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Hello again, my friends!!

The Contest Has Now Ended

12/25/2019 - 1:15am

We are approaching the coming holidays; ThanksGiving, Christmas, or whatever tradition you might take part in. I have been away dealing with my Multiple Sclerosis flare-ups and started thinking about something, to not only make me be more thoughtful but all of you as well!

So I had an idea!!

So many of you, have been amazing at sharing the things that make you thoughtful... participating in, and supporting my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, I thought I might just create a contest... Yes! A CONTEST!!

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Ok... not that kind of contest. Here are my thoughts:

From today, November 25th, until Christmas December 25th, I'd like to see some of your Best Seasonal Thoughts!!

What's one of your most thoughtful moments throughout this month time period?

That time when "grandma got run over by a reindeer?" (kidding), or that most memorable gift? Let me see those thoughtful memories!


Yes... I said prizes!

First Place: 5 STEEM

Second Place: 4 STEEM

Third Place: 3 STEEM


I will also give the three winning participants 1 SBI Unit each!!


Only ONE post per entrant!! You have a month, to create a post about your "Best Seasonal Thought"!! Create a post, and drop the link below!! You don't have to upvote, but I would appreciate a re-steem... This contest is open to anyone... Please use the #bestseasonalthoughts tag, and the #thoughtfuldailypost tag in your post!

Photo by Nhia Moua on Unsplash

When December 25th rolls around, I will do my best to look at all entries, and get the results as quick as possible!

I look forward to seeing your Best Seasonal Thoughts!!

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Fantastic idea! I hope there will be much participation!


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Thank you! I have never done a contest... but I felt it would help to spread some positive energy... I think it is much needed! Thank you for the visit, and the SHADE!!!

Nice! 😀. Hope you get some good entrants!

Saw your post on PYPT #pypt thanks for sharing!




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Thank you for your reply... look forward to seeing what others might have to share... appreciate the @trendtoken, beer, and deranged as well...

Preferably without the banshee face ;)

Well @wesphilbin, I couldn't see this post before. I've seen it today thanks to @jackmiller ReSteem. :)

And same as @traciyork, I posted an article 15hrs ago that may well qualify for the kind of content you are looking for in this holidays season. It doesn't include the #bestseasonalthoughts or the #thoughtfuldailypost tags. Obviously, since I didn't know about your initiative and contest previously.

However, I suspect you'll enjoy reading it big time.

Hence, if anything, just to make you be more thoughtful and to fuel even more your positive energy throughout these days of slow & scarce engagement within the steem blockchain, here's the link to please your expectations.

In the meantime and given that this contest still rolls until December 25th. Maybe later I could perpetrate a new one which fulfill better all the rules of this great initiative. :)



That's the positive reaction of attending the #pypt with @ShadowsPub!

@jackmiller is a great guy, and I am glad you were able to see my post. I look forward to perhaps seeing your addition to my #bestseasonalthoughts


Hahaha, I have the hunch you got me there with that 'fortuitous' typo. LoL

That's the positive reaction of attending the #pypt with @ShadowsPub!

Yeah! once upon a time when I used to participate live on Discord pypt events long time ago. These days, since I've had to move to a new geographical zone with a very poor or basically non existent Internet access services. My capability to watch videos online or even be able to signin in Discord, lately has become pretty hard and/or very expensive. Because the only way to get internet access over here is through my mobile phone Data Plan whose current costs are frankly prohibitive.

@jackmiller is a great guy, and I am glad you were able to see my post.

Yep, I agree. he certainly is a solidary great guy. It's not the first time I've been able to know a good bunch of outstanding steemians through his recommendations and ReSteems. ;)

I look forward to perhaps seeing your addition to my #bestseasonalthoughts

Yes mate, you can count I will. I usually publish a couple of Christmas related posts every year. If you feel like it, you can have a peek to this post from 2017 and this other of the last year.


Okay, now for a proper reply... 😊

What serendipitous timing to see your post in my feed! I actually got up out of bed last night to quickly type out the bare bones of a post for Thanksgiving, and it occurred to me that since it was (as always) on a Thursday, so the #ThoughtfulThursday #tToughtfulDailyPost and #ThrowbackThursday tags were on my mind.

Not sure if this particular post will work for an entry, but if it doesn't, I will definitely plan to put one together that will!

Sorry to hear you're dealing with a flare, dear man. The drastic weather/temperature changes here in New Hampshire have done a number on my ET and Fibro, so I completely appreciate the opportunity to focus on positive things this holiday season.

Bright blessings to you and yours!


To be quite honest, the inspiration for my #thoughtfuldailypost movement was inspired by #thoughtfulthursday... and of course some inspiration from @brittandjosie. I thought to myself, why just be thoughtful on Thursday? Why not... every day! It seemed like something that needed to be put out there... ya know?

