30 SBD giveaway: Share your most romantic travel photo to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day!

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

As the tradition of the St. Valentine´s Day is now popular almost all over the world, I decided to prepare a little gift for you today – a special St. Valentine´s Day photo contest for 30 SBD!

Source: Pixabay (Creative Commons)

You can start submitting your most romantic travel photos in the comment section below.

The rules are simple:

1) Submit only YOUR OWN photos. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
2) Only one photo per person.
3) Add a short description of the photo with at least 50 words.

The winners will be voted by the total number (not value!) of upvotes received on their entries.

The absolute winner will get 15 SBD, the runner-up will get 10 SBD and the third-placed contestant will get 5 SBD.

The contest will be closed and the winners will be announced in seven days (on the next Wednesday).

Good luck to all competitors! Have a wonderful St. Valentine´s Day, my fellow Steemians :)

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Hello everyone! I am upvoting my own comment at this time to come on the top of this thread. I would like to say that I am overwhelmed with the amount and the quality of your entries. That is brilliant. All I wanted to say was that I am staying away from upvoting any of the entries and let the users to pick the winner. There are some really amazing images which only shows how far we have gone and what talents Steemit is attracting. I can see many amazing people joining the platform each and every day. Tomas

PS: Some of the entries are missing a minimum 50 word description. Bear in mind that not meeting all the requirements would not make your image to be legable for the contest.

So much love and nice words concentrated in one post! That´s just so nice :) I think this post has totally fulfilled its purpose.
Clearly, this kind of post attracts people from all over Steemit - over 600 views. That´s amazing number! @czechglobalhosts

And guess what? That brilliant idea came from one of the users:)

PS: For those who do not not it was @liltammy:)

By number of votes?

So more of a popularity contest this time around instead of curated?

That's correct..... by the number of votes this time... Tomas

Wow! I just came back to check this thread out. Congrats on the incredible turnout for this contest! It's so wonderful to see. I hope/expect this will inspire some other special contests outside of your already great daily ones.

You are right Matt, I should think out of the box and come up with something fresh once in a while:)....

Well, you have a great hook with special holiday contests. You could do seasonal ones (first day of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) as well as major holidays. From what I see, there's a demand for it!

Wow good and nice post am interested in it,what a lovely and nice post thanks for sharing to us on steemit you can also upvote and follow @horlly

Thanks a lot for this opportunity to celebrate love with that special person @czechglobalhosts

This is I and my boyfriend, Damian last year August.
We took a 2 day trip to a nearby state in my country and it was so much fun.

Though it was a short trip as we had to resume work almost immediately, I look forward to another trip with him this year and perhaps a honeymoon.
I'm hoping he'll finally propose.

We've been together for 3 years now.
As you can see the smiles on our faces, we've been happily in love all along.


so cute..don't forget to invite me to the wedding

Wao this pic is more than cute, please make this love a reality


I sure will.

Looking good

Awwn... yall look good together


u guys look cute together.. Hope to hear good news before 14th February next year 😍😍😍😍😍


Before 14th February next year?
Lol....I hope so too o

Dont worry he will, this is nice...


wow look cute

You get marry each other soon.

We sure will.....


Lovely.... Proof that love still exists in the 21St century

Cute couple..

What's this please? It's looks so much like perfection.

I've often said I think Prague is one of the most romantic cities in the world so it was no surprise I saw this couple watching the sunset together along the river. In my walk around the city, I saw so many couples enjoying the city and each other's company!

Nice photography. I love to visit Prague and Plzen of Czech if I got lucky enough to travel there. The beauty of monuments and buildings greatly attracts me to visit there.

Lovely shot bud!


This photo is taken at our honeymoon travel to Rome. That is my first time to travel far away from my country. Everything is new to me. Speaking of Rome, many people may think about the Colosseum there. We are taking photos in front of it. And I would be love to name this photo "Beauty and the Beast". In fact, my husband looks like the ape man Tarzan.

LOVE is in the air. Happy Valentines STEEMIANS, wish all of you find your Mr(s) Right this year.


Perfect photo for valentines day

Beautiful moment ❤️️

fully support.

Wow so ramtic !

