The Centre Stage Scout's Chambers - Week 02 (11th - 15th December 2017)

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A new week starts today and Week 01 winners would be announced.

Exactly eight days ago, we made a post imploring our dear steemit users to help reward good article on steemit. That was in a bid to help reward high-quality content creators, who most of the time missed getting their posts curated.

The aim was to get a good post nominated, and the selected one will get a 25 SBD gift, while the first scout to nominate the author gets a 5 SBD gift.

For more information on how this works please check here.

The following posts were nominated:

  1. @pangoli nominated this post: by @nairadaddy

  2. @blackpaul nominated this post: by @mercyice

  3. @onyemacourage nominated
    i. by @vwovwe
    ii. by @samstickks.

  4. @ifioklee nominated
    i. by @samstickkz
    ii. by @blackpaul

It appears as if there is a shortage of good posts to be found as the number nominated were not as much as we anticipated.

We have gone through the nominated posts and had finally picked last week's winner, and the winner is @samstickkz. Congratulations @samstickkz, we have forwarded your 25 SBD to you.

The scout to first nominate this post by the author is @ifioklee, and he had won the 5 SBD gift. Congratulations @ifioklee.

Proof of payment


You could confirm by checking @thecentrestage account

Do you agree with the selection? Do you think you could do better? Show us!

We are now asking for Week 02 (11th - 15th December 2017) nomination which starts with posts made after this announcement. Please read this post to familiarise yourself with the rules. Terms and conditions of the contest are outlined there.

@onequality thanks alot for the amazing work you are doing.

I norminate @samiwhyte for
this and @evelyniroh for this

Thanks for nominating me
It shows that there are people out there not just upvoting but also reading my post
I'm honored.

You are welcome sir

Wow i'm glad i found this will love to nominate @phunke for this post

Congratulations @samstickkz, you have always put in efforts to ensure your posts are saddled with quality content, it no surprise that your effort is been rewarded.
I look forward to seeing much more quality and informative content from you.
Thanks also to @onequality for the idea of the @thecentrestage, it would really help dig out quality authors from the Nigerian community.
Keep steeming

That guy @samstickkz deserves it... Congrats sir

Thanks you for nominating me @ifioklee

I also nominate this post by @vwovwe

Nice work guys. Keep up the good work

I nominate this post by @vwovwe

I nominate this post by @vwovwe

Oh this is awesome... rewarding good authors.

Thank you @onequality this will encourage authors to do more. I don't know who's behind this project, but whoever is behind this,big thanks.

Thank you @ifioklee for nominating me, thank you @onequality

The entire community is behind this project! You are behind this project! The success and usefulness of the project depends on everyone. Thanks for the commendation :)


I want to nominate @royalrose for this post

I nominate @emem for this her post on politics


This post by @onyemacourage

I nominate this post by @vwovwe

Hello @onequality, I nominate @nairadaddy for his post about bruises on the way to success

Also, I nominate @jamesub for his awesome introductory post

I nominate @mercyice for this awesome post

I nominate this post by @zhyorna and this post by @samstickkz

I want to nominate @somez for this post

I am also nominating @ekom for this post

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