Walking through the Hermitage. Part 2

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Continuation, start here

In the Hermitage, the variety of interiors is surprising. Each room is a work of art. Painted ceilings, chandeliers, columns, floor - at all this can view for hours.

Throne room

One of the masterpieces of the Hermitage is the Raphael's Loggia. Just look at this beauty!

The gallery was created by the order of Empress Catherine the Great from 1783 to 1792 by the architect Quarenghi and is a copy of the famous Loggias Raphael in the Vatican Palace. All surfaces, walls and vaults of the ceiling are covered with copies of Raphael's frescoes, made on canvas. These copies were created by a group of artists led by X. Unterberger. The coat of arms of the Vatican is replaced by the Russian double-headed eagle

And, of course, when talking about the Hermitage, you can not fail to mention the paintings. Magnificent masterpieces of famous artists!

We spent about 6 hours in the Hermitage that day. And still there was a feeling that we did not have time to see everything!

I will show a few more exhibits.

And finally, a few tips for the visitor of the Hermitage:

  • If you are a citizen of Russia - do not forget to show your passport when buying a ticket! The fact is that tickets for foreigners are more expensive.
  • It is better to go to the Hermitage in advance, otherwise you will have to defend a long queue. Half an hour before the opening is already going to a small queue, and during the day it usually only grows!
  • The Hermitage is huge! Therefore, it is best to go there for the whole day. Even for the whole day you can not have time to see everything!
  • Going to the museum for the whole day, take water and snacks with you. Yes, there are several cafes on the territory of the Hermitage, but prices are higher there than in the city about 2 times.
  • It is best not to join the tour, but take an audio guide. Then you can calmly, at your own pace, walk around the museum and learn the history of the exhibits that interested you.

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