100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 84 - Community Curators for July 2020

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Thank to everyone who applied to become a Community Curator for July.

There were some great candidates that made the selection of the new Curators difficult.

Now we have been through all the applications and chosen the seven Curators.

The Community Curators for July

As before there are seven Community Curators accounts available this coming month - two with 500K SP and five with 200K SP.

The seven Community Curators for July 1st to July 31st...

After reading the details below, please would each of the selected Curators confirm their acceptance of the role and the guidelines in a comment by midnight UTC on Monday, June 29th. The new curators should also include a contact Discord, Telegram or email address.

Any Curators that haven’t confirmed by then will be replaced by another Curator.

If you know any of the Curators in the list do let them know that they have been selected.

Usage of the Community Curator Accounts

The aims of the Community Curator Project are…

  • To reward and encourage the creation of ‘good content’. The definition of good content will be left to the Community Curators to determine in the context of the type of posts and the community/ies in which they are curating.
  • To encourage participation and engagement on Steem. Community Curators are free to vote on and reply to worthwhile comments on posts.

  • To encourage newcomers to Steem with upvotes and helpful comments.

  • To help build any Communities where they are curating.

Each Community Curator account will be given to an individual user, or if the application has been made on behalf of a Community or an App, to a nominated ‘Account Manager’.

For Communities and Apps that Account Manager will be responsible for the usage of the account. They must inform Steemit Inc if they decide to share the keys with any other curators within their community or app.


To ensure ‘best use’ of the Community Curator accounts we will be requesting that users follow a number of strict guidelines…

  • The accounts must not be used for downvoting.

  • The accounts should only be used for upvoting.

  • The accounts should not be used for making posts, only for making curation comments.

We are looking for curators to vote for as wide a range of accounts as possible, rewarding quality and original posts.

Preference can be given to posts that are #steemexclusive, but that is not a requirement for upvoting.

  • All votes on posts should be accompanied by a comment that includes the line “This post has been rewarded by [NAME OF THE COMMUNITY CURATOR] with support from the Steem Community Curation Project.

Monitoring and Rewards

The usage of the Curator accounts will be monitored closely and anyone found misusing them will have their access withdrawn.

As a reward for their curation work Community Curators are encouraged, but not obliged, to vote on one of their own posts each day.

If there is more than one person in the Community Curator team these daily ‘reward votes’ should be rotated through the members of the team, but should not exceed one vote per day.

Community Curators may also post weekly reports on their curation activities, although these are not obligatory. These weekly posts will be rewarded with a Steemit vote, but not necessarily at 100%.

If the Curators chose to make a weekly report the format will be left to them to decide although they might include a statement of their curation goals and an assessment of how well they have met those goals in the preceding week.

They might also include some curation statistics and some examples of the best posts that have been curated.

The Community Curator Project - Big Changes in August

We are happy to confirm that even though the 100 Days of Steem project will be ending on July 11th, the Community Curators will be continuing.

However there will be some significant changes to how the Community Curators operate from August onwards.

Full details of the changes, and how to apply for the next round, will be posted at the beginning of July.


As mentioned a few days back we are currently reviewing the STEEM POD Project.

The review is still ongoing for another week or two.

In the meantime we are delighted that new members @alexmove (Ukraine), @rishabh99946 (India) and @yohan2on (Uganda) have now joined the POD project and received their initial delegations.

In recognition of the work they have been doing the delegations for @oppongk and @knitrias have now been increased to 3000 SP.

@team-mexico appears to have stopped posting about a week ago. Does anyone know what has happened to them?

We are still looking to bring in more people into the STEEM POD.

Therefore we would like to invite @beautychicks to make an application post if she would be interested in joining the STEEM POD to help continue to develop Steem Africa.

Likewise we invite @vict0r to make an application to join the STEEM POD, as he has expressed an interest in working with @alexmove on developing the presence of Steem in Ukraine.

The new Music For Steem weekly music contest has got off to a flying start thanks to the excellent work of @steemingcurators and the rest of the team.

We have made @musicforsteem an honorary member of the STEEM POD and have sent a delegation of 5000 SP to help the project in its early stages.

As ever choosing the Community Curators for the new month presents some difficult choices.

While there will be disappointment for some we hope those that have been successful for July will enjoy their month as Community Curators.

As mentioned above we have some exciting changes planned for the Community Curators Project.

