Make introduceyourself Great Again || Pusing Deh Banyak Yang Nakal

Good morning 🌄🌅

Let's talk about introduceyourself page, shall we.

I make it as a good habit to greet new comers who are using the hashtag of introduceyourself. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Before, I tried making friends through this hashtag, then I just do it to make them feel welcomed.

Daily I would greet at least 5 to 10 accounts, especially the ones typed in English and/or in Indonesian, as I would understand what they are saying without using Google translator 😁

There are tons of usage-abuse on the hashtag though, especially from those who'd like free upvotes from the welcoming wagons/bots. It's rather annoying to scroll down a lot to be able to find genuine new comers some days, due to the abuse.


Not to mention these days quite a few of these abusers ended up on trending page, crazy, giving false idea to those who are thinking to join Steemit.

Then there's the multiple accounts like I noticed today. Different users, all using pictures from the net (yeah I do check when a post rings the alarm, call it nosy if you want, I call it sharing my 100% down vote though), and would have the exact same bad/cute (whichever) spelling of "hellow" 🙄 Posted just by seconds one to another. Geez dude, better efforts, will you 🤔

And don't get me started on the plagiarist. Reposting someone else's introduction face to the palm, or is it palm to the face? Whatever. Face palm!


Anyone else likes welcoming new comers and get frustrated to see what's going on there?

Not to mention all the automated welcoming messages, those are overwhelming as well, IMHO

Telling people to join this channel and that channel on discord, or not giving a single tiny upvote to the new comers but to their own 'welcome' message (and HIGH upvote I may as well add!), that's just...I'm lost at words 😅

Any suggestions to make this hashtag good again, friends?

VOTE me as your witness at On the provided box, type thekitchenfairy and click VOTE


Find me on Discord, being friendly on #teamcanada, #teamaustralia, #thealliance, #vegansofsteemit, and helping new comers on #indonesia

Haiyah, pagi2 dah buang2 100% upvote ke akun2 nakalan 🤨

Hai teman, lagi Tarawihan yak?😉

Ya udah HP-nya dimatiin dong, nengok Steemitnya ntar aja wkwkwkw 🤣

Lagian ini postingan omelan, orang yang sedang frustrasi 😅

Kalian kadang nengok ga halaman #introduceyourself? Setiap harinya aku usahakan untuk memberi sambutan ke 5-10 pendatang baru, agar mereka merasa tersambut dan betah di Steemit.

Awalnya sih, nih hashtag maksudnya bagus, tapiiiii wadaow, banyak yang asal pakai nih hashtag, ntah bego, pura2 bego, serakah, dan hantam kromo😅

Kasihan buat yang pada bener2 mau gabung, bener2 mau berusaha, bener2 masih butuh belajar. Pasti bingung kok ada yang pakai foto palsu, asal comot di Google, kok ada yang bisa bikin ratusan $ sedangkan punya dia cuman 0, kok ada yang posting tulisan orang, kok pada sudah ranking tinggi, kok disuruh gabung ini itu, dll. Kasihan kan? PUSIIIIIING 🤣


Setiap hari aku kudu scroll down banyak akun untuk menemukan akun yang benar2 baru, karena yah itu dia, banyak akun nakalan.

Kadang voting power-ku jadi turun banyak karena aku terpaksa memberi downvote ke akun2 nakalan, dan pada saat nemu akun yang beneran bagus dan asli, aku sudah ga ada voting power yang bisa diberikan. Kasihan sekali mereka yang masih baru, ga kecipratan sedikit rejeki. Alamak🤨

Bagaimana yah solusinya agar orang lama dan orang baru tidak nakalan, sehingga orang yang benar2 baik tidak jadi putus asa? Kalian ada masukkan ga kira2?

Oke deh segitu dulu yak. Jangan bergadang, ntar ga bangun sahur 🤣

Met berpuasa!

