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Hello friends,

Hope your Monday was off to a good start! We enjoyed a nice sunny week, last week, but this week is blah, snow is coming again. I was so happy already, forgetting May Long (we have a long weekend sometime in May) is still far ahead, in May it would still be snowing where I live, in fact, when we are that lucky, snow would still greet us in June 😱 The joy of living upper north Canada, I guess. Beautiful up here, but winter can be too long. I don't really want to complain, because when summer is bad for us, the whole town and neighboring towns are in evacuation mode! (- evil fire bush) So, 🤷

As I was done doing motherly duty and maid chores, I started curating and the first blog I saw was my #thealliance friend, @felobtc, and for sure I regretted that! 😂✌️

He tagged me in yet another challenge, which was initiated by @snowpea.

Another fun challenge, yes. I have been reading what others posted on this challenge. Maybe I secretly hoping I was tagged? No, no, nope. Contest and challenges are my frienemies (friends and enemies 😂). I'd get too hook on them, spend too much of my time thinking what to do, to type, and whatnot 😂

This challenge is called Love It/Shove It


The rules are simple!

• List five things that you love
• List five things that you really dislike
• Use the tag #loveitshoveit
• Tag five people to participate, but anyone can join in


Love It

  • Entertainment - songs, movies, games, books, whatever entertains me, even playing with my sons' fidget spinners 😂
  • Throwing Parties - be it birthday party, Halloween party, family party, baby shower, or just because. I love decorating the house, dressing up, having awesome table party etc
  • Baking and Cooking - obviously. I love eating, that's why.
  • Traveling - I think I am more loving the travel itself, like being on the plane, sleeping on the car during road trip, and get to throw myself to the comfy hotel bed, at the end of those long travels.
  • My little family - which doesn't need explanation, I guess 😂


Shove It

  • Reading, watching, listening to news - we live in a shitty world. Wish I could just skip to celebrity gossips, but I wanna know what's going on out there.
  • Rapist, serial killers, pedophile, and the like - do I need to explain this?
  • Keyboard warrior - facepalm to these kind of people 🤦
  • Sickness and death - why can't we just grow old and that's it. No suffering just passing. Imagine those newborns with cancer, those elderly with no family, etc. Just sad.
  • Officials - those who work at government offices, airports, even security at grocery stores. Majority aren't people friendly. Making the time we have to spend with them so awkward and just blah 😂

Now am tagging @ekavieka @jznsamuel @cooknbake @elizacheng @patriciadian ✌️

Hai teman! Semoga hari Senin kalian bagus2 saja yak. Disini masih terus turun salju, lama2 bete juga 😂 Susah mau keluar rumah euy.

Ikutan main yu, daripada bingung mau ngeblog apa hari ini 😂

Ini ada challenge judulnya Love It/Shove it. Awalnya bermula dari teman Steemit-ku, si @snowpea. Aku sih kena tunjuk oleh temanku yang lain, @felobtc. Iseeeng deh main tunjuk2 😂

Aturannya mudah kok:

  • sebutkan 5 hal yg kamu suka
  • sebutkan 5 hal yg kamu benci
  • jangan lupa kasih tag #loveitshoveit
  • tag 5 teman lainnya

Untuk daftar ku, nih dibawah 👇


Aku Suka

  • Segala jenis hiburan, dari musik, film, buku, mainan
  • Pesta - gila pesta 😂 suka banget ngadain kumpul2 dirumah, soalnya seru
  • Masak2 - dasar mak2 ga ada kerjaan yak 😂
  • Jalan2 - senengnya tuh duduk di pesawat dan di mobil, terus ngedekem di hotel, adem 😂
  • Anak2 dan suami tercintah


Aku Benci

  • Baca/denger berita - banyak perang, banyak kematian, dll, bikin urut dada
  • Pemerkosa, pembunuh berdarah dingin, pedofil dan sejenisnya
  • Penyakit dan kematian
  • Orang2 sok berani, hebat, DLL, dibelakang layar 😂 - andai kita bisa loncat keluar layar telfon dan komputer, seru kali yah 😂
  • Petugas galak di kantor pemerintahan, bandara, bank, DLL - kumis semakin tebal, semakin sangar 😂😂😂😂

Ayo giliran @patriciadian dan @ekavieka ikutan main

Thanks For Looking!

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Surprised Surprised! Really lucky to have @ginabot! Got notified that I am being challenged to this Love It/Shove It Challenge... Oohh... Challenges are my frienemies too! LOL... And come to think of challenges, I still have one backlog being challenged by @mariannewest... OK, I will have to put on my thinking cap (uhm.. I don't think I have one...) but anyway, I will make one and get the challenges submitted.
Thanks for the challenge @thekitchenfairy! tip! 💕💖 💓 💗

hahaha - I have Gina on my side too. Don't worry. challenges are always optional if they come from me lol

I will try my best to do all the challenges I am being tagged. But then sometimes I do miss a few. I didn't miss those purposely. Most of the time it's because of my Dory's memory. 😅

hahaha - same here - and because the days just fly by.....

I don't have Gina, usually I found out I was tagged, just as I was curating and saw my name on the blog 😂

You are amazing... Before I found Gina... I missed a lot of tags... I never know who tag me and where was I being tagged. I really really really love @ginabot.

yeah bad people doing bad stuff sucks

Waow kena tunjuk juga nih, okee tunggu giliranku ya,hahaha

Done, misi sudah terlaksana,wkwkkw

Hat's off to @snowpea - half of Steemit is doing this right now...and I should be doing my own post but comments come first! Very impressed with your post though, totally agree with all your loves and all your shoves - spot on all round.

My phone was going off rapid fire all day with these awesome posts @c0ff33a! Last love it/shove it post was about 5 hours ago though... maybe it's dying down already?? I hope not, getting to know everyone this way has been so much fun!! :D

Thanks for the mention and kind words as well! 😊

Thanks master of coffee beans ! Always happy reading your comments!

Thank you @thekitchenfairy. Yeah , we have a serial killer/bomber down here right up the road from me in Austin.

I cannot stand them either. Those and child murderers are the only reason I think the Death penalty should be implemented.

In other news, yes, I also love my "little family" as well :)

Yeah, scary world we live in ☹️

😂😂😂😂😂 should have posted this to the grammar nazi the other day, boss

That one was hilarious

Grammar =/= spelling


@thekitchenfairy This is an absolutely lovely post!! Love your graphics and the simple explanation about you love/shove. I thought you were gonna put in shove section that you disliked being tagged hehehehe.

I also agree with you about rapist, serial killers and the rest of shitty people who harm people just because. And that's why I also stopped watching TV news 'cause they are full of news about them and screw your day!!

Great post!!

Aaah should have added it to the shive it indeed 😂 but nah, it's not as important as what I listed above, so all is good 😁

Love your Bitmjoi's! And great to learn more about you :)

Hey! Thanks for stopping by fellow #thealliance ❤️

It’s nice to know a little bit more about you! Thanks for sharing :)

I'm pretty boring, but thanks for reading 😂

It is 😂

Did anyone tag you yet? Do it, even if you aren't tagged 😂

Dang I shouldn’t have commented lol
No I haven’t been tagged but I maybwell give serious though to doing it

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I am with you on most everything you said - only, I used to love to cook and to bake - no more....

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