Crypto Empire: Meet My Community

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Today I'm going to tell you about my Steemit Community.

Meet the Crypto Empire, a Steemit community that was born from the friendship between some Steemians and an Invite-Only group that grew to become a public Community.

Not everyone is welcome though, we just cater to those who produce content.

Throughout this article I'm going to tell you about the Crypto Empire, what does it stand for and who's in it.

If that's something you're interested in, read below, and join us if you think you have what it takes.

What's Crypto Empire? How Was It Born?

The Crypto Empire community was born when the tiny group Crypto Heroes got critical mass and I decided to expand it, making it a hub for projects and for like-minded individuals.

I created the Crypto Heroes community to form a group of people me and my friend @underground thought were talented and a valuable addition to the group.

As such, we didn't have many members, but we had a team of productive, disciplined and talented individuals in their own niches.

When the group started growing, we planned on how to expand our group, and thus the Crypto Empire was born.

We still only take people who:

  • Know How to Write and Speak English;
  • Produce High Quality Posts;
  • Don't produce Low Effort stuff;
  • Don't exploit the system;
  • Are invested in the Steem Blockchain;
  • Seek to improve the Steem Blockchain.

If you think you have what it takes, join us and make yourself known: Here's our Discord Server.

Meet the Members: Who Are We?

I'm now going to present some of our current members and their roles within the community.

The group follows an Imperial theme (Crypto Empire) and as such we have roles based on that.

In this post I'm going to introduce the members from officer up, so here's what you get:

Emperor: Don't Worry It's Not a Dictatorship

Hello and nice to meet you, hehe.

I'm SpiritualMax and I am the Emperor. As egocentric as that title is, I can consider myself a poor absolutist monarch since I have no problem on not having the last word.

In fact, I just share my opinions as anybody else, but at the end of the day, when it comes to weeding out spammers, exploiters, leechers and low value posters, me and @underground have the last word, so I guess that's where my power really is.

Also, I deserve the highest title since I was the one who crafted these kickass banners :D

Joking... or am I? (I really like the banners :p)

Imperial Advisor: Also Known as @undeRGRound

The Imperial Advisor is the man who I turn to for advice and he helps evaluate the potential of newcomers and members.

He is also ahead of one of our projects.

The only flaw is that he isn't fit to advise on female members... he seems to always want every single one of them to stay.

Heh... this guy is priceless.

Tax Collector: Our In-House Number's Geek

@eonwarped is our Tax Collector.

He's the one we turn to in any matters of profitability, SBD, STEEM and STU math, bot bids and returns and so on.

Our resident number's geek, Eon is just one of the most likeable guys you can ever meet, and stands as a valuable addition to the team.

Thanks for your help man.

Imperial Mage: Our Botter and Tinkerer

CryptoSharon is our resident bot-maker and tinkerer.

She's has a private tower within the Empire, named "Sharon's Tinkery" where she works on producing bots that contribute value towards the community.

She's always busy and has something up her sleeve at all times.

If you need something done, she can do it.

The Emperor's Guards:


@amymya is a fierce Imperial Guard that specializes in the homesteading niche and publishes really nice work.

Her last entry to the "Family Protection" program was heart wrenching, and she's never afraid to dive deep in stories, no matter how sad they are.

Her husband fears for her constant exposure on negativity, but she's fierce, so she'll keep charging forward.


Dawny, aka @dawnsheree, was one of my first Steemit friends.

Now we're together in yet another adventure.

The best travelling guide you can get, don't let her shyness trick you into thinking she has no backbone, because she's always working and never sleeps.



@lunaticpandora is a really strange guy at first.

He has some weird thoughts, is a proficient shitposter and you've never seen a more troubled mind.

However, that's mostly all for show as when you get to deeply know him, he's a cool guy as simple as they come.

Just don't get too involved in his rants.


Anjkara is a tough woman and she doesn't take any crap from anyone.

Get on her bad side and you'll see she'll hunt you down even if she has to face 1000 flags to do it.

On the other hand, she's a really nice person, so you have nothing to fear if you're a productive and kind Steemian.

We also know her as Tiger Claws... the reason is top secret.


A Steemit newbie that we kind of collectively adopted.

