1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 17 - STEEM POD - Country Representatives - Delegations

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As we have mentioned before we are keen to expand the STEEM POD.

And our primary route for that expansion is by building a network of Country Representatives around the world.

We are now ready to begin this process with the appointment of the first round of Representatives.

The STEEM POD : Country Representatives

With this first round of Country Representatives we are not necessarily looking for people that are going to go out organizing Steem Meetups and recruitment drives.

While we welcome those sorts of activities, at this stage we are more looking for people who are going to support Steemians from their country on the blockchain through support, guidance, commenting and voting.

We are looking to appoint Country Representatives who will help identify people on Steem from their country and work with them to grow their presence on Steem.

To help with this we will be awarding each Representative an initial direct delegation of 5000 SP, with the potential to increase this to 10,000 SP depending on performance.

The ideal Country Representatives will have...

  • demonstrated commitment to Steem

  • been active in recent projects like Diary Game and the Shopping Game

  • been regularly commenting on other people's posts, particularly giving tips and guidance.

They should have a good experience of Steem, not be powering down, and be primarily focused on Steem rather than any other similar blockchains. If they are recruiting people to join Steem all the better.

While written application posts can be useful we feel visible evidence through activity on Steem is by far the best way to identify suitable candidates for these STEEM POD positions.

We therefore would like to invite these people to become Representatives for their countries...

Although @vipnata is based in Italy we hope she will be able to have a wider role supporting the Russian speaking community at large as she has been doing so well so far as a Community Curator.

The Country Representative does not have any defined commitment of hours per week, more we are just looking for people to do their best with the time they have available, to support existing and new Steemians in their country.

If you are on this list and are happy to take on the role of Country Representative please confirm under our top comment below.

We will then arrange the new, or increased, delegation to be sent to you.

This is only a first selection of people who have caught our attention during the 100 Days of Steem. We very much hope to add to this group on an ongoing basis as new people come to the fore.

There were a couple more people on the list but they are both now powering down.

We hope to get at least two people in each country in due course.

If you would like to be considered as a Country Representative, and you fulfil the requirements above, please comment in our second comment below. Just plain text, no images, gifs or large headline text.

The Steem Greeters

We will be making an announcement about the rest of the Community Curator accounts tomorrow but we can say that the current 500K SP Curator account will continue with the Steem Greeters.

Unfortunately @cmp2020 has had to step down as he is going to college, but we hope @cryptokannon, @mariita52, @kiwiscanfly, along with @oppongk, @yohan2on and @rishabh99946 will be able to continue running this curation project.

We would be happy if they would like to bring any of the other new Country Representatives into that project as well.

The special STEEM POD delegations to @musicforsteem and @knitrias will remain in place.

We are very keen to begin building out a network of Steem Country Representatives around the world.

This is very much a first small step on that path.

We really hope everyone on the list will be willing to rise to this challenge to help grow Steem in their respective countries.

And we hope they will use the delegations to actively support and vote for other Steemians in their country.

We are eager to grow the number of Country Representatives significantly over the coming months.

If you would like to become a Representative the best way is to get out there and do things to demonstrate your commitment to Steem. Post, vote, comment, organise contests, recruit.

All those things will get you noticed...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team



The rewards from this post go to support the work of @fundacorazon and @littledisciples in Venezuela and @thegreens in Cameroon.



Do not comment here if you are not on the list above.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Dear Steem Team, I confirm my acceptance of the country representative role for Uganda.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thanks so much for the support.

Hello, The Steemit Team! Hope you all doing great. I'm happy to accept the role of Country Representative for Japan, and welcome to the club for our new team members in STEEM POD 🤗😃

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Noted. Thank you for the support 🤗

Dear Steemit Team, I confirm my acceptance of the country representative role for #Bangladesh

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thank you @steemcurator01 and steemit team

Hi, Steemit Team and @steemitblog !
Thanks for being so humble with us.
I am honoured to be a representative of my country and be a part of this steem pod project. I am congratulating all the members those who has been selected as country representative.

I am happy to take on the role of Country Representative and I @tarpan confirmed to be a country representative from Bangladesh.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thanks a lot.