We are looking forward to sharing those with you in a couple of weeks.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

SPUD4STEEM coming soon

SPUD4STEEM organizer @kiwiscanfly has posted a reminder about the next Steem Power Up Day coming up on July 1st.

There is now over 10K SP worth of prizes available for the best SPUD’ers through donations from sponsors @xpilar, @reflektor, @bippe, @hingsten, @kiwi-crypto, @ciska, @kiwiscanfly, @steem-supporter, @stephenkendal and @steemcurator01...

@randulakoralage from Sri Lanka has also made a post to promote next week’s SPUD4STEEM event...

Comunidad Latina

Community Curator @acostaeladio has posted a comprehensive introduction post about the Comunidad Latina that looks to work with and promote Steemians across all Latin American countries...

Steem Ranks in Top 15 of Galaxy Score

@jrcornel has spotted that STEEM is ranked in the top 15 cryptocurrencies in LunarCRUSH’s Galaxy Score ..

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.



As you will have noticed the comments are getting a bit 'crowded' on the 100 Days of Steem posts.

This makes it difficult for us to deal with all the comments, and particularly to spot those comments most relevant to the daily post.

Please therefore do not post links to your latest Diary Game posts - we find them through the #thediarygame tag (make sure you include that spelt correctly as one your first five tags).

Only drop links to diary posts if we have not voted on them by Day 5, or if it is your first post.

Please also do not include links or screenshots to Twitter or other social media - they should be in comments on the diary post itself.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thanks for your reminder.

Entendido asi será es como el celular cuando se abarrota de tantos mensajes o noticificaciones que colapsa el mismo que me ha pasado y beo borrar muchas cosas. Ahora que ya entendi tratare de ser menos bulto je je

@steemitblog @steemcurator01
Amazing news! I am very glad that you have approved my application and I agree to work with full responsibility as a community curator in July.
I am committed to attracting as many new members to the community as possible!
Thank you very much for your trust and approval of my application.
My congratulations to all curators!
Growing together!

Поздравления @vipnata
Это отличные новости!
Добро пожаловать в июле в качестве куратора.

@mariita52, Thank you very much for your kind words to me!

@vipnata congratulations! 🎉

Grazie mille, tesoro @cryptokannon

That's great.

What will be the best way to contact you to transfer the key? Email, Discord, Telegram?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

@steemcurator01, thank you so much for
message. Telegram and email.
My nikname in Telegram @felicita11,
Email: [email protected]

Great, thank you.

Thank you for you

Please accept my congratulations!
That's great!

@alexmove, thank you so much and my congratulations to you!

Алекс, мои поздравления!🎇

Поздравляю, я уверен это правильное решение :)

Спасибо большое за поздравления. И я рада, что и ты согласился быть куратором.

Felicitaciones amiga bella @vipnata éxitos en todo lo que emprendas. Saludos desde Venezuela

Thank you so much my dear friend @mariela53! Good luck to you!

Gracias amiga. Saludos

Great news and you will do well! Congrats babe

Thank you so much for your support, @steemingcurators

@vipnata, мои поздравления!🎇

thank you so much

awesome thanks

my discord is steem_supporter#9214

and you can also join my server https://discord.gg/psHEdsK

Thank you. We will contact you about transferring the key at the end of the month.

The Steemit Team

Congratulations @steem-supporter. You and your team have been busy developing and helping Steem since coming here. Thank YOU & RESPECT

Congratulations to become community curator! STEEM ON!

Hey guys @vipnata and @steem-supporter congratulations for being selected as community curators for July!

It would be great to see dedicated users like @beautychicks in the steem POD team.

Greetings from India!

Thank you very much, my friend @rishabh99946. My congratulations to you!

Likewise we invite @vict0r to make an application to join the STEEM POD, as he has expressed an interest in working with @alexmove on developing the presence of Steem in Ukraine.

  • yes i agree:)

what i need to do?

Hello @vict0r you need to make an application in order to join the STEEM POD team check out this post from @steemitblog it has all the detailed information hope this helps.


Yes, @vict0r, that's right, we develop the community of STEEMIT in Ukraine!

Hello @alexmove
I think it would be good an explanation for Victor in his language of how to make a request for STEEM POD

Hi @steemcurator01 sorry to bother your team, please give some appreciation to this post when you have a chance as we requested the tutorial for newusers coming into steemit and for those not familiar to discord apps yet https://steemit.com/hive-172186/@girolamomarotta/how-to-use-discord-part-1
Thank you.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice @cryptokannon. @girolamomarotta has produced a very useful guide.

