te inscrito como músico Guilherme!

hahahaha tinha mesmo! Espero estar com vocês ano que vem!

Aww have such a great time. You cleaned up well for the border ;) and now you’re in!! I’ll be following along 💚

@mountainjewel here!!! weeeeheeeeee! Yeah I tried to look less homeless hahahahahahha, in fact the whole dialogue was pretty intense and he really tested my confidence, but we made it!!!! yes!

Thanks for passing by, it's lovely!

So great that you made it to Krakow, enjoy Steemfest! All the best!

Hooooorrraaay @jpphotography, now if one day I make my way to Asia we'll get to do some insane stuff, wait for me!

Are you cycling all the way to Asia? That would be so cool!

I really thought about that, but I don't think I'd do it alone - way to risky!

Maybe next year! For now, enjoy Europe, we are all glad you made it safe and sound over here! ANd if you really want to, come over to the UK! 😜

Your pretty much know that I would absolutely go there, but I'm so afraid of border control now hahahahahahaha

Thanks for dropping a message!

In the first photo you look so different from your profile picture. I was checking my feed, i stopped: "Is that....... Mr. Professor?"

So you did it, Congratulations!

Just a reminder: "You're just few thousand kilometers away from Iran." haha

Yeaaaaaah, but I'll tell you how the immigration is annoying!!

I'm trying to figure out which way I'll cycle, maybe I could go there, who knows.

Yeah you are there and quiet the journey you experienced too. It must be great to be able to meet so many people who you have connected with on here. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures and I really hope you get in to Steemfest xxx

I hope too hahaha, but so far I had the chance to hug some of the guys and girls, eveyone is awesome and they are trying so hard to get me in.

If it's not possible I'll continue to report from the backstages.

Thanks you so much for the support @trucklife-family!

Duuuude! You made it!! :) It was SO amazing to hang out with you yesterday :)) Even though I still don´t know how you managed to stay awake and alive after this extreme trip! :DD Enjoy your time in Krakow and your biking mission in Europe! If I was not going to Mexico in a few days, I would gladly host you in my hometown and show you around. Maybe next time :) Cheers buddy!

I managed because I was way too excited to meet all you guys! It was a brief, but amazing meeting for sure!

Now I have to go through your country to photograph it!

Oh yeah :) You will bike through my country if you decide to follow my advice and spend the winter in the south of Europe ;) If you want to do that - go for the southeastern part - countries like Bulgary or Albania are much cheaper than, for example, Spain or Italy ;)

For sure I'll take your advises, I need to combine staying inside and outside of the Schengen zone as well. Let's see where the route takes me.

How cool that you’re going to SteemFest. Really looking forward to hearing all about it.

I know what you mean about being nervous going through immigration... I’ve always been nervous going through, I’ve heard weird stories ...

Good luck with the travels mate!!! Keep us posted.

Hoooooooorrraaaay @metametheus, thanks so much for dropping a message! There are some weird stories indeeeeed, makes us wonder if we are free after all.

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Dude endless respect for the gigantic long travel and cool it wasnt all too much trouble there!
I hope for god that you didnt eat all the hagelslag with pindakaas before @guchtere hands me over one

See ya tomorrow evening! (yeah yeah...late..i know)

HAHahhahaha I haven't eaten them all, but I must say that the temptation is huge! I guess that you guys are playing bowling by now? You guys are always so busy with SF3 stuff, come on, I want you guys too!