[vlog #18] The Journey to Kraków ep1 - How to take a bike on a plane.

in travel •  last year  (edited)

Hooray Readers! Bringing yet another fun and crazy video to the community - Mr.P on Video!

Hello, hello Steemians, dTubers and any other Monsters out there! Coming up with yet another fun bicycle video for you. This time I'd like to introduce this video announcing that YES, I'm flying to Krakow in Poland. There's going to happen the most famous, the sexiest, the monster Steem Fest 3, which I don't have a ticket yet, but at least I'll be around to enjoy the city with all the Steemians out there. Plus, it'll be the best excuse to cycle in Europe and explore all its beauties.

Speaking of cycling, I'm taking my bicycle with me on the plane! Do you know the pain in the behind to carry a bike on the plane? Do you know how to prepare your bike for a flight? That's what I'll talk on this video, we'll disassemble the monster and pack it to cross the Atlantic. Enjoy!

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Video Summary

On this video we'll go through the proccess to disassemble and prepare a bicycle for air travel. You'll see:

  • Parts that need to be removed and how to do it;
  • Tools needed to work on the bike;
  • Important tips and tricks;
  • How to pack to avoid paying extra luggage fees.

Note: Remember to spare and take with you all the tools used, so you can assemble it back on your destination, otherwise you'll find yourself in a bad situation Do'h.

I hope that this video inspires you into taking your bicycle with you, it's simple and it's a really joy to explore a new city straight from the airport.

Was this video helpful? Have you ever taken a bike on a plane? Would you do it? Leave a comment down below, I love talking to you.

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~Love ya all,

Disclaimer:  The author of this post is a convict broke backpacker, who has travelled more than 10.000 km hitchhiking. Following him may cause severe problems of wanderlust and inquietud. You've been warned.

I'm Arthur. I blog about Adventure Stories, Brazil, Travel, Camping & Life Experiences.

Follow me to stay tuned for more craziness and tips.

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Saudações, mrprofessor

Bem legal, man. No seu lugar, para ir para essa festa do steem, eu colocaria uns pneus especiais na bicicleta e e iria pedalando pelo mar, para não gastar dinheiro.

Obrigado e boa noite!

Hahahah, uma bike barco com velas seria bom mesmo @julisavio! Tens que programar para vir na próxima, tu és um dos maiores investidores no Brasil.

Have you had a haircut too?

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeeeeeeees XD I donated it to a cancer institute.

Aaaaand I gotta look less homeless

Ah, yes, I thought that might be why you did so! More respectable = more believable. ;)

Hahaha - less homeless :DD I have a different hair issue - I sometimes need to look less criminal :D (especially after I use the 3-mm blade all over my head :D)

well it was a brief beer, but we made it!, so awesome to meet you. Now we gotta plan the next one somewhere in the world.

Yo yo yo man! Welcome to Krakow!!!! :)
So cool you will bring your Bike...!

Leeeeeeeo, I need to meet you dude! Do you have mate? I'm in a flat 50 meters from the hotel where the events are going on.

Yo man! sure we have Mate! We were looking for you today!!! Where have you been? hehehe

So yeah, I've been doing my own thing because I don't have the ticket hahahaha but if you find yourself not busy drop a message and let's drink that mate.

Epic tutorial! Cannot wait to have that beer with you Arthur :) Have a safe flight buddy!

Great info and technique! Looking forward to seeing your biking adventures in Krakow. Have fun!

Hoooorray, thanks for passing by @scottshots! Videos coming up real soon.

Cool, looking forward to seeing the videos. Have a great day!

This city is amazing Scott, you would freak out here with the camera! I'll try my best to make good photos to inspire you.

Wow, I didn't even know you could take a bike on a plane, never thought about that hahaha

Oh yeah, we can! Just need to take care of the extra fees, if it's compact enough they shouldn't charge. There are some fancy bike bags, even rigid ones, but they are way too expensive.

Woohoo @mrprofessor congratulations on your journey Kraków!
We are so happy for you! 🎉

Hooooooorrraay @shasta! And I am happy to see you. Well, it's not Alaska yet, but I'm getting closer hahaha

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Great video, let's hope you can put the bike back together safely! The part where you said you don't know how the part is called in English and you have never taken it off makes me think you might have some fun assembling it back!

Hahahahaha, but it's assembled already!! Hah! Now just waiting for my body to feel great again so I can vlog like crazy.

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Never packed a bike to catch I flight with!! Very useful video enjoy your stay in Krakow and in Poland

It's so easy, but you need to be careful with the company policies, I had to pay extra because It was considered a special cargo.

I definitely believe you! To be honest whereever I travelled I rent a bike and I rode it :) :)

It's more viable indeed! Unless you plan an extended trip, then if you can find an air company that transport your own for free it may be better.

this was a great video, super interesting even though i do not hsve a bike! i love how you inserted photos, voice messages like “2 hours later”, maybe after SF3 you can show me how ?? hope you are having a blast and you and monster made it safe!

But of course I can show you how @eaglespirit, just give me a call one day on Discord and I give you the directions where you can get stuff to put on the videos, it's super simple.