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I don't use GinaBOT, I don't have esteem, any apps and/or bots that would tell me when I am tagged, mentioned, ppl followed me and whatnot, but I do read and curate friends and strangers, and thank goodness for that, because if no one said nothing to me (such as @mariannewest leaving a comment about me being tagged on her posting), I won't know when I am tagged and/or mentioned 😂 I am sooooo basic (read: boring) 😂

While reading @saffisarra and @snowpea latest blogs, I saw my name was tagged for #behindthecurtain, so now I have been tagged for the same challenge by 3 different ladies. I guess I better do it then? 😂

Behind The Curtain challenge was initiated by @freedomtowrite, the original posting can be seen here.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Take a picture of yourself working on Steemit, or what you see while you work on Steemit.
  • Tag 5 Steemians in your post.
  • Use #behindthecurtain as one of the tag

Here we go!

I joined Steemit August 2017, still summer, so most of the time I came online while I was in the backyard, often inside my humble green house, door wide opened so I wouldn't choke to death in there 😂 I'd grab our lawn chair and just relaaaax inside the green house, and I'd type.


Other times I'd come online while on the kids' bouncy castle with gorgeous sky as my view, but tons of headache afterwards from trying to type while the kids jumping around 😵


I use my phone as I don't have PC and my laptop died a couple of years back, so I hop from one spot to another, wherever convinient 😂

When I needed to hide from my littles so that I could post something without much disturbances, I went to my basement library. I have this rocking chair that my husband got me on my 2nd pregnancy, and I love it so much. In a way or two, this is my lucky chair at the beginning of my Steemit journey, whenever I produced blogs while sitting on this chair, my rewards were around $60-$90 😂 (those days are gone though, supposedly @curie and @blocktrades only show up when you are a noob on Steemit 😂).


At this library I have tons of brand new, vintage, never used baking pans that I hung here and there as decorations. Should one of them fell and knock my head, am sure brilliant ideas will swarm out of my head to blog about 😂


After awhile, I realized it's much easier for me to advance-blogging, which is typing when everyone's gone to bed, and that means, typing in the dark while I'm on the bed, so here is my nowadays working spot 😂


Can you see anything? Yes? No? Good then 😂✌️✌️😂


Now show me where you work your Steemit magic from @cecicastor, @inthenow, @howtostartablog, @ryivhnn, and @norwegianviking (sorry, I know you're busy for the wedding!) 😉

Thanks For Looking!

This @bearone's banner, makes my blog looks better 😉

Looky, looky, what @enginewitty made me, isn't it a cutie 😊


What a GREAt behind the curtain you did and LOVE the photo of you blogging in your jammies snuggled up to your hubby late at night :D

Thank you for sharing part of yourself with this post. I love your smile and now when you ask if I'm still awake I will always smile too from just thinking of that happy photo of you!

Nice x-ray glasses Snook! 😂😂😂😂😂


what fun!! Liking this very much - hope to see more of your posts!! xo

Hi there @thekitchenfairy! It's so good to meet you! Your post had me smiling the whole time...and when I got to the end, I laughed outloud and had to show the hubs, @freedompoint! You have a bright, beautiful smile, thank you for sharing...and I'm following now!

Nice to meet you! What a fun challenge this was 😂

Thanks for tagging me. I would really love to do this challenge but I have no camera (yet). One is winging its way to me from the most generous @debralee. So I am going to beg off until the camera arrives and then watch out!

No rush! 😊

Aah @debralee is awesome for sure 👍

Ha ha that last good night blacked out one was a nice touch doll, great post :)

😂😂😂😂 I know I'm silly. Thanks boss!

we need more posts like this here on steemit


Thanks mate 😊

Welcome to Steemit. I think you will like it. There are plenty of people who love talking about cryptocurrencies, but lots of other interests too. Have fun

Ya ampun lopezdacruz, segala orang yg pake #introduceyourself Kamu Komentar, Rajin bener 👍 tapi Sayang, Amat Sangat kopi paste selalu 🤔

You cracked me up with your last picture!!! Dark. lol
I really admire all of you who work from your phone!! I just don't seem to be able to format anything right :(
Thank you for sharing your space with us!
And I am sure you are going to have all kinds of recipes coming out of you if one of those pans fall on your head 😄

😂 thanks for tagging me, this was fun 😂

Ceritanya seru Mbak.. Perpustakaan bikin gagal fokus.. suka dengan buku2.. 😁😁

Itu buku, buku resep semua, bener2 bikin susah fokus, lapar Aja adanya 😂

Wah itu dia.. jadi keinget buku2 resep punya Ibu dirumah.. Dulu kalo nemu di tabloid ato majalah, langsung di kliping :D

Well. it seems like you already been here a little while, but I will welcome you anyway. I look forward to more of your posts. Thank you for letting us into your life and I enjoyed the pictures of you and your family.

Many thanks, nice to meet you 😊

This is a great behind the curtain post 😉 so glad you did it and fun to learn a little more about you sweetie 🤗 I also use only my phone so I know what you mean. And that chair looks really comfortable 😊 I could sit there for sure.
Have a wonderful Sunday and thank you for doing this, great reading. Cheers 🤗💕💕

Again, am a slow replyer 😂😂😂😂 it's Tuesday and only now I'm going around my comments and replying to them 😂

Thanks pretty lady ❤️

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