Bagi yang mau unggah foto makanan/minuman sahur dan takjilmu, gunakan tag #ramadan-tkf. Dengan senang hati akan aku kunjungi blog-mu dan akan aku upvote tentunya 😊. Siapapun boleh ikutan, baik kamu berpuasa ataupun hanya ingin memeriahkan Steemit nuansa Ramadan 🙏Resteem yah, biar teman lainnya kecipratan rejeki sedikit upvote-an dariku ❤

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Aktif membantu pendatang baru di channel #indonesia di MSP PAL Discord

Thanks For Looking!

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If you leave ANY link on my blog, I WILL flag you down. This is to avoid phishing and shits


Might be time some people started flagging them...or made a bot to do so...

Maybe there is a bot or two doing so already? Not sure

I couldn't agree more... I curate the intro tag for MSP and it is always a challenge to find real original posts that are not fake! Thanks for shining a light on this issue!

So with that said...

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What an awesome project you guys are doing👍

Isn't there a bot that says something to you if you use that tag more than a couple of times? Someone told me about it but I wasn't paying attention to that at the time. I think steemcleaners or some other people should do something about the abuse of that tag and as for the people who do not try, I don't know, we can try educating them. There are some groups that do that but you can help a person who does not want to be helped :)

Yes there was, i havent seen them lately

I do educate them. I would leave comment explaining. Some are repeat offenders, then my 100% downvote would appear

I totally agree with you. I'm not really sure what to do other than down woting the plagiarism and spammers.

Its draining our VP tho, when we can use it for upvoting good ones instead 🤨

buat list saja yang udah masuk katagori nakal mbak @thekitchenfairy , syukur-syukur bulan puasa kali saja mereka nanti insaf ya mbak. salam ceria dari fujia.

Lah bule2 ga puasa eh 🤣

It's definitely frustrating when that tag or any other tag is abused. I spend most of my time on steemit scrolling through junk posts or plagiarized content trying to find legit posts. I hate that.

Yeah, this is a proble for sure. All the reminders and warnings are brushed off by abusers.

-Thats okay you can kill one of my accounts, I still have 1000 more- 😔

Iya sih, sulit membedakan mana yg fake akun dan mana yg asli. Entahlah, mungkin kedepan steemit pnya filter untuk filterasasi fake akun atau bukan

Daily I would greet at least 5 to 10 accounts, especially the ones typed in English and/or in Indonesian, as I would understand what they are saying without using Google translator

You know @thekitchenfairy I was doing this the first few months when I first joined. But been so busy with Commenting/Curtaing my 100+ Manuel curation trail and posting to my blog..I completely forgot about this.

Thanks for reminding me and YES I remember getting very impatient seeing Steemians who decided to reintroduce themselves multiple times after being here awhile :(

My pleasure!

Yes,too many abusers 😐

ha! Thekitchenfairy lost for words! never that I'd see THAT day.hehhehe. Hey can I borrow your introduceme blog so I can get me some free votes?
thanks, I didn't know this was going on. someone should do something about it. waiting for my vote to recharge

Sadly, that's pretty much exactly why I stopped greeting. Or looking through the tags for potential new followees for that matter -_-


I try to visit the #introduceyourself tag at least once or twice a week with the same intention as you: meeting new members and giving them a warm welcome. However, you do raise an important flag there, those accounts that abuse! How frustrating eh?! Same thing with Followers that just follow you for a while and never read your posts or comment and just follow you to get an upvote from you....then when they see you don't, they unfollow you! Definitely some work to be done there. Perhaps the Steemit team should work on some guidelines to make Steemit a better place, where good intentions prevail! In the meantime, well, I guess we should just keep hunting and supporting authenticity in the #introduceyourself tag

Free upvotes? Oh, Count me in!

Kidding! Good evening to you!

Aunt Tippy, where abouts are you? I keep thinking you were in the USA and would have the same hour as I in Canada or more or less our time zone cant be too far 😁

Biasanya yang kepengen instan yang kaya begono jenk,hihihi..
Okeeeh besok ikutan posting takjil ah meskipun nggak puasa.

Aku sukanya mie instan lohhh.. dobel.. pake telorrr :D

Kalo ini mah juaraa kak,hahaha

Aku pun dobel mas, wis melar usus soale 😂😂😂😂

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