The Kazi Collective #9 - Upvote At $60! Post Your Articles in #tkc For Your Chance to Get Featured and Upvoted in Tomorrow's Edition!

in tkc •  11 months ago

Hey! Welcome to the 9th edition of The Kazi Collective!

The Kazi Collective - #tkc - was created to help give a boost to your amazing content and get some more traction on your blogs!

UPDATE: We've had yet another day of record-breaking # of entries! Keep up the good work! By request and popular vote, we've upped the winners from 3 per day to now 5 winners per day!

By posting in #tkc, you get a chance to be featured in the next curation post (like this one!). Those who are featured get a 20% upvote from me and @dividendgrowth - at 74k and 45k Steem Power (respectively).

Don't forget to join the Discord to stay up to date on everything #tkc!

Please also check out and support your fellow creators by visiting the posts below and leaving a comment and upvote! Thanks for your participation and support!!

@kittyandcheeseIn #writing

Plot Versus Character: A Balanced Approach to Writing Great Fiction

"I come from a family of people who consider themselves latent writers. Most of us are secretly working on our great novel that will someday reveal that we, of all the family members, are the real writer. The one with the goods. Families are weird...'"

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@heartscallyIn #steemitbloggers

L: Lonely But Inspiring Child

"It kills the joy and gratitude in our hearts. It shatters the dreams and visions in our souls. It overrules the thoughts and judgment in our minds. I am sure that each of us has seen someone that is experiencing loneliness. In fact, sometimes we do feel lonely..."

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@michelleloh168In #family

The Actual Meaning Of Nagging

"Why are you not back yet?" "Have you taken your dinner?" "Can you help me to sweep the floor?" "Why do you always lock yourself in the room?" Sounds familiar? Ever feel frustrated when you heard that from your parents especially after a long tiring day when all you want to do is just lie down on the bed and sleep?...'"

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@annepageIn #story


"I have always been known in our town for having a green thumb. Every plant I touch, every kind there is, grows healthy. I have discovered this ability of mine when I was in my senior year in high school. I remember that one day I was tasked to take care of a certain group of plants in the back garden of our school. After a few days, my classmate told me that the plants strangely grew healthy..."

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@trendoIn #self-improvement

My Morning Routine And Why You Should Have One As Well!

"How late do you go to sleep? How early do you wake up? For most of my life I've been a "night owl" and I thought there's nothing wrong with that. I told myself that everyone goes to sleep late, so why can't I do it as well? But trust me, it's a horrible habit and it's affecting your life in numerous ways..."

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The next TKC post will feature any articles written in the next 24 hours (any posts written after this one) under the #tkc tag. Don't forget to write great content for a chance to get featured in tomorrow's TKC!


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Congratulations to all the winners. There are some talented writers emerging in #tkc tag.


Agreed @mineopoly!! The # of submissions and the quality of those submissions continue to rise rapidly!!! thanks for curating some amazing content for the whole community to enjoy!! I look forward to seeing more of the gems that you find! Keep up the good work!

Million thanks to #tkc team for your continous effort in organising this! Which is to encourage good & creative writing. It's my first time winning steemit "contest", ever since i joined steemit 2 weeks ago 😄. This definitely encourage me to write more! :)


Thank you for sharing your experience and input in your post! I look forward to seeing more amazing content from you in the future! You're doing a great job supporting the Steemit community with good content, and it means a lot to all Steemians!


Yes will surely do. Thanks for supporting us the writers too, irregardless whether we're a newbie or long-time steemians. Have a great day! Bless you! :)

Congratulations again to all amazing writer and posts. We also have amazing curators that work hard to read all our writings ;)

Thanks @khaleelkazi for your continued amazing support! TKC keeps me digging to write meaningful content and I'm enjoying the journey. Great idea!


Thank you for always participating, creating and sharing your amazing content and experiences! Keep up the good work!

Great selection of quality content here! The TKC works ;-)


Thanks for your continued support @cryptotem! It’s greatly appreciated!!!

Okay you know it's my routine to show my support everyday, 100% thank you for showing up with curating #tkc again


I always appreciate you showing your support @josediccus!! It means a lot to me and the whole community!!

Thanks but how we can join discord


Click the discord banner and you'll get to an invite page! Thanks for supporting!


welcome bro n where are you from @khaleelkazi


Im from Chicago, hbu?


Simply go to discord and signup its free @ajmalaftab @khaleelkazi keep it up and help us to grow!!!

Mr.@khaleelkazi I like this post and agreed to join discord but its not logging with me why.I used my steemit account and password also used my Gmail account but its not opening with me why?


You may have to create a new account, try creating a new email and password login, lmk how it goes!

Greetings from Greece!


Greetings from Chicago!

Great post. You have our support brother.

Congratulations to all those selected.
I invite everyone to be part of this great project and continue sending quality content to #TKC team.

Thank you #TKC team for selecting my humble post! So intrigued to know that I won this time. Also, congratulations to all other winners! Love reading your precious posts :)

Okay you know it's my routine to put-on my retain unspecified, 100% thank you for showing occurring once curating #tkc subsequent to anew

Otw upvote

Thats actually so great to boost the young steeemrs , will sure join it on my upcoming posts :))

very informative post.

Congratz to all the winners today. A lot more entries to go through but better and better content each day. Keep it up everyone.

Thanks bro..This information is very useful.

Great work everyone!

Update @blocktrades is in the final stages of delegation fulfillment. I received mine :)

Thanks for picking out my post!! :)

Please looking my blog bro

every day there is more and more contest, there is more and more people like you giving steemians chance to be active members of steemit. keep it up :) upvoted

Amazing amazing contents I wish i have more than 24hours a day to read. 🤣 congratulations!


Haha I have the same wishes! Thanks for your support @iamjadeline!

congratulations to all other winners. Good articles. May be we will win after :)