Little City on the Far Side (Iceland Day 7)

in travel •  6 months ago

After the waterfall, we took to driving to randomly set waypoints.


This is a historical landmark that had signage indicating that it was closed, though I have no idea if it was temporary or not. Even then, I'm not sure what the significance of this location was. An early church. Ah well, moving on.


Continuing on the theme of churches, we landed at this interesting structure. It has the same feel as the one we visited on the first day as well, very blocky, concrete, practical.


At the time there was a service in progress. Beautiful music emanated from the entrance. A brief pause to appreciate the moment and we set out again.

Then, we landed in a city called Akureyri. It was a breath of fresh air to be back in a more populous city area. There's just something about the (more) densely packed convenient city life. We decided to look around.

As was the case with most everything else in Iceland, we didn't bother to buy anything. It was all window shopping.


No, those life-size statues are not for sale. My wife makes a fair impression, I'd say.


Across the street we saw a hot dog cart that was on the Iceland TO-DO bingo for the others in our group. My wife and I are not so much hot dog fans, but they were very excited to see it. The reason I suppose it's that these are made with beef, pork and lamb. Shrug. And maybe it's the only affordable thing to buy (spoiler: overpriced hot dog).


Here it is up close. If I remember correctly, they really enjoyed the hot dogs.


In the background was a beautiful photo realistic sketch mural, which I thought played nicely with its surroundings, light colors up a hill.


On the other side are four small sculptures on top of pedestals surrounding a fountain that is blocked from this view. Some kids were playing with a giant sheet of ice that was floating in it. If you zoom in, you can see the cool individual sculptures. Very alien and tentacle-y.

Here's a link to the beginning....

And the journey continues here...


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Yay!!! No ice chunks as big as a house. No freezing waterfalls. No stories of running through the freezing cold in your underwear, slipping and sliding on the icy path to get to a hottub. (I'd have stayed there until I turned into a prune.) Only a little bit of snow. This is definitely my favorite episode so far. The one where you finally leave this place will probably top it.


How big were the grins on your faces at the airport when you realized you would get to sleep in your own bed again that night? (Take a moment and just imagine how much I like to travel!!)

There's even food in this post. FOOD ... like you can get at home!!!



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Almost... there..... ha

It's all still so pretty :) The big church still brings me a feeling of dread.

I love hot dogs. Particularly the Venezuelan edition:

That's bread, sausage, then cabbage, crisps, cheese, many sauces, and the rest may vary with oh so many things! <3

What is the brown sauce on your hot dog?


I think you win lol. That picture looks more appetizing. I don't remember what any of those sauces are unfortunately. There is some kind of Icelandic hot dog sauce though that one of us brought home. But yeah, no idea what's inside.

I love the Viking Store and your wife's photo of those giants! :)

Great pics and tour. Love the one with your wife and the depressed vikings XD

It's great to see art outside. So much creativity and beauty to offset all the concrete.

alieny and tentacley do you say? sweet. those hotdogs good though, lamb in there? never even crossed my mind.

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