Monkey Trail (Krabi, Thailand)

in travel •  10 months ago

The monkey trail is a walk you can do from the western end of Ao Nang beach. I found this walk by searching around on the mobile app called '''' it had an attraction listed called the monkey trail so I decided to walk down from where I was staying towards the western end of Ao Nang Beach. From hear a walked past some beach resorts an came across a board walk leading you up into the forest .... this was the start of the walk. I had no idea what I was in for ! The only thing I expected to see was monkeys at some point along the trail and I definitely saw those. The walk probably only takes you about 15 minutes and parts of it are fairly steep but nothing crazy. I saw so many monkeys wandering around I had to squeeze on past making sure I didn't step on any stray tails ahaha. I even came across I mother monkey carrying her newborn little monkey under her belly which was really cool to see.

Here's a few pictures from the monkey trail :





And here's a link to the '''' app for Android and for IPhone which was so useful fro finding this location and tracking me as I moved through the trail. It enables you to download maps for locations offline so you wont even need a data connection !

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Popular posts:
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That looks like fun! I miss Thailand.


It's an awesome place ! I'm now in Korea and loving it here also 🇰🇷

Thks for the Link for maps me, its useful.


Your welcome 😊

I love trails but not too tough ones! Looks like you found a real cool one... :) Not sure if you do know, there is a #BeachWednesday; you could use that tag here too! Cheers!


Thanks for letting me know about the tag 😎

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I love the picture of the mother monkey carrying her baby. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

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