Dear Steemit Team, I am very happy to be considered worthy to occupy the position of representative of my country Venezuela. I gladly accept the assignment and all the work involved in this role. Thank you.
Estimado equipo de Steemit: Estoy muy feliz de ser considerado digno de ocupar el cargo de representante de mi país Venezuela. Con mucho gusto acepto la asignación y todo el trabajo involucrado en este rol. Gracias.

Saludos @mariita52, me encanta que estés en esta lista..!
Un abrazo

Amiga, gracias por tu apoyo, creo que cumples con todo lo necesario para este papel, eres bastante activa y siempre estas animando a los demás.
Éxito en todos tus planes.

si me necesitan para algo por allí, los apoyo..!

Felicitaciones @mariita52

Gracias @marpa!
Aprecio mucho tu apoyo. Feliz y larga vida.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thanks for the notice, I confirm that I have already received the 5000SP delegation. Thank you.

Thank you!

Yes, I want to be a representative of STEEMIT in Ukraine, thank you very much for the invitation.

To be honest and simple, I want "go out organizing Steem Meetups and recruitment drives" and I will be happy to do it. All I need for this is financial support of 20 SBD per day.

Please, do not consider it arrogance, I just now have to look for a full-time job without a big idea, which is at STEEMIT. So maybe it would be better if I do this work for STEEMIT with enthusiasm, joy and idea.

is it possible?

Sorry that is not what is on offer.

Are you saying you only want to be a country representative if you are paid 20 SBD?

Maybe we will have to reconsider...

Thanks for the answer.

I understand that you are not offering money. I am ready to be a representative on the terms of provision that you described.

I talk about my needs, what I can do MORE, and what I need for this.

If this is not possible, then I accept this answer, of course.
Being a STEEMIT representative in Ukraine is meaningful for me even without money.

One of the ideas about what I can do additionally, I described here: https://steemit.com/the1000daysofsteem/@alexmove/promotion-offer

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Yes, I confirm!
The 5000SP delegation is now with me

Thank you so much!
It's important for me!

Hi team i confirm to be country representative from India - @rishabh99946 thank you!

Congratulations and good luck!

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Hi, I have a great desire to be the second representative in Ukraine :)
Thank you

  1. Wrong place for your comment.

  2. You are powering down!

  1. exactly sorry

  2. It is forbidden?

Anyone can power down any time.

But as mentioned in the post above, anyone who wants to be a Country Representative should not be powering down.

We want to see some level of investment and commitment to the platform from Country Representatives.

The Steemit Team

Now I see that the representative of the country should not lower power. If you look without translation from Google. when I looked at the translation, the translator didn't tell me that

Anyway, I need money now and I can't help but downgrade it :(

And anyway, as part of the diary game, I will invite people and they will get good up from you.

By the way, about the upvotes . Predictions with 1000 SP and even 5000 SP, in my opinion, do not give authors much pleasure in terms of motivating authors to stay and write using upvotes and delegation 1000 - 5000SP

this is my opinion, I do not pretend to be true :)

thank you

Hola yo vivo en Chile, exactamente en Rancagua he participado en el juego del diario y en varios retos de la comunidad de steemit si gustan pasen por mi perfil y vean si podría calificar .

We are looking for a certain level of activity in a country before we appoint a Country Representative.

How many active Steemians are there in Chile now?


I am ready and I would like to hold this responsibility as the country representative from Sri Lanka.


Hey @randulakoralage welcome to the STEEM POD Club! 🤗😃

Hi, @cryptokannon is a good opportunity. We can work together for the success of steemit !!!

