Interesting history of the Khajuraho temple

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The Khajuraho group is a group of Hindus and Jain temples in Madhya Pradesh, India, located 175 kilometers away from Jhansi. Khajuraho Group is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Khajuraho Temple - Khajuraho Temple is famous for its cosmic shape and artistic artwork and erotic idol. The construction of the Khajuraho temples from Bahot was in 950 and 1050 only in Chandela empire.

Khajuraho Temple History

According to historical experts, there are 85 temples in the group of Khajuraho temples from the 12th Century, which were spread within a radius of 20 km. Of these, there are only 20 temples remaining, which is spread over a radius of 6 km. In the remaining temples, the Kandariya Mahadev Temple is composed of Bahoat historic statues, which have been written about various events of history, this temple is a living example of ancient Indian art.

The Khajuraho's temples have been built primarily for the two religions - mainly Hindu and Jain - in these temples, the traditions of Hindu and Jainism and their history have been described.


The group of Khajuraho monuments has been built during the reign of Rajput Chandela Empire. As the power of Chandela rule expanded, his empire was given the name of Bundelkhand and immediately started the construction work of Khajuraho monuments. The temple is built by the enthusiasm of Khajuraho, during the reign of Hindu King Yashovarman and Dhanga. We can see Yashovarman's greatness in Lakshman temple. Vishwanath Temple reflects the greatness of another ruler dhanga.
But the most famous temple in the Khajuraho monument is the Kandaria Mahadev Temple, which remained in the reign of Ganda King in 1017-1029 CE. According to historians, in the Khajuraho monuments, the temple is built from 970 to 1030 CE.

Khajuraho Temple is 35 miles from the city of Mahoba, capital of the Chandela kingdom of Kalingaar region. In the medieval period, his empire was called Jijothi, Jejhoti, Chih-Chi and Jajakbukti.
The Khajuraho temple was quite active in the 12th century. The change in Khajuraho monuments came after the invasion of Delhi Sultanate in the 13th century, Sultan Qutb-ud-Din Aibak invaded the Chandela empire by attacking it. After a century, Ibn Battuta, Moroccan traveler stopped India from 1335 to 1342 CE and said in his writings Khajuraho was called "Kajra".

Khajuraho temple in the central Indian region was under the control of the Muslim rulers of the 13th to 18th century. Temples were insulted and destroyed in this era. For example, in 1495 CE, Sikandar Lodhi destroyed the Khajuraho temples on the strength of his military power. But later, the people of Hindu and Jain religion gathered together to protect the Khajuraho temple.
But as the centuries changed, the vegetation and the forests were also developed and the Khajuraho's temples were also secure.

In 1830, the local surveyor T.S. Guided Burt. But later Alexander Cunningham said that most of the use of Khajuraho temples was used by Hindu yogis and thousands of Hindu and Jain religion used to visit Shivratri every year in the month of February and March. In 1852, Massey also made artwork of Khajuraho temples.

Art and Sculpture:

Artistic work has been done in the Khajuraho temples in which 10% erotic artwork has been made on the inner and outer parts of the temple. Some of these temples have long walls, which have small but erotic artworks. Some scholars believe that sexuality was practiced here in ancient centuries.

While some scholars say that erotic art is a part of Hindu tradition and it is necessary for the human body to flourish. James McConnachi has also described Khajuraho in the history of his Kamasutra.

Facts Of Khajuraho Temple

  1. The Khajuraho temple has been constructed in the shape of horoscope complex composition. The Khajuraho temple is connected in the shape of the Northern Indian Shikhar temple.

  2. The Khajuraho temple is famous for its artwork and historical sculptures.

  3. The rooms inside the Khajuraho temple are connected to each other. Rooms have been artwork in a way that the sunlight is spread throughout the temple with the windows of the rooms. And people are attracted to seeing the temple.

  4. Khajuraho is derived from the Hindi word 'Khajur', which means "date fruit".

  5. This temple was constructed in 950 and 1050 AD during the time of Chandel Kingdom.

  6. In the ancient times, there were 85 temples in the Khajuraho group, but due to natural calamities, the temple has now been destroyed. Now there are only 22 Hindu temples left in Khajuraho.

  7. The Khajuraho temples were rediscovered only during the 20th century.

  8. It would be wrong to believe that the Khajuraho temple is famous only for erotic art works. Rather, it represents erotic artwork or traditions of ancient India and art.

  9. The life of medieval women in the Khajuraho temple has been portrayed in a traditional way.

  10. Thousands of pilgrims and travelers visit the Khajuraho temple. The Khajuraho temple is located on the right side of Central India's heart Madhya Pradesh.


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