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Dear Steemians,
unfortunately there are still many Users who did not read or did not understand the rules of use of Minnowhelper. That is why we are going to repeat them in this Post.


Important: If you use the services of @minnowhelper you are accepting these conditions. If you do not agree, do not use @minnowhelper.

  1. Your post are older than 5 days (7200 minutes). Your bid will not be refunded. (keep in mind that the robot needs at least 3 hours to vote. So do not wait at the last minute.)

  2. Your Bid is less than the minimum of 0.100 SBD.

  3. You sent Steem instead of SBD. The robot only works with SBD.

  4. The URL must be correctly expressed in the memo alone. Malformed memos will not be refunded.

  5. Your post was already voted.

Before sending a transfer to @minnowhelper, verify that your publication meets these conditions. After the transfer is made, no claims will be received.

If you send a bid to @minnowhelper and your post does not meet the mentioned conditions. Your bid will not be refunded and will be considered a donation.

If for some reason your Post meets the conditions and did not receive its vote after 4 Hours. Then contact @minnowhelper Technical Services using Slack to find a solution, whether you receive your vote or we will refund your money.

To have your questions answered Join Slack! is the best communication.

Join Slack!

Finally, I want to write a small glossary for users who, out of frustration, class us as scammers and thieves in comments or chat.

Scammer: One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force.
At this point we mean that we do not fool anyone with @minnowhelper. The rules are clearly written in different post of our blog. We have as a priority the transparency of the use of @minnowhelper. People who use our services do so at their own risk.

Thieve: a person who steals another person's property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence.
We do not steal anything from anyone, users voluntarily send SBD for the services of @minnowhelper and if thei use these services thei are accepting the terms of use, and the risks that it entails.

Please read the following posts.

  • Analyze minnowhelper bids and place the smartest bid!!!
  • Minnowhelper Technical support

  • Happy Bidding & Have fun!
    The @minnowhelper team.

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    @minnowhelper My bad I didnt see the presumably self imposed 5 day rule. Can you please add it to your description, and link to your current requirements in description if able to put 2nd link there. Understand why can't put in url promoting your community.

    Any chance of recuperating any value would be appreciated but 100% my fault. By chance if someone provided you code that would in my case upvote a persons more recent post if this occurs, since I believe there were more recent posts available that could have been upvoted in the place of my older than 5 day post? And if so what language would you like that code in?

    I didn't receive your upvote yet, I need refund.


    You did donation, read again the rules.


    Dear @michaelmorcos,
    unfortunately, your transaction was received when your post was older than 5 days.

    Please read the usage requirements of @minnowhelper

    Best regards.



    thnx dear @minnowhelper ,

    I did not know that he should be sent SBD from 1 to 5 days .
    if you can upvote on my comment or send me 0.2 SBD be a good thing :)

    i sended 0.214 STEEM to @minnowhelper team but i didnt get the value of the upvote.
    33 minutes ago Transfer 0.214 STEEM to minnowhelper
    is it because i sended STEEM and not SBD ?
    Can i get the amount of STEEM back and resend as SBD ?
    or could it be that you can not upvote me because i used @minnowbooster too ?

    One more round voting has been completed. You still did not vote for the link The post is less than 7200 minutes, I have sent 0.200 SBD, sent in SBD, correct link sent and not already voted by minnowhelper.


    I replied in the Slack Chat. have a nice day

    Hey minnowhelper , say you something.
    Some days ago Im mistake and send you 8.200 sbd send you but you are only return me 2.80 sbd gives me . It's very bad for me .
    I lost my 6 sbd .
    If you want connect me so plz give me my return sbd or increase you vote power .

    i send 0.1 sbd but you are not sent me vote . plz refund

    send 0.119 SBD 3 hours back but didnot get vote from you

    should i write my username with the @ or without it ??

    oh i see... I spend 2 dollar to you... That is my last SBD... I just saw you in BOT tracker and did not know you well... Now, how can you help me?

    Yestyrday i send 0.25sdb to the bot no refunds no upvote this is furst time using your survice. That cool if i dont get refund if not gone ever use your services. Even if I made some kind of mistake I believe I can be refunded all other bot do refund if you make mistake .Have a good day cheers.

    I have sent sbd, but have not get uvote, please in ceg, thanks


    The Robot performs his votes every 144 minutes (2.4 hours) Please do not spam.

    hello @minnowhelper, sent 1 sbd more than 4 hours ago and I still have not received the vote, I could verify it.


    Hello @karlin,
    We could not find the problem, so we refund your bid. Please try again later.

    Hi @minnowhelper
    I transferred 0,500 steem 3 hours ago for an upvote.
    Could you pls do the upvote or refund if not possible?
    Thank you!

    I have made a mistake and instead of sending 2 sbd for upvote I send 22 please see if you can refund me

    on post


    Hello @writemore,
    contact me on Slack please.

    nice post.... continue dear @minnowhelper

    I send 0.100 STEEM 11 hour ago @minnowhelper for your up vote but you not vote my post please vote my post or back my STEEM


    the robot does NOT work with Steem. Please read the conditions of use.


    please back my steem

    @minnowhelper I came across this post because I have been using your service incorrectly and I get that. What I don't get is that there are so many dissatisfied customers in this post. Some of the post said that they followed the instructions and still did not receive the service. I know this is a lot and you may want to remain strict but can you find a way to make it right with some of us? It does not seem like this minnow is helping.

    Hello @minnowhelper, I am just lovin' your service, but please can you refund my 0.117 SBD which i sent you for my post a few minutes ago.. actually mistake is mine because the post was already upvoted by minnowhelper, please kindly refund this. Thanks :)

    Hello friend, I would like to tell you that I did not receive the vote. hace 49 minutos Transferir 0.800 SBDhastaminnowhelper

    @minnowhelper Hello , still I am waiting answer . What is the reason to not upvote my coment .

    I sent you 0.3 SBD and have'nt receive upvote till now. people who send you url after me have received your vote. Please check it. i sent you post(comment) after 1 minute of posting.

    @minnowhelper, I have send the required amount for upvoting my post but I have not yet receive the vote, please check and give me the vote, I will be very thankful to you. Post link is as under:


    Hello sunny007,
    sorry, but it is not true that your Post meets all the requirements. Your post are older than 5 days.

    I didn't receive your upvote yet for the post below. Please explain.

    Confused oN why I didn't get my vote. It just became day 5

    I think something messed up, my vote didn't come through.

    Had sent 0.200 to upvote No vote yet, please either upvote or refund.

    @minnowhelper friend a question, an example if the publication is of antiquity 6 days, if you can yes? now the publication should not have a vote, yes? If a friend votes me, I would not meet the requirements if?

    I'm new to Steemit and want to use minnowhelper but don't know where to send my SBD and link from. Is there a form somewhere? Please help a noob out.


    click your account wallet and go to your STEEM DOLLARS on the right of the amount shown click the drop down arrow and click transfer then in the To type @isteemithard in the amount try just 0.01 as a test and in the memo a link to a post and I will upvote you as a test so you know how to use the bots