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Yes boss! My mission on helping country people will start by morning. 🙂

Dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01
A great thank you for your trust and attention.
It's an honor to be on the above list, and also an honor to be a leader of the Russian Community, which was created thanks to my recruiting of new members to The Diary Game.
Being a Community Leader is a great responsibility.
A leader is always a good organizer in the first place.
He knows how to lead people and knows how to guide them to achieve better results.
All my 25 years of work have been related to this. I am a natural leader. At the moment, I'm not working and all my time I dedicate to Steemit. Soon the second season will begin and I am ready to introduce new participants.
There will be many in season two.
First of all it will be Russians living in different countries of the world.
And also Italians, I will write about it in the post about t-shirt.
I will be able to combine all the duties, but I ask you to keep the curating of the Russian Community for me.
This is my brainchild, which I have created and which will be very powerful. I understand that there may be other contenders, but unfortunately none of them could achieve what I have done in 2 months. They can be on Steemit for 2-4 years, but a very small number of people manage to prove themselves as community leaders.
And this can be seen among those who participated in the competition of the first season.
Thank you again for your special trust.
I agree to be the curator of all 1000 days of Steem.


I support this position, @vipnata is a very good curator for Russian-speaking users. People from three different countries write in Russian: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In addition, many Russian users who for various reasons now live in different countries have come to Steemit. @vipnata brings together Russian-speaking users from different countries.

Thank you very much for your kind and important words for me.

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Thank you so [email protected], but I already have the SP 200K delegated power for the Russian Community.

The 5000 SP delegation is direct to, so you get the curation rewards from that.

That delegation is one of the benefits of being a Country Representative.

There will be more news about the T-shirts shortly.

Thank you so much for support @steemcurator01

HEY @steemitblog & @steemcurator01

Hindi translation is ready:- 1000 दिन STEEM : दिन 17 - STEEM POD - Country Representatives - Delegations

Rewards are also distributed in charities and post promoters.

Hey @steemcurator01 pls make Ann visit on profile as few contributions are unvoted till now


Just a simple one line comment giving your name and country will be sufficient.

Do not add to this comment for anything else.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hello. Also at the suggestion of some Italian users, I am applying as a representative of the Italian community. I am Italian and I live in Italy.
I think I am now the senior member left on Steemit and I know my compatriots who are still on Steemit and also those who have left. This is also why I opened a ITALY Community to recreate an environment where we can write in our language and meet again. I have a good Power steem that I am always feeding (you can check) and also a 4,100 followers twitter account that I can make available, if necessary. I participate in the Game with the ItalyGame team and I have a long activity on this social network and I have also already been curator for Italian content. They are NOT on other competing platforms. (Only marginally on Whaleshares but now no longer.) I therefore think I certainly have the requisites required for this activity. Thanks for your attention.

Hi @sardrt, I am pretty sure that you will be a great Leader of Italian Community, I remember after being away you are back and became an active member of @steemingcurators activities supporting the users with lower Steem Power, you are always there with nice words and you read posts and not only dropping standard comments and also you were active in both @steemitblog challenges and Diary games

What I love most, I miss Italian posts with such beautiful language and I hope that if you bring your followers from from Twitter we will be able to see more European Participants that we are lacking.

I see that @vipnata still keen to stay for Russian community and blogging in Russian in that case I think you are the great representative for Italian community

Thanks @Stef1... yes Italian is a beautiful language, I agree. We try to bring it back to Steemit together with the many beautiful things in my country that we can share with the whole community.

@fycee you should be Philippine Country Representative. @rashia maybe you can help with being Country Representative for Philippine too since you live there now.

I'd love to! :D | @Rashia, Philippines

I powered up again by the way.

Hi @steemitblog sorry for inconvenience, you can consider adding @sumit71428 as another representative from India as he's been helping me with some POD work before so he's quite experienced.

Por favor considerarme como representante para Venezuela.

I would like to be the country representative from India.


@ak1o , Belarus .
There are very few participants from my country. I ask you to appoint me as a representative to develop the STEEMIT community in Belarus.

Hai @shortsegments, semoga anda menjadi perwakilan dari USA. Saya sangat mendukungnya.

You're welcome sir

Hello team, I would like to be considered for country representative for Nigeria. Although I post on a similar blockchain, but I am more dedicated to steem, and I'm ready to be useful in the POD project and focus on steem. I will be glad if I'm considered. Thank you.

@mister-omortson, I am applying for Russian Country Curator

Country representative for Nigeria. @greatness96.

I'd love to help Steemit grow! I consider I meet the criteria that you guys listed. I'm from Argentina.

Abiodun Adeosun @lebey1, country is Nigeria.