Happy Valentine's Day my love 💚


Here I am with my life partner and adventures @kylestam, in this photo we are in the Mala Mojstrovka is located in Triglav National Park in Slovenia, this mountain is 2332 meters high. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, we went up the Hanz route, accompanied by an expert mountaineer, so they never let us take off our helmets or any protection during the whole trip, I felt very safe on this trip thanks to my husband. Thank you my love, for always being by my side, supporting me in each day. Happy Valentines. I love you 💚

Wowwwwww so sweetttt

nice photo dear

What a nice couple you are.!

Beautiful couple, may God bless you, good luck!

Very sweet couple!

That is one kickass view. Would of loved to be their myself on a magical day like Valentines day. Hope you enjoyed it.

Que hermosos!!! transmiten en esta foto puro Amor!!!

Bellos felicidades

Me and @wanderingdanish

This picture was taken last year when I visited him in Denmark. It’s near Odense train station, we visited my cousin for the weekend. It’s also my first time to be in a cold country. I’m looking forward to visit him again during summer so that I can enjoy more.

Happy Valentines STEEMIANS 😊

Took this picture of my brother and his (now ex-) girlfriend a few years back on Valentines day on the Greek island of Crete. It was the most amazing sunset after a good long hike along the rocky part of the coast west of the city of Chania. Enjoy the tasty orange colors of the middleterranean sea :)

Happy valentine to all lovers.
I spent my day with my [email protected] home and i took some nice photos with him..it was a great day for me....i had fun with him although i had a lot of disagreement with him(which always happen in a relationship), we have settled everything and we both concluded to move on together(it was really a Great day for love)

Beautiful....I wonder what the color of ur kids eyes would be

Wow, that's good @hellenna.it is you that enjoy Val seriously 🤓

Good luck dear

vote for this one!

Wow, you guys looks perfect, I don't know why you went separate before. I wish you good luck now

Wow good pose

Good luck hellena

let me get it straight , you are not together, but together?!!!!!

Cute couple😃😊

Aww!, :-)


Good luck baby.

Valentine Reconciliation.. All the best dear

Think of the perfect place to choose as a romantic getaway and pretty soon Hawaii will come to your mind. The group of islands in the Pacific that has flowers garlands as it's symbol features not only pristine beaches and stunning nature, but also romantic sunsets. So if you are looking for a place to spend next year's Valentine's Day look no further!

Click on image to enlarge

(Edited my coment to update the image to the same image without the huge watermark)

Lovely shot man, really nice colours!

Wow that's an absolutely romantic place to be with your loved ones😍
The place is just fabulous🙂

Thank you! If you like my photo I would be happy about your upvote :)

Let me first wish a happy St. Valentine´s day to you, Tomas, and your followers.
I was thinking what photo I should choose for your contest because I don´t want to publish too private and sentimental photo...
Therefore, I decided to go for this innocent photo of heart full of love. Because what is more romantic than two halves of heart that fit together in one soul on the beach during an amazing sunset? I took this image on an empty black sand beach in Costa Rica last year.
And how about you Tomas? Do you celebrate St. Valentine´s Day or do your prefer the Czech version observed on the first of May?


It kept me wondering what the story behind this message was. I always assumed it was from a man for a specific woman, but would the woman realise it was for her? Maybe there was a bigger romantic purpose behind this. There is no name, so anyone connecting with this message might just call their ex. In the Valentine spirit, this might just have been a message from Valentine himself, trying to sneakily bring old lovers back together! (Photo taken in Silves, Portugal)

So sweet or so sad, depends on how you look at it

Love is in the Air

Was quite cold winter evening and almost same time of the year as now, remember that was few days before Valentines day.
And then noticed a young couple walking around and just making some interest to what i was doing there. I just have asked this couple if the want to pose a bit to make the scene much more interesting. So they did, and did it even pretty well IMHO

Full story is here: https://steemit.com/photofeed/@axeman/killerpix-contest-22-theme-valentine-s-day-entry-2-love-is-in-the-air


we planed to visit begnas tal which lies in pokhara, Nepal . I just encountered the lovely couple having a lovely time. The climate favored me to took a awesome photo. it was a bit sunny in and about to occur rainfall. the image was not actually what you see in the picture I mean color and whether. I used snapseed to edit its color and so all.
the couple are really enjoying a great time lonely there . they seems to share their love to each other. hope their love last for ever .

feel free to visit my post ...
and don't forget to give a feedback because it means a lot to me


Nice one bro deserving Nepali guy I am with you bro @lalu bro

Unbelievable photo. This has got to be one of the top contenders.

if you like it can you please upvote it .
so I may win the contest which means a lot to me

Wow, you've got a nice view @lalu... Wishing u all the best in the contest

thanks mate keep on supporting


We flew to the beautiful island of Ibiza to capture this lovely couple in love. We went to a private cove to watch the sunset, we just left them to enjoy this magical moment as we got photographs around them. It was such a romantic evening!

wow lovely ..happy valentines day <3

Everest in the background From Nepal :) happy valentines day <3

Wow, epic backdrop! Great entry!

