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RE: 1000 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 17 - STEEM POD - Country Representatives - Delegations

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Just a simple one line comment giving your name and country will be sufficient.

Do not add to this comment for anything else.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Hello. Also at the suggestion of some Italian users, I am applying as a representative of the Italian community. I am Italian and I live in Italy.
I think I am now the senior member left on Steemit and I know my compatriots who are still on Steemit and also those who have left. This is also why I opened a ITALY Community to recreate an environment where we can write in our language and meet again. I have a good Power steem that I am always feeding (you can check) and also a 4,100 followers twitter account that I can make available, if necessary. I participate in the Game with the ItalyGame team and I have a long activity on this social network and I have also already been curator for Italian content. They are NOT on other competing platforms. (Only marginally on Whaleshares but now no longer.) I therefore think I certainly have the requisites required for this activity. Thanks for your attention.

Hi @sardrt, I am pretty sure that you will be a great Leader of Italian Community, I remember after being away you are back and became an active member of @steemingcurators activities supporting the users with lower Steem Power, you are always there with nice words and you read posts and not only dropping standard comments and also you were active in both @steemitblog challenges and Diary games

What I love most, I miss Italian posts with such beautiful language and I hope that if you bring your followers from from Twitter we will be able to see more European Participants that we are lacking.

I see that @vipnata still keen to stay for Russian community and blogging in Russian in that case I think you are the great representative for Italian community

Thanks @Stef1... yes Italian is a beautiful language, I agree. We try to bring it back to Steemit together with the many beautiful things in my country that we can share with the whole community.

@fycee you should be Philippine Country Representative. @rashia maybe you can help with being Country Representative for Philippine too since you live there now.

I'd love to! :D | @Rashia, Philippines

I powered up again by the way.

Hi @steemitblog sorry for inconvenience, you can consider adding @sumit71428 as another representative from India as he's been helping me with some POD work before so he's quite experienced.

Por favor considerarme como representante para Venezuela.

I would like to be the country representative from India.


@ak1o , Belarus .
There are very few participants from my country. I ask you to appoint me as a representative to develop the STEEMIT community in Belarus.

Hai @shortsegments, semoga anda menjadi perwakilan dari USA. Saya sangat mendukungnya.

You're welcome sir

Hello team, I would like to be considered for country representative for Nigeria. Although I post on a similar blockchain, but I am more dedicated to steem, and I'm ready to be useful in the POD project and focus on steem. I will be glad if I'm considered. Thank you.

@mister-omortson, I am applying for Russian Country Curator

Country representative for Nigeria. @greatness96.

I'd love to help Steemit grow! I consider I meet the criteria that you guys listed. I'm from Argentina.

Abiodun Adeosun @lebey1, country is Nigeria.

How many active Steemians are there currently in the Arab Community?

I'd be pleased getting a hand among into maintaining the Kenyan flag in these streets, prior to which am gonna share an outline of the plan at hand to facilitate the above.

@koheps I'd like to be considered for Nigeria though I'm a newbie here. Thanks

Hello team steemit, I would love if you could consider me as country representative for Nigeria. Have been here since 2018 and a day will not go by without me posting here on this great community, I'm also in every nigeria community on steem and off steemit. Heartchurch church is home for most Nigerians on steemit but I can help in bringing more value to steemit by bringing old members back and and introducing new ones. You can check my blog I recruited few people of recent to community and I have always been like that. I will represent you well