How many active Steemians are there currently in the Arab Community?

I'd be pleased getting a hand among into maintaining the Kenyan flag in these streets, prior to which am gonna share an outline of the plan at hand to facilitate the above.

@koheps I'd like to be considered for Nigeria though I'm a newbie here. Thanks

Hello team steemit, I would love if you could consider me as country representative for Nigeria. Have been here since 2018 and a day will not go by without me posting here on this great community, I'm also in every nigeria community on steem and off steemit. Heartchurch church is home for most Nigerians on steemit but I can help in bringing more value to steemit by bringing old members back and and introducing new ones. You can check my blog I recruited few people of recent to community and I have always been like that. I will represent you well

Dear @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and the entire Steemit Team, it's my pleasure to say that I have accepted this great offer giving me as Country Representative for Ghana. I therefore commit to bring light to the Steemit Team in Ghana so that success would be on our side here in the entire Steemit Community. I hope through collaboration with other devoted and committed Steemians who have now gained stiff roots in steem to leave footprints in Steemit as we noted in our logo for @steemghana-team. Thank you so much for your Great work, passion and dedication for the Steemit Community and Humanity 🙏 :)

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Me llena de satisfacción ver que este amoroso listado está integrado por personas con alto valor humano y sensibilidad de servicio social en atención a la construcción de una Comunidad Steem mucho más grande y sólida.

It fills me with satisfaction to see that this loving list is made up of people with high human value and sensitivity to social service in order to build a much larger and more solid Steem Community.

Sin duda el equipo de @steemitblog y demás directiva de esta plataforma, han hecho realidad cosas que ningún otro proyecto similar pueda lograr en el corto plazo que se ha visto resultados aquí. Todo esto tiene nombre, gerencia de la organización con su enfoque de eficacia y eficiencia acompañada del compromiso de todos los involucrados; porque se trata de estrategias de expansión, integración y solidez del sistema.

Without a doubt, the team at @steemitblog and the other directors of this platform, have made things happen that no other similar project can achieve in the short term that we have seen results here. All this has a name, organizational management with its focus on effectiveness and efficiency accompanied by the commitment of all those involved; because it is about strategies for expansion, integration and solidity of the system.

La alta gerencia y colaboradores tienen su corazón puesto en este proceso de construcción organizada de la comunidad y está funcionando porque lo hacen de CORAZÓN. Cierro mi intervención con mis felicitaciones a maravillosas personas que me han brindado su afecto y valiosa orientación desde mi llegada a Steemit: @mariita52, @cryptokannon y mi apreciado maestro @cmp2020. Sin embargo, mi alegría es total y me satisface saber que el esfuerzo y dedicación se ha premiado en los amigos: @oppongk, @yohan2on, @tarpan, @toufiq777, @rishabh99946, @anroja, @randulakoralage, @vipnata, @alexmove y @kiwiscanfly.

Top management and collaborators have their hearts set on this process of organized community building and it is working because they do it from HEART. I close my speech with my congratulations to wonderful people who have given me their affection and valuable guidance since my arrival at Steemit: @mariita52, @cryptokannon and my appreciated teacher @cmp2020. However, my joy is total and I am satisfied to know that the effort and dedication has been rewarded in the friends: @oppongk, @yohan2on, @tarpan, @toufiq777, @rishabh99946, @anroja, @randulakoralage, @vipnata, @alexmove and @kiwiscanfly.

A todos mucho éxito en sus nuevas tareas y responsabilidades. Larga vida y dicha familia.

To all of them much success in their new tasks and responsibilities. Long life and such a family.

Hola @panflor Hoy tengo internet , así que me alegra poder de manera más amplia buscar a mis amigos. Gracias por tus sinceras palabras. Solo espero que estes bien junto a tu familia y te animes a participar en el hermoso juego del Diario, ya sea escribiendo tus propios Diarios, o dejando tus valiosos comentarios a otros participantes. Feliz dia y mil bendiciones. !

Hola @mariita52. Recibí tus saludos con mucho afecto; gracias por la atención y estar pendiente de mi desempeño en la plataforma. He estado un poco quebrantado de salud y por eso no me he animado a escribir con frecuencia. Haré lo humanamente posible por hacerlo de hoy a mañana. Tengo que continuar con el programa en #Newcomers`Comunity.