Nice one and deserving guy

Optional Text

A group of friends drove to "The Doll House" in Southern Utah... it's an extremely difficult dirt/rock road that requires high clearance 4wd some driving ability, permits and a few days to explore.
These two friends packed some wedding attire and I offered to take a few pictures with the iconic formations in the background.

To me nothing is more "Romantic" than a beautiful scene, two people in love and a life long commitment/marriage. Oh and dark blue... that's a sexy sexy color!!

That's a sweet photo. Love the colours and how you lit them to stand out from the blue sky!

Happy Valentine's Day for all lovers4-1.jpg

Great work, super romantic!

yeah what he said! :)

Awesome contest Tomas, so great to see something like this for Valentines day!


This was one of the first times I'd shot abroad, for an amazing couple who asked us to fly out to Marbella for their Stag/Hen parties. While there we went to some amazing places for images, but for me this one of the two of them in a small village called Rhonda just screams romance! These two could be totally alone, or in a crowded room, and they would act just the same!

happy valentine to everyone.

Am so excited to participate in this contest, thanks to @czechglobalhosts for organizing this.
I spent this valentine with my love because I love her so much and since today is a day set aside for lovers to celebrate their loved once we decide to hang out and have fun together.
We visited lots of fun places and ended the last hour of the day at a musical show organized by my younger brother who is a musician.
This picture was taken at the red card of the invasion show right here in Abuja.

Nice Picture beautiful couple.

I can see some brilliant shots here that look like the epitome of romanticism so rather than competing against them, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you guys all a Happy St. Valentine´s Day :) I took this image in the little French town of St. Tropez during an amazing sunset a few years ago. Watching the silhouettes of the harbor lit by the colors of the sunset with my fiancee was one of the most romantic moments I have experienced on my travels so hopefully, you will like it too :)



This was taken in La Mesa Eco Park in Philippines. My partner came from Thailand to visit me and after that he leaved Thailand and live with me in the Philippines. You will fell inlove with my country and its people! This photos is one of the sweetest treasures I have!

Happy Valentines everyone! ♥

Cheers! 🥂

Home alone, looking at my phone if it will ring, but nothing, no calls no message,
Then my phone rang, it brought out the smile on my face as I walked smilling to pick the call, yes I get to go out on the day of love, only to discover that it was my network provider calling me.

Talk about heart break.
Then my alarm rang bringing me to the reality of exam.
It's getting late already, am young and craved for experience, then he called at exactly 8pm.
Come outside sweetheart, let's go out, he said.


We've known each other for like ever, I felt love everytime am with him, he stood by me even when I have not started developing (wink)

Like Nala and kovu in Lion King animated movie love will find a way

Val was special for me yesterday cos I found love in the eyes of my own big brother

Thanks always.

Happy love life.

See full post 👇 👇

Nice one,dear

Thanks so much

Nice look @jasladin on this love day
Everyday ought to be your val .


😂 lol.
Thanks sweetie

LOVELOCKS on Brooklyn Bridge

60279446548 - love locks brooklyn bridge_2.jpg

These emblems of undying love occupied every available place on Brooklyn Bridge. They were due to be cut off by the City Authorities citing danger to the security of the Bridge. Padlocks are often emblazoned, etched scratched or otherwise marked with lovers names and then the key throw in. One day archaelogists might find thousands of fossilised keys in the mud at the bottom of the old dried up river and wonder why ?
I thought there was something really poignant about the act of locking up and leaving your padlock with all the other lovers. I was with my girlfriend at the time and we didn't have a lovelock. (we didn't know about it at the time). We are now happily married with two lovely children so perhaps our lovelock was in our pocket all the time.

This picture of my good friend Barbara i took at very nice secret view point at Phuket Island. This place is just breath taking for sun sets. Phuket its very busy turist spot, but if you have right guide, you will be amaze. I hope you enjoy guys and have a great day.



