Application for the Community Curators: INVEN Gaming community

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The INVEN Gaming community was selected as a community curator in May and June and has been a curator at Steemit for two months.
The initial start was less than 10 members, but now it has grown to more than 430 community members.
Most of the game postings being made at Steemit are registered with the INVEN Gaming community and this was our first goal. Two months later, I believe that the INVEN Gaming community has become STEEM's leading gaming community.Our INVEN Gaming team supports English, Korean, Turkish and Italian languages.So we can communicate with national community members.
Our team plans to support more languages as the project continues.

[ROR Universe Team]

The ROR team listed the ROR token on the Hoo Exchange in June in collaboration with the Hoo Exchange. And ROR tokens are rewarded to RORGAME players through the Hoo Exchange.
The Road of Rich game will have a main feature update coming soon and will be available for full service in 2020. It is very positive that ROR Universe game players are increasing.
The Road of Rich game has been developed for the main function, and a roadmap will be announced soon.
Our team's goal is to serve the Road of Rich game quickly.

[Plan for new subscribers]

I was planning to create a community fund in June, but I couldn't create a community fund because there were objections that might seem abusive.
Therefore, the ROR team will collaborate with several communities to secure new subscribers.
The ROR team supported 100K SP through the Curation Trail and supports the INVEN Gaming community.
If our team collaborates with other communities through the Curation Trail, I believe that more users will definitely use the INVEN Gaming community.

[Community history]

When applying for a curator in June, there were 240 members of the INVEN Gaming community. Now, about 434 users, which has increased by about 200, participated in the INVEN Gaming community.
In particular, most Korean and English postings are made, and the ROR team's RORGAME and Road of Rich game reviews are increasing.
You can also see various blockchain game postings including Splinterlands and Drugwars games, as well as various game reviews.

Our team is applying for a Steemit curator in July to further develop.
The INVEN Gaming community can develop further and collaborate with multiple communities.
The INVEN Gaming community supports all postings for games.
We've been a curator for the past two months without any problems and I think we can do that in the future.

At the same time, we are looking for team members to run the community together to develop the community.
Any Steemit user who likes games can participate, and please contact us through the Discord channel.

[Team Members ]

ROR Universe Team(@roadofrich), @mickvir, @morning

ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
Official Kakao talk channel:
ROR Official Youtube channel :

RORGAME Beta Service
Road of Rich Alpha Service

The INVEN Gaming community is run by the STEEM Witness @roadofrich team.
Vote for @roadofrich witness


I am going to add my grain of sand to this community and since I have little sp I cannot delegate it but apart from voting all your posts I am also going to donate 20% of my earnings in the posts that I make to you, I hope that much more people join me, I see in this community a strong commitment for those who like games

Thank you for your support :)

Your community is one of the fast growing and having more young active users and yourself one of the active members of Steem platform, I wish you all the best for the Curator application!

Good news!!

Thank you for your application to continue as a Community Curator in July.

The Steemit Team

hi, i am 5days steem user.
I heard here is support system for new-bie with tagging iv and sct.
I will appreciate if you let me know how to get a vote. thank you.

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