Mi yerna @arac me dio tu razón, es quien ha estado ocupándose de mi atención. Espero que tú y tu linda familia estén gozando de mucho bienestar y dicha plena. Buena vibra.

¡Excelente! que alegría ver en mis notificaciones tu respuesta. Estare orando por tu recuperación, publicar todos los días tus actividades con fotos (minimo 1 maximo 8) y palabras (mínimo 300), ademas de un titulo que diga The Diary Game. fecha. y si deseas agregar algo mas. y publicarlo en las tardes. Es lo que se requiere para participar. Para mi ha sido terapéutico, me ayuda a saber por lo menos que fecha es. jajaja Algo que ya estaba pasando por alto. El leer los Diarios publicados con la etiqueta #venezuela tambien ha ido increíble, el ver de cerquita todo lo que viven mis queridos compatriotas y que continúan de manera digna mirando de frente y con esperanza el porvenir es algo que no tiene precio. Gracias por tu respuesta. Y de corazón deseo que estés aquí. Feliz y larga vida.

Thanks for the valuable posts on your page
I am grateful to be here in the community with you with love and respect No monopoly No racism No discrimination This is what we need Love, appreciation, respect and cooperation
I will be happy to join my page and support me permanently

I am very happy. This is good news for the brothers in my country as well. Those who will work in my community. They definitely expect a good support from us And I will make all the users of our Bangladesh and my community work in such a way that they are daily active. And they can benefit from it and give us more members in the future.

I'm basically working on how to get someone to join first. Then, I'm trying to figure out how to keep him active daily. If one is daily active. Of course, that is a positive aspect for us.

Thank you @steemitblog @steemcurator01

@toufiq777 welcome to the STEEM POD club! 😃 I would need your and @tarpan help on tracking the newbies from Bangladesh. Hope you could help with that. I will brief on that in steemingcurators discord. Please invite @tarpan into the discord too. See you both soon!

okay, i will add @tarpan In your discord group.

Hi @cryptokannon ! Congratulation.
Sorry for the late response. I will connect on discord with you.

i confirm country representative from New Zealand, thank you

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

got it thank you


Hi @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 I would like to vouch for @mister-omortson as Country Curator for Russian Speaking Community. We both started in 2017 when our roads crossed while Art Contests. He is native Russian speaker and creates such interesting posts with a lot of humour and beautiful photogrpahy. He also applied for Country Curator for Russian community but somehow you have missed his application.


He is very active in upvoting, commenting, he also took part in @wherein Artcontest and won 3d place, he took part in Diary games

He is always supporting Steemians with good words and advises.

Because myself I am also Russian language speaker I can better judge it as someone else whose language is not Russian.

In my opinion he deserves to be Russian Community Curator and I do not think that @vipnata should cover both Italian Community and Russian if there is someone else who is able to carry out that role, as you mentioned yourself we have to engage more different people and encourage them and not only to promote the same users.

Thank you in advance, @stef1

Спасибо Стеф!

Да, я всегда рад помочь сообществу! Я уже писал заявку, но похоже она осталась незамеченной или возможно показалась неубедительной.

Thank you for your input.

The representatives of the country are working hard every day. They are helping us every day how to participate in the game. They inspire us in everything through comments.

I congratulate the representatives of the country and best wishes for them.


Thanks for your kind words @Sandysparkle.
Your support and encouragement greatly appreciated. Happy and long life.

You are welcome @mariita52

Have a happy day. My username is @antoniarhuiz.It would be a pleasure to work for my country, Venezuela. Thank you.

Excellent, great step @antoniarhuiz, always attentive and helping the community in general, you will undoubtedly do a good job as a representative of the country.

Thank you for your interest.


I translated this draft for Korean people (POD-kr]. Would you check my posting?


Thank you for this - most useful.

Buen dia familia steemit....

Me gustaria participar... creo tener las condiciones y tengo la disposicion de ser representante de mi pais. Venezuela.

espero estar a nivel para ser considerado

Gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la próxima...

