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Good day darlings...
Sure your night was good???

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My #throwbackthursday post for today is special and unique.

It is a throwback to a #throwbackthursday.

Yeah you heard me right 😁😁😁.



This is a Throwback to exactly two months ago when I made a post about wanting to own a teddy bear. A big teddy bear.


I saw a picture I took sometime in 2014 and it brought back memories. Those memories made me start yearning for a teddy bear, the type that is big and I can easily hug. So I wrote about it.

Guess what darlings???
Two months after, I now have a Teddy bear, A Big Teddy Bear 🐻 🐻 🐻


It came as a birthday gift and I'm glad I have it.
This was how I received it on my bed. I went outside quickly to hang my clothes, only to come back to find this on my bed.

Trust me I was elated with joy 💃💃💃
Don't ask who sent it😋😋😋

*Join other Steemians all over the world(that knows about Steemit) every Thursday and tell us a little about your past. Show some gratitude. Reminisce loudly.*

This is my #throwbackthursday story, I want to see yours too. Take us on a walk through your past....

To participate

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•Add my link to your post so others can participate too.
•Use the #throwbackthursday tag so I can find your post and give my upvote.

### ABOUT LAST WEEK. Last week was the eighth edition and I was really wowed by the stories I saw. Thanks to you all for making this more fun. These are the names of all that participated last week


Freebies will be sent to the first 5 people who observed the rules accordingly.



Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃
Tell us your story.

Remember to Resteem and add the original link to this post in your #throwbackthursday post so that other people can participate. You sure do not want to enjoy this alone.

Everyday of my life, I yearn to make people happy. I want to be the reason someone in another continent smiles. I want to be the reason someone in another country, village, city is able to pay their tuition or that of their child/children.

I hope soon enough the worth of my upvote on people's post will be enough for them to buy a meal. I hope that someday, the worth of my upvote will be enough to fund projects.

I want to make people feel so much love. I am already doing that, I hope that soon enough I will be able to reach more people.

Thank you for participating and Thank you for reading.

I am @gee1, I am the Steem Evangelist.


But wait oo..
You went outside, came back and saw it in your bed. You weren't afraid or like who brought this thing to my room look.

We are in Nigeria oo, if it were me, I would be like I cover this with the blood of Jesus oo..

If it's from my village evil people, FIRE!!!!!! destroy them oo..

See this one fear fear


I know if it were you, you will run and finish all the olive oil on your head..

Nigerians and their mentality

Lmao 😂😂😂..
Is it your Nigeria??

But don't lie oo, is that not we are taught to behave

LOL, sincerely i will do same oh

My dear thank you oo

Hahahahhahahhaahahhaahahhahahhaha.. I think we already know who sent it... It's lovely and girly. Who gave her lashes?😂


Thanks dear

Thank you more for making Steemit lively and fun for us. Here is mine for Today

The owner took it to a beauty saloon to get her teddy looking ravishing 😂😂😂🤣🤣

With that love note attached to it, I already know who sent it. Hahahaha. I am glad you finally got your teddy bear...

I always enjoy it when you get excited. It flows...

Expect mine soon cutie.


Expecting it💃💃💃

Hmmmmm how did you know who sent it???

Ti aba de oju, o ma ri imu. (If you look down a little, you can see your nose). I am observant hahaha

Observer, well done sir

I don't like bragging...

Exactly my question oo😂😂

Sweet teddy you have there and an awesome idea this throwbackthursday is. Got me thinking about wonderful memories. I certainly could not resist participating. Here is my post. I sure would participate next week.

I want teddy bear too 😭😭😭

Soon baby soon



Don’t laugh at me now 😭

Hahaha it was a reflex act. Don't worry, it's coming soon. You see, i am not laughing again.


Look at her oo..

Go to the market and buy your own oooo..

@gee1 i don't know why i am like this oh,

Don't ask who sent it😋😋😋

Who sent it? LOL

Your teddy bear is looking cool. Thanks for sharing.

The teddy bear is a female, it has lashes and even eye shadows on it. Nice one.

Here is my entry

The lashes eh
Very very cute teddy

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