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RE: 30 SBD giveaway: Share your most romantic travel photo to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day!

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Happy valentine to all lovers.
I spent my day with my [email protected] home and i took some nice photos with was a great day for me....i had fun with him although i had a lot of disagreement with him(which always happen in a relationship), we have settled everything and we both concluded to move on together(it was really a Great day for love)


Beautiful....I wonder what the color of ur kids eyes would be

Wow, that's good is you that enjoy Val seriously 🤓

Good luck dear

vote for this one!

Wow, you guys looks perfect, I don't know why you went separate before. I wish you good luck now

Wow good pose

Good luck hellena

let me get it straight , you are not together, but together?!!!!!

Cute couple😃😊

Aww!, :-)


Good luck baby.

Valentine Reconciliation.. All the best dear

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