We will be featuring it in our post today.

The Steemit Team

Thank your for your attention and swift response from your team 😊

As a member of The Steem GreetersI am very honored and happy to participate in the curatorship of Julio. I gladly accept that role, thanks for the trust, Team Steemit , @steemiblog and @steemcurator01 will certainly do a great job as the great team the community deserves.

I am pleased to welcome and congratulate the new Julio curators. The Steem Greeters , @steemingcurators @acostaeladio , @roadofrich, @steem-supporter, @stef1, @vipnata I am also happy that new members @alexmove (Ukraine), @ rishabh99946 (India) and @ yohan2on (Uganda) have joined the POD project. Welcome!

I congratulate you on the recognition received @oppongk and @knitrias and on the increase of your delegations to 3000 SP. Welcome @musicforsteem as an honorary member of the STEEM POD and your delegation received. Thank you all for the incredible work and contribution to making Steemit the best platform for the best experience. Steemit is for dreaming and dreams come true. Happy and long life.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity for another round of Steemit Community Curator! We gladly accept! STEEM ON

HEY @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- day - 84 hindi translation

Beneficiaries of the post includes charities (@littledisciples & @thegreens) & Post promoters (@alokkumar121,@rajan1995 & @amit1995 )

Keep supporting the translation as one upvote is doing so many great things

Congratulation to selected Community Curators for July 🎉🤩

Thank you very much @steemitblog, Steemit Team and @steemcurator01 for making my journey successful and also increasing my delegation to 3000SP. I hope with this SP, I would be able to curate more quality content Concerning Ghana and around. I thank you so much for this support.

You are doing great work. We are looking forward to see Steem grow in Ghana.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thanks for your support.

Hello @oppongk
Great job, well deserved support. Happy and long life!

Congratulations to the seven community curators for July;
The seven Community Curators for July 1st to July 31st...

500K SP - The Steem Greeters

500K SP - @steemingcurators

200K SP - @acostaeladio

200K SP - @roadofrich

200K SP - @steem-supporter
200K SP - @stef1
200K SP - @vipnata

This Diary post is 6 days old. Thanks @steemcurator01

Halo @muftii
Senang mengatakan halo "Tolong jangan posting tautan ke posting Jurnal Game terbaru Anda; kami menemukannya melalui tag #thediarygame (pastikan Anda memasukkannya dengan benar sebagai salah satu dari lima tag pertama Anda).
Hanya memposting tautan ke posting "Diary" jika kami belum memberikan suara dalam waktu 5 hari "(komentar pertama pada posting ini)
Hello @
Glad to say hi "Please don't post a link to your latest The Diary Game; we found it via the #thediarygame tag (make sure you entered it correctly as one of your first five tags).
Only post a link to the "Diary" post if we haven't voted in 5 days "(first comment on this post)

Hi @mariita52
Postingan saya sudah berumur 6 hari yang lalu, artinya sudah lewat 5 hari.


Maaf @muftii
Jangan amati tanggal. Terima kasih dan tetap aman.

Thank you for the opportunity for helping GROW steem with the delegated account to GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE!
Everyday for the last month I had the pleasure of interacting with new steemers, long time die hard steemers and communities. We were able to WELCOME many new members to our own personal CANNA CURATE community as well as new users to the platform.
I feel that this has helped bring people together in a great and positive manner.
This is a HIGHLY appreciated project that has been inspirational to many. The future of steem is looking better all the time.
Thank You @steemitblog Steemit Team and the great people involved with GROWING STEEM!

Thank You from all of us at GREEN HOUSE RADIO ONLINE!

Good day dear! Thanks for a very interesting game, this is my first post in this game: https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@svetozarnaya/100-days-of-steem-the-diary-game-june-26-2020

Thank you taking part in the Diary Game, but please see the first comment about not posting your dairy links unless they have reached day 5 and not been voted on.

Thank you

Thank you for continuing to support the gaming community :)
The INVEN Gaming community continues to grow.

Dear steemit,this is entry my diary game on JUN 26.Thanks!


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Felicitaciones a todos los nuevos colaboradores en especial porque es con quen mas he tenido contacto en esta plataforma @acostaeladio y @steemitcurator que también apoya nuestro trabajo.

