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RE: 30 SBD giveaway: Share your most romantic travel photo to celebrate the St. Valentine’s Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day my love 💚


Here I am with my life partner and adventures @kylestam, in this photo we are in the Mala Mojstrovka is located in Triglav National Park in Slovenia, this mountain is 2332 meters high. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, we went up the Hanz route, accompanied by an expert mountaineer, so they never let us take off our helmets or any protection during the whole trip, I felt very safe on this trip thanks to my husband. Thank you my love, for always being by my side, supporting me in each day. Happy Valentines. I love you 💚


Wowwwwww so sweetttt

nice photo dear

What a nice couple you are.!

Beautiful couple, may God bless you, good luck!

Very sweet couple!

That is one kickass view. Would of loved to be their myself on a magical day like Valentines day. Hope you enjoyed it.

Que hermosos!!! transmiten en esta foto puro Amor!!!

Bellos felicidades

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