Not sure if this particular post will work for an entry, but if it doesn't, I will definitely plan to put one together that will!

Well, at least you commented! I'd love to see one of your wonderful post links dropped in the comments... but I appreciate your reply, and friendship regardless. Thank you so much for your support and kindness...

Love and light...


I just trow the ball you make the goal, it’s a great thing

Lots and lots of love & light back to you and yours, @wesphilbin! ❤️

Forgot to pop over here yesterday with my link, but I now have my entry up...

sending steem hug, red heart.gif


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This is really cool! I will be entering !


Why thank you! It was nice to meet you at the @steemterminal... I look forward to seeing your #bestseasonalthoughts!

What a fantastic idea! I'm looking forward to seeing with you the positive vibes people share!


Oh yes! I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciated choosing my #thoughtfuldailypost tag... and like we have said... can't have too much positive!

I may give this a go seeing how it's seeking to hear about good memories, lol.


Hello, my friend! Good to see you! Yes... good memories... times that made us thoughtful... you know; sometimes good memories don't always start "good"... life isn't something out of a Hallmark Series... right? But... how we chose to handle the bad... turn it into positive... that's what real #thoughtfuldailypost's are about. And in turn... #bestseasonalthoughts :)

Haha, I thought I had made this comment, but I couldn't remember the post that I made it in! Thanks for picking it up for this post! :) If it's an acceptable entry, here's the link to my post that I wrote for the PHC contest:


Thank you for your reply and submission, my friend!

What a fantastic idea!

I look forward to checking out the upcoming posts!

Missed the last #PYPT Show but am curating from @shadowspub's TokenBB Forum Feed

Great stuff Wes. You are a very great example to us all!


Appreciate your visit, and continued support... not only on the blockchain but also for the @steemterminal, @heyhaveyamet, and the @steem-aide initiatives... Thank you for the kind words brother...


Noted! And thank you for popping in and joining my contest!!

!giphy contest

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pleasure hon and I really hope more people join in! It is such a super idea!

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Thank you for the new badge... and for the upvote! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Fantastic! Thanks for a good contest!


Thank you!! You know I never thought about actually doing a contest... but I thought; I have a "little" more to offer than I did when I first started. Why not try to "give back"? If anything, it gets people thinking about positive memories... and we need positive... don't we?

Fantastic idea! Resteemed 😊😊😊

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Thank you very much, my friend! I appreciate your friendship and support!!

@wesphilbin, and I thank you for being one of the reasons why I like being in @steemterminal ^_^

How cool, that this brainwave of yours is getting so great that it’s even a contest now Wow congrats
Offcourse we have a lot of things to be thankful for so I will definitely enter thank you


I only have what I have, so far, because of the positive inspiration by everyone on the blockchain... whether it be @steemterminal, or @phc, even @steemusa, @innerblocks, or @steembasicincome; all of the wonderful and positive people, will rub off on you! Get your "Positive" vibes going!

Haha you forgot James and me in heyhaveyamet

Oh no... never forget you and @jamerussell... he is such a positive force... helping to introduce new Steemians via the #hhym initiative... you also have a part in this!

I was kidding sweet friend , happy thanksgiving

I know :) but you are both just as much part of it all... and @jamerussell for his tireless work on the @heyhaveyamet initiative... but I know you were teasing !!

What a super idea @wesphilbin!!! Wont you please drop me a DM with a link when you have a moment so I can put it in our special mentions channel! I am certain plenty of PHC members would love to join in!


I thank you for your wonderful reply, and for letting my content be featured at @phc! I look forward to a BUNCH of positive energy flowing around on the blockchain!!

My pleasure hon! It is a wonderful way to get into positive festive season spirit! xxx Hope we have lots of PHC members who enter! I will drop it a few times over the month as a reminder :)

Dear @wesphilbin it is my Best Seasonal Thought post for your challenging Best Seasonal Thought contest! hope you will like thanks for this great contest

This is unfocused and not really a contest entry, but I want you to know you inspired me to write this, even though I was so busy working my way through a personal insult, I failed to keep the focus on a THOUGHTFUL holiday happening. For me, some days, just being able to rise above ridicule and be civil and cordial is my own personal "best," my one accomplishment. (Most days, I do aim higher than that!)

Thank you my friend... for your entry... and I hope that this "insult" was short-lived. Let me take a look... I shall respond soon...

Hi. I love this contest. It's a wonder to share Christmas feelings.

Okay, so @wesphilbin here is my Best Seasonal Thought post for your challenging Best Seasonal Thought contest!
And this is a cool contest, stretched out a little over time, but cool idea, maybe you can get another kind going soon: thanks for doing this!

Back in a moment with a proper reply, but first before I forget...

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