Sin duda serías un buen representante para el país, has aprendido en poco tiempo lo que me tomó dos años a mi. Además de ser adaptable y cumplir muy bien las pautas asignadas, cuenta con mi apoyo, aunque no tengo injerencia en esta selección.

Muchas gracias por el concepto de mi y por el apoyo... A ver que opinan los organizadores... es cuestion de esperar... pero se que si lo consigo me esforzare lo máximo para quedar bien y hacer quedar bien a mi país que representare con orgullo... como siempre

de nuevo gracias por el apoyo.

Hasta la proxima...

Grateful for all the support by the Steemit Team through the Steem PoD to the Knitrias Project. It has been a great experience to work with the Members but also living these times with lots of works and efforts on which you have achieved a thriving platform and great opportunities for all Steemians. Thank you very much.
We will be informing you with the developments of the Project and challenges by the Members.
It will be a pleasure to keep attending and participate on the great initiatives and challenges by the Steemit Team.
The best for all the participants, contenders and teams working on this awesome platform.
The best winds.

Selamat kepada para penerima delegasi, tentunya mereka orang yang terbaik dan eksis selalu dalam dunia steem. Orang-orang yang punya komitmen tinggi terhadap apa yang sedang mereka jalani terutama untuk sahabat saya dari indonesia dan india serta sahabat steem semuanya yang berasal dari seluruh dunia.
Sukses selalu buat rekan semuanya dan terimakasih kepada @steemitblog dan @steemcurator01, yang telah menyemangati para steemians untuk eksis kembali.

Terima kasih atas dukungannya bang @muzack1

Thanks @muzack1
greeting from @tarpan

Thank you for the great job you've been doing. I'm certainly sure that those people listed are doing a great job, and I also appreciate them. Please, I have a few questions.

  1. Partaining to community representatives (group of 7), can Steem Africa still put forward the 7 members?) It was very difficult to come up with the list. @oppongk and @yohan2on were in the picture. They also tried their best to see that we have the numbers complete.

  2. There is no representative from Nigeria, and I'm not happy about that. Actually, we ought to have written an application, but none did. Apologies. If you wouldn't mind, I can stand and represent Nigeria. I hope you would reconsider and fix us in. Thank you a great deal.

Same problem :0

I was disappointed when I saw there is no opportunity for Pakistan users,
You are literally missing Pakistan. We created our team for phase 2 #tuseefandteam from Pakistan. It is the first and only one team in Pakistan. We can bring more and more people. We did too.
Here Question What is the problem with Pakistani new users? They just earned couple of dollar on introduction post, then they just ran away, here majority of people don't know the English so they can't make a content in English, Huh they can create post in Urdu, their native language.

I have a solution for this:

If we have delegation, we will make a community for Pakistan users with the name of #tuseefandteam, that uses #Urdu language only and Pakistani would be able to generate content that will be supported in our community and by doing this the work for Urdu user will become easier and more and more people will join the #steemit, after this we will able to bring very great users and also some investors too, even we can invest.
The comment is originally created by my cousin @sardar-sani you can see up here, I just edited and refreshed the comment.

Thanks for pusing

How many active Steemians are there in Pakistan now?

Have you made a post announcing your team for Season 2 of The Diary Game?

Thank you so much @steemitblog for acknowledging the hardwork demonstrated by all the incredible steemians around the world like that of my country man @oppongk and ugandan @yohan2on. They really work hard indeed and we hope to follow in their footsteps. Here is a link to some of my contributions so far.


Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01

Sorry for commenting here beyond the scope of this post. But I would like to bring it to your kind attention that my shopping day post is going to expire in the next 23 hours. So please if you can look into it. That is my last shopping day post. For me, #theshoppinggame is already over because of complete lockdown here since 25th.

Thank you.

Sorry to hear about the lockdown.

All posts now voted.

Noticed you are powering down most of your SP - are you leaving Steem?

No, not at all, I am right here. I don't have any other option as I am struggling to meet my ends and for daily medicines(chronic bronchitis) and other necessary things for survival I have no other option.

I am right here in Steem for a long time.

Thank you so much.

