100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 77 - Extra Challenge - Who’s In Your Country?

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Today we are putting forward a little extra challenge.

There are now over 150 people taking part in The Diary Game from 30 different countries.

The Game really is global.

As we plan for what comes next we realize there is still great scope for growing it further around the world..

How Many Steemians Are There In Your Country?

A number of players of The Diary Game including @vipnata, @rishabh99946, @anasuleidy, @vict0r and @olesia have been earning bonus points by recruiting new people to join the game.

Mostly they have been inviting people they know in their own country, or least speak their same native language.

This has given us an idea for further promotion.

How useful would it be to know how many active Steemians there are in each country, and who are they!

Such lists would be great for networking and promotion, and later on even for organizing meetups.

So the challenge is to make a list of active Steemians you can find in your country.

For the purpose of this challenge we would define ‘active’ as anyone posting, curating or involved in any other activities on the Steem blockchain during the past month.

You should only list people that have declared their country publicly either in their profile or in a post or comment on the blockchain. The Diary Game posts are a good place to look!

If you know personally they are in your country, but they haven’t stated it on the blockchain, you should ask their permission before including them in your country list.

Where anyone has also publicly stated the information, you could also include the state, province or city they are in.

For some bigger countries where there are many Steemians you are free to concentrate just on your own province, state or region.

Once individual lists come in we will be able to work collaboratively to make them more complete and accurate.

Players of The Diary Game might then want to use these lists to recruit new players and earn bonus points, both for the remaining 20+ days of the current game, and for what comes next.

The posts can be in any language.

Just put a link to your post in the comments below to enter, and remember to tag your post with #the100daysofsteem.

This challenge will run until next Wednesday, June 24th.

During the week we will be reading all the posts and rewarding as many as possible with upvotes from the 3 million SP @steemcurator01 account.

We hope you will find this extra challenge interesting.

The country lists will be very helpful in further developing our marketing plans for Steem.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Notes from the Community...

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Bonus Offer… Bounty for Guide to the Community Feature

We are looking for someone to produce a guide on how to set up and use the Community feature on Steem.

There will be a sizeable bounty of STEEM plus upvote available for the task.

We are looking for a professional level guide so this task might suit a collaborative effort between a tech/writer and a visual layout designer.

The guide would be produced as one or more posts on Steemit.com.

The work can be done in any language as it will be translated.

If you are interested in taking on this task, put a comment below, tag @steemcurator01 and include a link to anything similar you have produced before.

The rewards from this post go to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Check out the Steem Charity Day post for more details.


Hi @steemblog.. Steemit have really grown now. There are may Sri Lankan in steemit but we haven't yet a single thread to gather them all together. This title gave me a new idea to gather them all. Let's see what I can do.

And here is why I say this is the best time join steam https://steemit.com/hive-122035/@randulakoralage/why-now-is-the-best-time-ever-to-join-steem

Thank you for taking part in the previous challenge.

We look forward to seeing what you find for this challenge.

The Steemit Team

I've noticed that the @steemcurator01 account is downvoting some users that buy votes, though not all users, without even leaving a reason for the downvote. Is vote buying something that steem/steemit does not like or want on the platform? It would be good if we could have a clear answer on this so the community knows what is acceptable and what is not. Thanks.


This is one I can't participate in, I am from Honduras and I have seven people I know personally or via Whatsapp who were on Steemit (includes four I onboarded) but none of them are active now. I do know of at least three more people whom I have never had any contact with who are from Honduras, but they too are retired. Basically what I am saying is I know of no Honduran apart from myself who is active on Steemit. Perhaps there are some but I have not come across them.

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

The Steemit Team

Dear steemit,
the following link is my diary game on Jun 18.thanks!


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

겁나 많이~^^

우리 스티미 가즈앙~! ♨♨♨

Thanks very much Steemit Team, I agree, this list will help even to invite those Steemians who aren't participating because of maybe they might have not seen the great impact of this #the100daysofsteem in this Diary Game. Secondly we can motivate a lot of Steem users who are posting frequently to be very active, since the joy this challenge grows greatly. Thanks very much for this challenge!

Dear steemit,this is entry my diary game on JUN 19.Thanks!


[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Good morning 5:00 (Caracas, Venezuela)
Thanks for this update. Interesting challenge for the week.
This is a translation Spanish
The rewards of this translation are to support the work of @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.

Gracias por esta actualización. Interesante desafío para la semana.
Esta es una traducción al español
Las recompensas de esta traducción son para apoyar el trabajo de @littledisciples en Venezuela y @thegreens en Camerún.


Please do not forget about me.

A record of how we did an oratory club yesterday right in the park.

Hey @steemcurator01 ,

Hindi translation is ready:- 100 दिन STEEM : दिन 77 - Extra Challenge - Who’s In Your Country?

Charities are beneficiary of this post:- @littledisciples , @thegreens

Post promoters are also beneficiary of the post.

Do vote and support my work.

Hello to my professional steemians, I hope you are well. I am an active Steemian who love playing the diaries game to @steemcurator01, I hope you will check my pending diaries here https://steemit.com/@agodaniel32

Thanks for this great opportunities for steem promotion. Get to know me on https://steemit.com/@agodaniel32/posts

HEY @steemcurator01 ,

My today’s Diary game entry :- Steem dairy day - 6 (19th June) gaming day with so much of fun.

Pls looks at others days entry as well they are unvoted Till now

Hello, @steemitcurator01 and steemitblog

I have some pending posts, could you take a look at them?

Thank you!

The Diary Game - 13/6/2020


The Diary Game - 17/6/2020


Hola amigos, aca les dejo mi diario del viernes 19-06-2020
Saludos y mucho exito.

Hi! I am from Russia, and I am one of the participants and administrator of a chat in Telegram, where participants are artists. We started writing diaries to Steemit, support and motivate each other. In this post, I indicated who started writing diaries.


Hello @steemitblog. Here is my participation post for this challenge. A comprehensive list of Nigerian steemians...

Hi @steemblog and @steemcurator01 i am first time participating in diary game , extra challenge ... So please take a look

Hi steemit team @steemcurator01☕️☕️
This is the link of my diary these days, you have not come to check oh! thank you💗💗

The Diary Game 6月18日 杨梅over

The Diary Game 6月19日玉带河绿道路遇菜农

The Diary Game 6月20日周六重温《芈月传》之秦王与芈月之恋情https://steemit.com/wherein/@yanhan/wherein-1592668730395-s

[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Thanks you for being given the oppotunity to join :

hi @steemcutaor1 & @steemblog
this is my article for extra challenge. I wrote the experience also why many are not active. and also some people who are still active on this plathform.


HEY @steemcurator01,

This is my entry in this challenge hope it will help steem little bit :- How many steemians are in my country???

Hello Steemit Team!

  • Here is my entry for this challenge. Thanks you!


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