10 Facts & 1 Lie of thekitchenfairy

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Oh man, not another challenge 😅

I am trying to stay away from challenges and competitions, they are just too many to keep up, and I'd feel guilty when I don't do it or flood everyone's feed with more than 5 postings shoud I join in the (tons of) fun 😅

I don't know who started this challenge but I got tagged by @topkpop I've been having a fun time reading blogs related to this challenge. They are all super hard to guess, but at least I get to know more of the people I follow. Fascinating bunch of people for sure.

What one needs to do is state 10 facts and 1 lie.


My list is super plain, I bet everyone can guess correctly. Don't believe me? Give it a try 😂

10 Facts & 1 Lie

  • I was an athlete, competing nationals, and high jump was my specialty. I have a medal to proof it. Was I really, or am I just wishing Winter Olympic wasnt over already


  • I once worked for 911 and had to assist the police officer for a suspected abuse case by a household nanny. Did I really, or was this an episode from a TV series on Netflix


  • I've been a fan of a British band called Radiohead for ages. I sent stalker snail mails and I ended up mentioned in one of their newsletters, scored!. Could this be a hoax or I really AM a nutty fan?


  • I was competing in a national speech competition, stuttered, and lost. I wasn't nervous nor forgetful, I was in pain. Something was scratching inside my ear, it was really hurting. Later on a wood insect came out. Did it really happen, or was this from YouTube?


  • I grew up liking Guns N' Roses, so I went to their concert in 1994 and saw Izzy Stradlin threw his baret to the audience. Was I lucky enough to catch it or it never happened?


  • I entered a poetry competition and came out 3rd. The organizer said she really liked my poem but they had to choose winner 1 & 2 from the club members (the sponsor). I told her I was a member and showed her my card. Was I robbed or did I make this up?


  • I stayed up all night long until dawn to watch a bunch episodes of a TV-series even though my thesis dissertation was at 7.15 AM that morning. Impossible, or was I really that crazy?


  • A kangaroo jumped into our house and didn't really wanna leave. So she became a companion and was named Nancy. Was I only wishing I had a kangaroo pet or did Nancy really live in the house?


  • I attended an event totally soaking wet from hair to toes as it rained cats and dogs, not knowing I was gonna be called to the stage as a recipient of an award, and I was wearing white top. Was this from one my nightmares or it happened for real?


  • A friend and I were cruising the town on a motorbike, she had sunglasses on and for that, we had to bribe a police officer in public, in broad daylight to avoid a court date. Did it happen or it's a bullcrap


  • My nick name is silly curly because I permed my straight hair and it turned up crazy. Am I for real or Hannah Montana inspired me?


I hate to tag people for this challenge because it took me half day just to come up with what I wanted to list 😱 But I have to be a good sport, right? So am tagging these awesome people, as I'd like to know more about you, sorry guys ✌️😂✌️

Thanks For Looking!

This @bearone's banner, makes my blog looks better 😉

Looky, looky, what @enginewitty made me, isn't it a cutie 😊


My guess is nr 9 the award completly wet.... Lol
Awsome post my friend and had fun reading your facts. Have no idea what the lie is... Lol
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🤗💕💕

Oh come on, you chose that one since that award is nekkid, right? 😂😂😂😂

OMG some of these are so funny. And your illustrations are great! You put a lot of work into this. So... um... oh I hate guessing these things. Okay, I'm wondering about Nancy the kangaroo. I can totally see this happening, but I'm gonna guess that one anyway. Would love to hear the story if it's true!

Use bitmoji, it's awesome 😂

I was so happy when I could find all the moji I needed for this posting

I really like this challenge, thanks for the nomination, I'll have to come up with something. Sounds like quite the life indeed, lots of cool memories. I feel like I need to go with the Kangaroo one as well, maybe is it a normal thing in Australia, but here in Canada it just sounds crazy.

Will be waiting for yours!

Is it really? 😂😂😂😂

Hey, some people have deers and moose in their backyard...and bears digging up the trash bins, we could pet them maybe 😂

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