When we visited Torrevieja, Spain few months ago, we said "This is the place we want to live forever!" Celebrated it for a moment by our romantic way! And we realized that we were at just the front of an estate agents... We counted this also a sign! Since then we are living in Torrevieja happily!

Happy Valentine to you
This was taken during our honeymoon here in Nigeria. It was at a mall,it was such a beautiful time with my husband. I am looking forward to have a lovely time like this soon IMG_20151225_183442.jpg

Awsome! happy val's day @vik3

wedding in bali.jpg

We attended a friend’s wedding in Bali which took place on top of a mountain. Due to the location of the wedding many guests had difficulties finding the place, some did not make it.
Here the newlyweds were sitting on the stage waiting for the live performance to start and I saw them staring up into the night sky as the stars were starting to grace us with their presence. I felt this was a good shot to take to give them as a reminder of this wonderful night. The beginning of their lives together. Even though we were being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

This image was taken last year, at a dinner we traveled to at my alma mater, from the image you would see a whole lot of expression on her face.. was that day was a memorable day for us. Love in the air.
We were called out to dance, being the well dressed couple of the day.. she was kind of shy seeing herself dancing in public..

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The shadow might be the only cold thing in this picture of me and my beautiful Valentine. As we love to travel, what would be a better way to celebrate love if not walking with synchronized steps in Barcelona! We just met three months ago, but our love should live forever!


My husband @lonnyward is in Kenya this month leading an expedition for @choicehumanitary to help travelers experience the culture of Africa and participate in a sustainable development project in a rural community while they are there. I didn't expect anything for Valentine's Day because he is so far away from where we live in the United States. But he surprised me with a delivery to our home of some chocolate covered strawberries made by a local artisan, and then posted this sweet photo on Facebook with the following caption: "I wish that I could have had my valentine, Erika, with me in Kenya."


Awww, sooo sweet! As much as I would love to have him here with me, I'm so happy to support him as he works hard to help others who wouldn't have hope if it weren't for people like him reaching out to make a difference. Now that's the true giving spirit of Saint Valentine.

<3 <3 Before I met him, I could not even do a handstand on the ground... In three days of falling in love and traveling across as many islands, he taught me how to do a handstand in the sky <3 <3

Being a photographer, my friends are always wanting me to shoot this or that for them, and I usually will do a shoot as a gift (this engagement shoot was my wedding gift to them). I took them to a beautiful park nearby and we started shooting. The height difference was pretty large, but we made it work :) This is one shot of about 82 from that shoot.


Camera: Canon 5DmkII
Lens: 70-200mm @ 200mm
Shutter Speed: 1/125 secconds
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 400

Be sure to check my other photography on My Blog!

this is, the photo where I said love to him in a museum in Banda Aceh city, when we were doing a college tour. in embarrassed shame, when I handed she a flower. this photo I take from facebook. This photo has been long, ie 2014 year ago


Thats very cute :) Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks a lot @hanen happy valentine day to you :)

Usefull and funny post @czechglobalhost

Here is my entry this photo was taken on my trip to the Bahamas with my princess. This day we took a boat tour out to Pig island and then on the way back stopped by this small private island for a swim and a beer break. This small island is the most eastern of all the Bahamas after you pass this island heading East you will not see land again until Africa.


This is my travel during the honeymoon in Hokkaido, Japan in January this year. I live in the south of my country and seldom see the snow in winter, so Hokkaido is my dreaming place to travel.
This photo was taken at Akan Lake where is the most beautiful place I have seen with winter sceneries. Walking on the iced and snowy lake is romantic and the hot spring later is extremely enjoyable.

I am from Venezuela and here in these times the situation is so difficult that going for a walk no matter how close it is is a luxury; this photograph was taken on February 14, 2017, days when our vacation allowed us to share a nice trip to the capital of my country, and among many visits we arrived at the most imposing natural park of that capital Caracas, a mountain that carries by name "El Ávila" and receives its name because some landowners with surnames Avila and adjacent properties were believed to be the owners of the entire area including this mountain, although on several occasions the rulers change the name, culture and history are first and leaves the original ideal firm. To reach the peak, transport is by cable car, it has a route of about one kilometer with incredible landscapes, a single hotel called Humboldt in the name of that great traveler of our world Alejandro Humblodt for his visit to this park in 1977.