Hey @p3d1 maybe you should check the pinned first comment from the @steemitblog please don't post your diary links into comment section unless they are 5 days old and have not been curated. @steemcurator01 is now finding diary posts through the #thediarygame hope for your understanding
Greetings from India!


Please see the first comment about not posting your dairy links unless they have reached day 5 and not been voted on.

Thank you

I congratulate all the new curators for the month of July. I wish them all a great journey. And yes, I would love to join the Steem POD. I will make my application soon. Thanks for the support you gave Steem Africa. We are delighted for the opportunity. Work continues.😀

#steem 💙 On ! ♨♨♨

Greetings, I congratulate the work of the existing curators, and wish the new members success.

I am Venezuelan and I would like to receive the opportunity from the community curator team. I have the will to do the best possible work of attention and support to the users that show quality in their contents.

May the success of Steemit continue.

Hello Steemitblog team, here is the entry to my Jun 26 diary game, thank you.

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Hi @vickyli maybe you didn't see the polite request from the steemit team at the comment section as you are accessing this post through your apps wherein, they requested that you don't need to comment your post link here anymore as they will find your post through the #thediarygame tag 😊

Thank you very much for considering and approving my application, this support will help us to continue consolidating our Latin American community.
Congratulations to the other Community Curators, I wish you success.

Excelente noticia amigo.


Wow! This is excellent news for @acostaeladio! I know what his work has been for the community. He is a person who is always willing to help everyone and support whatever is needed! He deserves a mention!

Sorry for the absence, there are some personal and health problems that arose with my grandparents and now with mom, my time was focused on them. I was unable to do the curation reports as they are time consuming but we continue to support the posts, the curators are active and we are giving votes to the people who are part of the healing path. I am doing my best, I hope you can understand and my apologies.
Congratulations to all those selected for the month of July. Nice job.
Take care of yourself and stay strong of health. 😊

Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, @stef1 account confirm the acceptance of the role and the guidelines and thank you for awarding us the curator role.

Also because we are using @steemcurator08 since June and build up now an Artist community and our logo for Visual Art curation we would like to remain @steemcurator08.

Our Congratulation to all the Curators for July!

Thank you for the trust.

Also using the moment, I would like to ask if you would like to support a new @artventure Contest for best Photogrpahy for the topic "Summer. We have sponsoring ourselves and have @xpilar and @steem-agora on board:


Hi steemit team @steemcurator01☕️☕️

This is my diary link entry on June 26, thank you💗
The Diary Game6月26日周五阴有大雨https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1593180789143-s

Hello @atyh i hope you are good but you should check out the pinned comment by @steemitblog please don't post your diary links here unless they have reached 5 days duration without being curated.

Thanks for the heads up brother, I didn’t pay attention to their updates today as I get used to post the link under their post by their previous instruction, maybe they have so many participants now that make them change the instruction, thanks anyway

Yeah that's right thank you for your understanding :) have a good time
Greetings from India!

Thank you so much for the award :D! We will make good use of the delegation and thanks for the opportunities! STEEM

Hi, friends and community! My fifth day of life https://steemit.com/the100daysofsteem/@aivaryamal/day-5-the-diary-game-26-06-2020, please read and support)

Dear steemit,
THe following link is my dairy game on Jun 26, 2020. Thanks!
Best regard,

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

thank you to @steemcurator01 @steemitblog which is full of inspiration in advancing the world of steem

Hi friends, I really like this report that you have done..!
And here is my post today (This is me) in The Diary Game: https://steemit.com/hive-185836/@tocho2/the-diary-game-the-100-days-of-steem-this-is-me-by-tocho2-26-06-20

It all sounds very interesting and encouraging, a few days ago I applied for the pod project, I would like to know if I must republish the application to be eligible. We are a very active and responsible project and we would like to be part of all this movement and help on the platform.

Greetings here I leave my entry on the 25-06-20.

Day 2 : https://steemit.com/hive-148441/@francyrios75/my-diary-game-dia-2-25-06-20

Thank you

Hi, it's my 3th post in the diary game. Today I sheltered a small dog.

Hello steemit community, I am very happy to come back strongly to this great community . I am one of the people who introduced steemit in Uganda and ready to call up all the people who believe in this great product in Uganda. Hope I will supported in this.