He may not be the most productive guy in terms of articles, but what he is really good at is commenting and establishing discussions.

He is a great listener and knows that we need to hear more than to speak.


She has a new Vlogging series you should take a look at.

A great writer and a community engager, she is a simple woman you should know and follow.

I can see great things happening to her in the future if she keeps her quality content up.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and listen to her latest vlog if you're so inclined... friendly chatter style :D


She needs no introductions as of now as I'm certain you've seen her around.

She comments a lot and knows how to make her presence be felt. A good testament to this is the fact she's the only Emperor's Guard to have a different banner.

Mind you, she demanded to have a skimpier version made... or was the word sexier? I don't know, but I've made it and she approved.



A looot of things go on in @battleaxe's blog.

If you want to see what I mean, just head over there and start reading.

The good thing on not having a set topic or writing whatever you feel like is that you get a bigger glimpse of her personality, as well as some poignant posts.

She flashes in, says a couple of words and smoke-bombs her way out while in the group... but she's a valuable addition.

Centurion: The Minnow Helper

The Centurion commands the efforts towards the Minnow Empowerment War.

This means he is the one who frontlines our efforts in the MinnowBootCamp program, something we will talk about below.

We're hoping great things will come from him.

Legate: The Commenting Hero

@maverickinvictus is a very active member in Steemit, and he's participating in a lot of communities and projects right now.

He is a good onboarder and guide for newborn Steemians, has a strong presence in his own niche and definitely can add a lot to this community.

The field of battle in which the Legate really shines is on commenting, and he is probably second to none in this area.

Citizens: The Bulk of the Empire

Our citizen count in the Empire is far is 33.

This is a number that makes our Empire a small village, but I'm certainly it will grow.

To be honest, I'm hopeful it will grow with this post as it also serves to let you know we're recruiting.

Go to my signature if you wish to come live to our bountiful Steemian empire... Steemianism is the official Religion, as we're all focused on improving the platform as a whole.

Crypto Empire's Embassy's:

There is currently only one Embassy established within the Crypto Empire.

This Embassy is the SmartSteem embassy. If you don't know SmartSteem, you can head over to in order to find out what it is.

The current SmartSteem ambassador is @therealwolf himself.

If you know him, use his bot's service or sell votes through smartsteem, you should know he is also a witness you can vote on if you're so inclined.

Want to Set Up Your Own Embassy?

If you're a representative of a Steem based project, then talk to us to know how to set up your Embassy within the group.

The group will certainly grow, and brands having a place within will get them closer to their market.

Also, if ambassadors contribute towards the society, such as @therealwolf does, we'll definitely remember the favor.

Meet the Projects: A Bot, A Project, A Secret-Weapon

So far, we have three things brewing.

We are pretty active, and since we're a tight community we spend most of our time talking about the most random subjects you can imagine.

However, when we're not busy just bantering in the Tavern, we plan on how to add value to the community and expand the empire at the same time.

Our Imperial Advisor is designing a new project called @minnowbootcamp - you can check it out - which is a program to help new minnows being seen and to help on giving them the audience they crave for.

On the other hand, our Mage is working alongside the Centurion to establish our first bot. This is hopefully going to become the backbone of our MinnowBootCamp project and we might even get a bid bot made, though that is something for later as the Imperial Mage has her hands full right now.

As far as our Secret Weapon... what is it?

We're currently developing a secret weapon that will protect the Empire from abuse and at the same time going to hopefully attack Steem Blockchain abusers.

We call it the "Whale Killer", but rest assured it won't damage any good whale and we just reserve it for cases in which the Steem Blockchain community agrees that person, no matter how powerful, is a target.

What is an empire without a military branch? Well, we got to be protected.

And that's it!

This concludes my community's introductory post.

We hope you liked it and that you've been inticed to check it out.

We'll see you on the other side.


Join the Crypto Empire Community


Sounds interesting.

If you found it interesting, why did you upvote your comment and not the post? Let me know!

right on point @spiritualmax right on point =)

Dude. Dude. Dude.

🤣 You are hilarious... This post was great.

Prepare yourself this is gonna be a long response (there are just so many gems!).

  • The banners are definitely kickass.
  • This 👇makes @underground special 😍

The only flaw is that he isn't fit to advise on female members... he seems to always want every single one of them to stay.

