Adventures With Friends Whom I Now Call Family

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Steem has changed my life in more ways than one. Thanks to Steem, I am now a "world traveler" after ordering my first passport and driving on my own to Canada. This adventure has been nothing short of amazing because of the people I got to hang out with.

Yes, Toronto is a fantastic city with many sites to see. But, they don't mean much unless you are experiencing them with friends whom I now call family. Below are some pics of our adventure together in Toronto for the Steem Creators Conference North...

Toronto Sign

It was my first time in downtown Toronto, and what better way to spend it than with these guys (and gal, Jackie @jackieobermeyer) Rick @instructor2121, Brad @captainbob, Larry @larrymorrison, Jon @jongolson, Eric @anomadsoul, IJ @steemcafe, Jerry @bimjer.

IJ and Ken.jpg

IJ @steemcafe and I have been buds since the beginning of the Steem Creators journey early this year. Every time we see each other we can't help but smile.

Hugging it Out.jpg

Here we have a photo of myself and Jon @jongolson hugging it out, as well as getting to know other cool Steemians at the Meet and Greet in downtown.

Fish and Chips.jpg

Fish and chips was the first lunch that I ate at a local restaurant the first day of the conference. It was pretty tasty if you ask me. I also enjoyed the Indian food the second and third day (yes, I ate Indian food twice in a row cause it was so good)

Steepshot CEO.jpg

We had the priviledge of hearing from the CEO of Steepshot, @pmartynov. He spoke about the current state of Steepshot and also his plans for the future. It was very informative and eye-opening. Silent Joe @joepate47 doing what he does best behind the camera.

Goldmoney Group.jpg

A group of us went to visit the Goldmoney store where @par-ee was showing us the ropes. They handed out yummy snacks and we learned about the different services they offer. Jamie @eventspeaker, Joseph @josephsavage, Katie @katiesavage, Raven the cute baby, Larry @larrymorrison, Todd @toddmck, Amy @thehoneys, IJ @steemcafe, Jeremy @originalmrspice.

Jeremy and Ken.jpg

This here is my bud, Jeremy @originalmrspice. He wanted his username to be just mrspice but it was already taken. Had a great time getting to know him better during the conference as he is a very genuine and caring individual.


The SteemBirds @steembirds (Dan @dan-atstarlite and Jay @jaybird) performed for us each day of the conference. It was a real treat to hear their original songs all on the topic of Steem. Extremely entertaining and fun to experience.

Dookie Brown Flow.JPG

Dookie Brown Flow @wolfnworbeikood performed along with his talented group of hip-hop artists. It was intense to say the least. Many meaningful words were spoken with a lot of passion and heart. Great job guys :)

Larry and Ken.jpg

Larry @larrymorrison and I go way back. He and IJ @steemcafe put this entire conference together. I wouldn't be where I am today on Steem if it weren't for these two gentleman.

There were more people that I were there such as Lea @coruscate and Mary @maryjaney. I had posted a photo with them a couple days back so please check out my blog for that. Should have taken more photos...@freedompoint and @freedomtowrite have our photos on their phones haha. I am anxiously awaiting our reunion again in Austin, Texas April 10-14, 2019. If you didn't make this conference, definitely save the date for the next one :)




P.S. Stay awesome today.

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Great piece... great group!

Posted using Partiko iOS

I'm so happy to see your excitement and enthusiasm here @kenmelendez 😊✌

This is one of my favorite blog posts from you 👏👏👏

Lucky man with a lovely fam!

Posted using Partiko iOS

fantastic week. and an honor to meet everyone. looking forward to the next event for sure v

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Awesome photo! Wish I was there! following you now @freedompoint!👌✌💕


Hey! Thank you! Be well.


Your welcome!😀

I'm so glad you came out to Toronto! I will get a post out soon with our selfie!

Thanks for posting all these great photos Ken! It's cool to see all the good times.

Great fun meeting everyone and hanging out. Loved learning from you as well Ken so thanks for sharing. See you in Austin!

Great post Ken! Much love brother

Posted using Partiko Android

Awesome Ken! It looks like you had an amazing time there! :)

What a great recap post of the conference @kenmelendez ! Yes, i think @coruscate and @maryjaney are the only 2 missing lol! but I did see your previous photos of them , and the post fron her with shots at Goldmoney ! Hahaha I seriously want one of those T shirts!👍✌👌💕😂

I would love to read a summary of what the CEO of @steepshot said @kenmelendez.

@emaferice and I use that app a lot.

A nice day, friend, I want to ask, why does steem prices continue to decline? Will steemi t sink?