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Thriving On Quality!

Fam For a Reason!

The blood lust was taking over, I almost couldn't stand it anymore. Torn between Wolf and Pire, there was no winning. Each had their own agenda but the same ultimate goal - to feed the beast within. The beast that drives the hunt. The beast that is always wanting. The beast always wins. This beast, needed to find things that were just FAMtastic!

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One thing @enginewitty mentioned with his initial witness announcement, was he wanted to see Steemit used in classrooms as a tool to encourage participation on the chain and to incentivise learning. You have to read what @alvinauh has started doing. Heavy props for this buddy, this is how we go mainstream - the article should be worth $50,000 on payout!
@ancapbarbie is leaving Steemit. Why? Because of shit like this. A person can only take so much drama and unfortunately, Barbie has had enough. We will surely miss your comical posts and colorful attitudes. Maybe some day, when the shift of power is in play, she will return. We'll be here with open arms.

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How many of you are addicted to the STEEM blockchain? @artemisnorth presents us with a twelve step program of unwritten rules we should adhere to. Anyone that found themselves itching yesterday and almost lost, needs to read this as it really has many comical truths I enjoyed. Well done Artemis.
@saffisara, Sara, Sara, Sara. First day off and you start causing trouble? HA HA HA! This was a jubilant post filled with some creative thoughts and light-hearted graphics. With the recent withdrawals everyone had from lack of a chain, this should give you something else to smile about. Good one Sass!

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One thing I am loving seeing lately is so many of our allies are STILL here after a year! Happy Steemit Birthday to you @fiftysixnorth. I really like this post because I remember much of them and appreciate that he went back for a walk on memory lane with us. You remember the Hanging Gardens? Loved those ones :D
Maybe you're having a bad day, week, or even month. If that's the case, I suggest you read what @enchantedspirit wrote. Putting yourself back together can be difficult at times, and the undertones of motivation in this article speak so loudly - you will hear it. Great work hun, this was one of my favorite reads this past week and I hope this literary bridge over troubled waters reaches the ones that need it most.

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@nainaztengra is one of the most dedicated people on this blockchain. She has been in the family for quite some time, even before the syndicates and has ushered in several high quality members. She goes over a personal six month review of her time here and reflects on changes she has made in her life. She also goes over the goals she had set. See if she tagged you! Well done Nainaz, I'll be doing one soon :)
People sometimes wonder where your Steemit ID came from. You know, the story behind the creation of a unique username. Well, one of our newest family members breaks it down about the story of how they came up with their name. You will enjoy the history behind @themonkeyzuelans' 'tail' and like many of us, they have learned a few lessons along the way. Thanks for sharing you two!

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You never know what kind of story is going to come out of the #freewrite community or what the @freewritehouse will pull from your pen - or keyboard. The Painted Angel, that @simgirl popped off this weekend, was one of those stop and read again stories. Drama, comedy, stiff-lip, it was just a wonderful story that will make you review your own actions.
A new character has been introduced in Snook's new fantasy tale, Skari's Story. I highly recommend reading this series she has started and go enjoy the creativity she has to offer. She is usually so consumed with keeping smiles on everyone's faces, that her writing often tends to get overlooked. Lovin' it so far Snookie :P

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It appears as though @moeknows has picked his poetic epee back up and is writing again. Great to see his renewed passion as this was one of the first things I ever read by his hand. Windows, one of his newest is an uplifting experience of love's fleeting presence. Good one Moe, really am glad to see these again! And, I'm probably not the only one. :)
Those that haven't read @ameliabartlett's recent experience, please do. I'm just going to put the title - I Was Assaulted by a Mentally Ill Homeless Man on My Way to Brunch.

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Thanks For Reading!

I do hope that everyone has time to stop in and check these out. I obviously really liked them and thought they were 'FAMtastic' LOL! I know for a fact, there are tons more out there and I encourage you to drop the link of one you enjoyed in the comments!! We're all so wonderfully gifted in the family, it's hard not to just spend a whole day on one or two of our blogs alone! Have a stellar and productive week my peoples. STeeM oN all you lovely STeeMPeePS and don't forget to BE YOU!

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Yes it didn't take long for me to get in trouble did it? 😅 LOL first day...
Thank you for the mention and I'm glad it made you smile, best reward.
Many posts I've read but some I haven't so I thank you for highlighting those amazing people here and I will go read their posts and show love 🤗 so sorry to hear about @ancapbarbie so gonna miss her 💕
Times like this you wish for a magic wahn so all crap around us just vanished 🌹
But then I think about #thealliance and realize that we do have magic right here. The love and support from each other ❤️


Would love to have a magic wand :P

Thank you so much for featuring my recent post. I am so sorry to read about @ancapbarbie. I truly hope she is able to take a deep breath, rise above all this -- and stay with us. I will miss her a lot if she goes. @ancapbarbie, please consider if collectively we can provide you with enough value and love to get past this sad episode.

One of my hardest life lessons has been this: Don't give yourself away to people who do not value you.

This incident has involved one person -- but there are plenty of honorable souls here, lots of whom love you and value your spirit. Just take note. (And don't do that again!! [smile])

I hope this literary bridge over troubled waters reaches the ones that need it most.

I hope so, too. In a moment of serious irony it appears one of my most valued friends on Steemit may need it soon. Perhaps not, but we're all holding our breath. I wrote it for one of his projects just a day or two before the crisis hit. Life works in mysterious ways.

Thank you, Witty-Engine Man -- for everything. <3


No prob sweets, thank you too.

Thank you!!! for everything and yes, Barbie....take a breath but not for long and come back!

So many good posts here! Thanks for highlighting these amazing family members so I can visit them and share the love. :)


What I do! LOL try to anyway :P

got to about 6 of these! :) thank you for doing this! @ancapbarbie -I'm so sorry you've had to go through this. I hope you can come back - i agree with @enchantedspirit and @saffisara.

but we understand that you need to do what's right for you. <3


Everyone has their path to follow.


I know it very well. as you know :(


thankyou meep


Where are you meep


Super posts from super fam 👍


You know it!

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A wonderful compilation! Thanks for sharing!

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reading, reading,reading lol

Really sad to hear about @ancapbarbie's troubles here, and I hope its not a permanent departure for her. This platform is poorer for her absence.

It is always lovely to see how our family is doing and what we are all creating. Thank you for bringing these to our attention 💚


Hope you get a kick out of some of them😎

Another awesome selection of posts, despite the ups and downs of the last few weeks it is reassuring the content quality didn’t dip - and really it’s been impressive the interaction kept up as well.

#thealliance #witness


Many ups and downs for sure wow.

What a wonderful review!! Thanks so much for adding my weekend freewrite!


Have a safe one yourself hun!

Yes, I am a confirmed Steem addict, can't stay away haha!


You and me both!!

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