Tienes mí voto, también soy Venezolana y sé de lo que hablas es díficil, ojalá ganes y puedas ir a muchos más estados! SUERTE.

gracias amiga @melyrigo suerte para ti igual

Well, I think @vtravels or @axeman are taking this but here's my attempt.


Background: I was in Chicago for the weekend but I only had one night on the town so we went down the the pier that happened to be having a party. I think it was the 100th anniversary of said pier or something. I was taking pictures of random people and saw these two. They looked so happy. After taking it I walked over to show them the picture and the girl turned bright red due to embarrassment. It was kinda amazing.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone.

Romantic First Date.JPG

My husband and I met online and this was the very first time we met each other in person. After writing back and forth for three weeks (yep, that's not a typo), he decided he wanted to marry me and flew 2300 miles to propose! Our first picture together was here, at Multnomah Falls. We married 6 months later and are still going strong 4 years in. <3

Thanks for coming up with this fun contest!


Excursions are one of my favorite activities and more when you do them with the people you love, this was on Margarita Island, Venezuela with my colleagues from the university. Happy Valentine's Day @unataldani I love you, thank you for sharing this incredible moment with me. I hope we have many more trips together.

We travel to amazing waterfall located in Nepal- The Namaste Waterfall. Actually I am having long distance relationship with my girlfriend for 5 year. And it's nearly more than a year that I have not met her. I am finally going to meet her this february 26. And I am so excited to go on a romantic travel again with her. I will be the happiest person that day.

This is a photo of me and my love from last year’s valentine’s day. He took time and effort to visit me here in my hometown, to spend a few weeks with me and get to know some of my friends. We have a shared love for the ocean, it is our go-to place when we want to relax. We had a few beers, built sand castles and talked about future plans. This is us being silly and carefree. We have busy jobs so it’s a great opportunity for us to just relax, and forget the worries from the corporate world.


Haha, what a pleasant surprise. =) Thank you Tomas for coming up with this contest, and Happy Valentine's Day to everybody here!
Here is my entry, clicked in Iceland, when I was hiking near a waterfall. Just when I was trying to shoot an insect in the bush, a couple passed me hand in hand, walking towards the setting sun. I found it no less romantic than kissing or hugging, especially in this beautiful lighting in the wild, so I captured them instead of the insect in my frame. ;)

File Feb 15, 01 30 40.jpeg

2014-04-28 11.10.11.jpg

For our 7 year anniversary, we went back to the park where our ceremony took place. Thought we'd get some pics of us relaxing on the bench, only to see this picture afterwards. Typical of my silly wife! :)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


Today really had to be special, it's the spirit of the moment.
This is my friend joy, there weren't much fun places we could go, so we decided to go see a movie during evening (a romantic one) after much of the days activities and we took a lot of nice pictures...

Happy val... And thanks for the contest
This is my boyfriend and i, we both went of a date and it was fun!

Hi steemians am so happy for this opportunity of me sharing my valentine picture, thank you very much @czechglobalhosts hope and expect more of this. Happy val to you guys

Wish guys end up together


This picture was taken at birnin gwari Niger State, Nigeria when i was going to national youth service corps to serve my father land, we had a stop over this night as we saw several busses parked too based on the fact that we were told heardsmen/robbers robb and kill people at kaduna road so we passangers had to mingle and try to meet each other not even knowing most of us are corpers which made It easier for us, i coordinated guys that were not sleeping with my friendly behaviour and we got to Know each and we became friends since then.

My entry!!! Original image by @mbj...
Me(@mbj) and my girlfriend seating at the school canteen after a visit to the Art gallery located at the Federal University of Uyo, permanent site, Uyo Nigeria. The gallery is well equipped with treasures and beautiful sculptures.. if i had the opportunity to upload more picture, i would have uploaded some of the picture we took in there... it was an awesome moment in our relationship.

Happy Valentine's Day, Steemians! <3


Sometimes you and your loved one can't be physically together to enjoy each other's love and company. Here is a picture of me in Macau holding an old picture of him in Shanghai, so as to 'feel' closer to him haha! :) This rose decoration was at Sofitel Hotel in Macau and I had to snag a pic 'with him' and send it to him alongside my love, miles away!

I know how it feels to be far away from the one you love on Valentine's day. Hope you had a great day anyway!