Hopefully you will be able to earn well from posting daily for the Diary Game.

Yes, I will try my best. Thanks for encouraging me.

Thank you very much for honouring my mentor @oppongk, together, we are forming a very strong here in Ghana to build Steemit community.

Felicitaciones a todos estos delegadores, estoy segura que los que acepten, harán un gran trabajo.

Hai @steemitblog, dengan senang hati saya menerima tawaran anda sebagai perwakilan negara saya Indonesia. Semoga saya bisa terus memberikan yang terbaik bagi ekosistem Steem ini.

Selamat bg anroja... Atas terpilih menjadi perwakilan dari indonesia.

Terima kasih bang @ridor5301

Thank you for the confirmation.

The 5000SP delegation should now be with you.

The Steemit Team

Terima kasih atas kepercayaan anda kepada saya, saya akan bekerja dengan penuh dedikasi untuk memajukan Steem. Saya sedang menanti posting key akun @steemcurator08 dari anda agar dapat bekerja dengan maksimal.

Sebagai informasi, saat ini saya berhasil merekrut beberapa orang baru ke Steem dan membimbing mereka. Selain itu juga sudah berhasil mengajak beberapa steemian yang tidak aktif untuk kembali aktif di Steem. Dengan delegasi SP dan akun @steemcurator08 yang anda berikan, akan membuat saya dapat bekerja secara maksimal dan meraih kembali kepercayaan dari mereka. Karena saya memiliki kekuatan untuk mempengaruhi mereka agar bertahan di Steem.

Terima kasih @steemcurator01

Congratulations @tarpan and @toufiq777
You have all done very well and hopefully move forward better....

best of luck ☺👍

Thanks brother.

brilliant idea, each country has representatives to help steemian curation in their respective countries.

I hope this delegation can help Indonesian Steemian, maybe on the other day Indonesia can have two representatives, so that the curation can reach wider ...

really happy if I work like that.

I very much appreciate how you are working so hard to raise the membership of steemians . i edge you to keep it up to uplift to image of steem for it to become the best blockchain worldwide . kudos.

Thanks for this wonderful initiative we hope steemitian will use this opportunity and boost their sp, and good luck to all contestants 💯

Congratulations to @Oppongk for your selection. Keep soaring brother.

Thanks very much Bro. @uyobong.

@lovveday, country representative for nigeria. Working with @greatness96 will be cool

I want to be a member of Korea national team. What should I do?

Great job and look at the engagement here.

I'm still new to Steemit but hopefully before my 100 days I will be able to represent my country, Nigeria.

Your missing Pakistan with the help of delegation we #tuseefandteam from pakistan can bring more and more people.
What is the problem with Pakistani new commer they just earned couple of dallor on intro then they just ran away, i am telling you the real reason behind it here majorty of people don't know the english so they can't make a content.

I have a sloution for this here it is..

If we have delegation then #tuseefandteam can make a community that uses #Urdu language only and Pakistani would be able to generate content that will be supported in #urducommunity and by doing this the work for urdu user will become easier and more and more people will join the #steemit and we can bring new investor to steem from Pakistan, after the investing or bringing investor #tuseefandteam would not needed delegations....

Sorry if we bothered here by commenting link.
yesterday We have started a community with a great purpose ,we announced our new Bangladeshi steeemian team and want to jon the the diary game season 2.
can you a take a look there?

Wow. Congratulations @rishabh99946 bhai.

Felicitaciones un trabajo constante has dejado por aquí, así que continuas con mucho entusiasmo @mariita52, me encanta siempre revisando tus traducciones por si se me paso algún detalle, gracias de verdad @steemitblog

Congratulations a constant work has left here, so you continue with great enthusiasm @mariita52, I always love checking your translations in case I miss any details, thanks really @steemitblog

Very good afternoon, excellent initiative, I hope more people will join it and want to assume that responsibility.

Here I pass to leave my links of individual presentation of my team the @cafeteros which has not been visited and my participation in the contest of Steem Africa for the 35 of the diary game:



Thank you very much!

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 my shopping game post has not been voted and the post will expire in the next 16 hours. I will be glad if you look into it.

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