@thekitchenfairy - A New Witness Announcement || Aku Sebagai Witness

Happy Weekend Friends!

As some of you may already know, I have become a witness recently and my server has been up for a couple of days. Yiippeee 💃💃💃💃

Steem has fascinated me from the beginning and I have made some truly amazing connections and friends! Steem is here for the long term. I always promote it to friends, family and strangers - locally and globally. Me and my husband reach out a variety of people with different backgrounds - not only in English but also in Indonesian and Hungarian. I always wanted to do more for the steem family. Eventually I made up my mind to contribute with being a witness.


I invested in two servers and infrastructure. I asked my husband to help me with some of the details. My husband used to work for Hewlett-Packard for many years with enterprise level servers and hardware. He knows these systems well and he also works with multiple operating systems including OpenVMS, Tru64 Unix, Linux, etc. Running Ubuntu for the OS was an easy choice. Currently each server has 18 CPU cores (Xeon CPUs with 24MB L3 RAM), 256GB RAM, Dual port 10k Hot-plug SAS drives setup in Raid 5+1 with live spares standing by. They also have 4 hot plug power supplies each if you were wondering about redundancy.

I haven't receive my first block yet, which some of you asked why do I appear to be inactive. Should you check @drakos's site, https://steemian.info/witnesses, it says on the top that I would appear active once I get my first block (and thank you @juicyshark for also sharing the info on that!) - but this doesn't mean that my server isn't up. As a matter of fact my commitment is to run a high availability, redundant witness node. To be able to get the first block, I have to climb the (high) ladder first.

So this is where you lovelies are very much welcome to beam me up there, by voting me as your witness at https://steemit.com/~witnesses

On the empty box, type my username thekitchenfairy and click vote.


Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I would like to thank you for your support in advance 🙌

Hai teman!

Bagi yang belum dengar, aku baru-baru ini menjadi seorang witness, orang yang bekerja di belakang layar Steemit, agar segala sesuatunya bisa berjalan dengan lancar.

Saat ini aku punya 2 server serta infrastruktur yang lengkap. Untuk melihat specs apa saja yang aku pakai, lihat diatas yak.

Jika berkenan kiranya teman sudi memberikan dukungan server-ku dengan memberi vote dengan cara mengeklik halaman berikut ini


Di halaman tersebut, cari kolom seperti foto berikut ini, tinggal ketikkan nama userku thekitchenfairy, kemudian klik VOTE


Jadi deh 😊

Terimakasih !!!

Thanks For Looking!

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If you leave ANY link on my blog, I WILL flag you down. This is to avoid phishing and shits


There could have been a glitch when you voted in, Ceci, it didn't stick. Might have to revote, I guess 😁

I'll try again...

Voted. I worked for HP as well in the Netherlands 1997-2005!

Hey thanks!

I don't think it stuck when you voted in, it's not showing on my end. Might have to vote in again 😊

Soon you need add 1 to your list.....by evening you get mine...just waiting lappy to up and ready😉

I got it, thanks 😊

That's awesome, you've definitely got my vote :)

a Fairy witness yeaay
Best of luck to get to the rank that you deserve my friend ;)

Mantafff...lanjut sis!
Saya sudah memilih anda beberapa hari yang lalu
Sukses ya sis!!!

You know you already have my vote 💗🤗💗
I think it's so Awsome that you doing this. Good luck my friend!

You know you got my vote honey, and so happy that you finally made it official and made a post about it ;)

Thanks for the support, pretty lady ❤️

That is an impressive spec server you are running, grabbing that first block should be pretty straight forward with all that power behind you. You certainly have my vote, and I hope many more people will get behind you and help get you to climb that Witness ladder!


Thanks 🙌🙌🙌🙌

You have our vote! We are very, very excited to see another Lady Witness join the ranks. We're rooting for you!

Congratulations and good luck my Dear 🌸💖🌸

Many thanks Lena ❤️❤️

Selamat ya kak semoga bisa bekerja semaksimal mungkin. Kami selalu mendukungmu.

My deepest congrats for so huge achievement @thekitchenfairy

You already have my vote and count with me for whatever is in my hands to help you!!

P.D.: Darling, my son's name will be Andretti (in case you've not found it in my post) =D =D =D

P.D. # 2: You owe me a delicious muffin recipe!! LOL


Wow, this is so exciting! Congratulations on this move, pretty lady (what goes around, comes around =D)! Good luck on your endeavors!

Cook with Us will be supporting you as well!

Many thanks 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Done.. semoga cepat terapprove..

So glad you posted this! I was going to vote and life got busy - on my way now before my mind goes blank again lol

Yes I have lots of Steemit Witness slots to fill... I have chosen only a few so far who have consistently supported my artwork here on Steemit with upvotes of my posts. Thanks.

Congrats! Looks like you've been made active on the list! How has your experience been running a server? Is it at home? I ask because I was thinking of doing the same thing, but wasn't sure how effective the server would be if on a home - albeit fast - connection.

Your server is a real powerhouse. Mine would have to be a couple of years older to save on start up costs. Have you noticed any lag with your system? I noticed you missed a few blocks.

Thanks! I read through them. Congrats on getting your first block. What is your internet connection like at home? I'm running 400mbs down and 20mbs up. Is your connection similar?

You just got my vote for witness.

May you and yours be well and love life today.

Namaste, JaiChai

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