  • @eaglespirit's banner = THE BEST. (Where's the sexier version of me? 😎 )
  • Re: Me👇

I can see great things happening to her in the future if she keeps her quality content up.
*Touche, bro. Touche.😉

  • Secret Weapon Shhhhh! Never tell the enemy your warplan!

I totally shrunk the size of the comment by using bullets. I so smart. 😃

Me - Hilarious
You - Smart

Me also smart, talk Tarzan, save words!


I'm glad you noticed the last sentence was on purpose.

Cause me awesome. You 2.

Yes, I have to say he outdid himself on my banner, he is a true Gem with talent. My words were -- I want something sexy, gimme some T&A. @spiritualmas knows what's up. He's our Boi! Right @underground?

I like that eye!
Makes me look baddass.

IKR!!! That eye totally reads Badass Maxey ... xx

Got room for a priest? ;)

We have room for anyone interested... but you start as a citizen same as everybody else :p
Hop on if you want to join :D

Excellent, welcome all to the Empire. Great introductions as well. We do have a very nice group going. I'll start referencing this post from my banner now. Cheers.

(I don't actually collect taxes, for anyone else that is curious :D)

That's a good thing to clear... Yes, citizenship is free!

I've always wondered what his role was about. ._.

Great idea, Eon. I'm gonna do that too.


Very Well Done! A couple things, but the biggy is this:


Just a few chin hairs ;) C'mon, MAX!!! :D

lmfao, group hug or wrestling

Here I am trying to make him look wise and he just blows it

Feels Bad Man!


This community's ideas seem interesting, and I am curious in following the "Crypto Empire"; I would probably do more reading and resharing, than posting anything myself at first-- so consider me a peasant or a serf.

I support the cryptocurrency movement and resteem relevant articles (among other things) on my own blog. I also own and follow a few of the to top ten coins, and also a dozen or so of the other alts. I'm a noob to steemit, but i'm not new to crypto world.

Would I be welcomed here?

Hello there!

Yeah sure! Just the fact that you spent your time writing this comment and explaining a few things about yourself to see if you're a fit shows me a lot about your character!

Hop on over and feel free to hit me up :D


Hey, the Discord server link in this post expired or is not valid for me.

I am in this wonderful community from the very beginning. Now I see that it is growing and developing. Unfortunately, due to my busy daily schedule, I do not have enough time to be active. In the future, I will correct myself.
Promote Steemianism in Masses Max
let the force be with you :)

Thank you Franky! Yeah, I've noticed that... no worries my friend, I always have a spot for you!

Oh hot damn! This is bad ass!

Let's get new blood

Let's Legate!

Delightful! Love this, it's a fun and diverse group of Steemians of all streams of life.....poof

This is BEAUTIFUL! I love it, and of course I gave 100 upvote and will Resteem. I should be more than a Guard, since I am an officer of the court .. I do love your Intro it is Fckn hilarious. Great job Maxyyyy ... love it all and it certainly is a testament to everyone's hard work. Super cool too, which is always a bonus. xx

Thank you Eagle!
Glad you liked it!
Kisses <3

Hi Maxyyy ... Love it! Kisses forever !! xx
Don't tell anybody ...

Those lips, so plump. Are they yours? I doubt it :p

Ye of little faith. LOL

I approve of them :D

Gee thank you, the Emperor has spoken.


Thanks for filling in the gaps about our community members, Max. So informative.

I won't mention everyone but I'm especially grateful to @eonwarped for inviting me to join the Empire. He's supersmart and really does care about growing a quality community. Lovely guy with great integrity. And he has a nice dog.

The banners are awesome. The pic of @underground – yes, he looks much younger in real life and has more guns (lots more guns). Can confirm he's a flirt lol.

Anj x

Im glad you liked the post.

Yes @eonwarped is just an amazing guy, there aren't many like him out there.

Thanks for popping up Anj.

Ah, yes! I remember when you first invited me to join your Discord channel and I still highly appreciate it.

I wish that I had been more active. I had zero knowledge of what Discord was when you sent me the link and signed up as a means to speak with you. I didn't understand the layout of Discord at first and I think it was the reason it kind of just slipped my mind.

