Photography #18 - Lava roads and waterfalls (Iceland, day 5, part 2)

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Until I go back, this will probably be my last post about my road trip around Iceland (back in February of this year). At the bottom of this post I have linked all the relevant posts from day 1 till now (if you're interested).

It's truly an amazing place and I will definitely be going back at some point. I just don't know when yet (maybe my steemit account might pay for the trip back one day!).

This post is about our last few hours, from the glacier lake at Jokulsarlon to Reykjavik...


A micro storm hits a small village as we drive by

The weather was stormy today, as you can probably tell from my previous Iceland post (see below for links). Intermittent rain showers followed us for the whole morning and only later started to clear. As we left behind the glacier lake, and followed Road 1 heading West, we had the coast to our left and the mountains to our right...

...occasionally we caught a glimpse of part of the enormous glacier that is Vatnajokull...


No, that's not an ice blue lake that you see...

...It's vatnajokull


..and here at another point further along the mountain range, with more rain about to break.

After a while the vistas began to open up to our left, with an enormous flood plain that took a couple of hours to drive past!! This is where the meltwater from the glacier heads out to sea, and all we could see for miles was black ash and water...

To our right, lots of waterfalls...


One of many waterfalls being whipped up by the strong winds


Some of the meltwater from the glacier...

Then we hit the lava fields. These are fantastical landscapes - flat and strewn with huge rocks, and piles of laval forms covered in mosses and lichens and other strange plants...This landscape also stretched for miles...


Amazing mossy heaps...


Like a weird alien landscape...

...or a lush green carpet...


...Stretching for miles...

Nearing the end of our journey, we still had time for two last Icelandic gems...Skogafoss and Seljalandfoss.

Skogafoss is a 60m tall waterfall that produces a fine mist with a rainbow always to be seen when the sun is out. We were lucky to get a break in the weather and a beautiful sunny interlude when we got there and did see a double rainbow. However, arriving here was a bit of a shock...tourists! Hundreds of them! Being relatively close to Reykjavik, it attracts lots of day trippers...a sight we'd grown unaccustomed to over the last couple of days. This was only a minor complaint as the waterfall itself was breathtaking and quickly took your mind away from the crowds.

The challenge here was to get a photo with
the least amount of people I could...


Beautiful views looking South from the top of the viewing platform...

Me, on the edge of the drop...

The obligatory tourist shot at the top with
Sandy...both wrapped up against the cold breeze

A short drive further west along Road 1 brings you to Seljalandfoss, another 60m waterfall, but with a smaller volume of water flowing over it...and fewer tourists too. In summer you can walk behind the falls into a small cave but ice made this too treacherous in winter and this part was cordoned off.


I made a mental note to come back one summer and see this from inside the cave...

Interesting ice formations were all around the falls


This is as close as I could get to the barriers without sliding into the falls

Our last few miles of road were spent in quiet contemplation of the journey we'd taken and the sights we'd seen. A small storm was brewing overhead and, in the distance, sun lit up a church and farm as we drove towards Reykjavik, and our flight home...


Iceland's brooding landscape show's itself again one last time...


...and gives us one final display as if to say farewell...

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wow it was amazing photography I love your post


Thank you friend....enough to upvote maybe...?

Some really very great pics there! Certainly looks a place one would want to return to. Hope steem rewards take you back! lol. But any way, you obviously had a good time. I just perused through your previous posts. You have been sharing some really wonderful experiences. Thanks.


Thank you @mirrors, it was really great in Iceland and i thoroughly recommend it if you get the chance. Glad you liked my posts :)


I liked the. Thanks. I read a great deal about Iceland and its glaciers, and learned some during my Geography lessons in high school. And i agree when you say it is a great place. Certainly one of my destinations if i am ever able to.

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