Anyways, thanks for the reminder. I still really appreciate your openness and wish to use the channel more. I'm constantly looking for community resources here and for some reason it has just completely slipped my mind.


No problem. The group you joined initially was Crypto Heroes. This group is Crypto Empire, so you may have to join the link on my signature.

Cheers Herb

Ah gotcha. Tricky wording there! Haha. I'll look into it

I really hope the"whale killer" doesn't make the whales come after cryptoempire, one of your humble citizen here still want to grow. Shall we build (or import, lol) the Great Wall?

LOL... The Whale Killer will have the support of the good whales Im sure, we're still a long way from having it ready though :)

Great article @spiritualmax!
Thank you for putting this all together, and for all the hard work that you do in the Empire!
We are all lucky to have your friendship and guidance.
Much love,

Thank you very much not only for the kind words but also for the resteem Amy.
It's an honor to have you as one of the most baddass guards :D

Dang I completely forgot about the empire well have hardly been on discord st all with a lot going on I must make an appearance

Step by the tavern one of these days man, It's always open :D

I will do life is hectic at the moment but will swing by soon

This looks like a very cool concept as a whole, with the empire thing going on. I'm a huge fan of stuff like that, and for that I support The Crypto Empire! Hahaha @spiritualmax!

You're doing great work in improving STEEM Blockchain, super excited to support more of your content!

You can always join us Aaron.
I'd welcome you with open arms!

Sounds like a great project and a great community man. I love the imperial there and the banners ;). Lots of friends and familiar names, I'll be watching you guys. Well done.

How about you join and become your community's ambassador?

There's a free embassy building in the Empire ;) We'd love to have #steemsilvergold over.

Okay man, I'll have to look into it a bit more and wrap my head around what it all means, I'm very interested but also spread pretty thin, let me read a bit more and I'll reach out to you guys! Thx a lot.

No prob... you'd be our third embassy, we have SmartSteem and Bumper so far.

I would lovebto join but I don’t create the best posts at the moment. Still feeling for my niche

The Empire isn't going to leave... so when you feel comfortable enough to join, do so :D

I will keep that in mind.

Interesting. What is considered productive?

I consider productive 4 posts per week, we mostly write one post per day.

Is there certain types of posts required? like politics and whatnots...

Nope! Everyone can post whatever they want :)

Hmmmm, I think I'm quite interested. Shall I?

I shall then. What do I do now? lol Im still kind of new with Steemit. Working it all out. Following you is a start... And thank you ^_^

There's my banner at the end of the post, I have a link there saying "Join the Crypto Empire Community".

Click it ;) see you on the other side.

A great empire. I would like to join

Just follow the link in my signature.

See you on the other side!

Just hearing about this thanks to @undeRGRound but good work on this to all involved! Some great people in there!

Indeed Shippie! Thanks for coming out :D

Your community sounds very interesting and productive.

So I will check it out tomorrow, and see if I fit in or not.

That's a good decision! Hit me up :D

This is the first time I heard about a monarchy on Steemit, a decentralized platform. What a variety of personalities here in the Empire. I hope I can join in the Empire even as a soldier. Upvoted, My Majesty.

(Favourite Empire: The Ottomans :) )

The Ottomans were very fast in growth... too bad their inner disputes made them fall.

You can always join as a citizen, and we'll go from there.

Hey max we need more ladies at the adult swim-there's just a couple of stalkers lurking by hehe
Awesome initiative already there

Hahahah! You think? :P

Was passing by and saw a couple of dudes chatting by themselves ! I left.... lol

LOL! Hey it's not usually like that :p

For a few days, I was following this blog, the soldier of crypto empire make me trust this will grow up by the time. Let's make awesome crypto empire.


I'm happy to be a part of the Empire! The diversity is super fun. ^^ Thanks for letting me be part of this wonderful community.^^

We're glad to have you as well Dawny! Even if you look like the creepy girl from "The Ring"

Hahahah "The Ring" sounds like a close description. Lol

The Ring. LOL

This is an excellent work for you. I wish you more excellence and success. I am honored dear freind @amymya to be a member of your wonderful list. It deserves a lot.

Great post - love the banners! The bootcamp definitely sounds interesting!

Be sure to check it out ;)