Are our Mobile Phones really a blessing?

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A couple of days back, I was talking to my friend and we were discussing about a restaurant. The very next minute I see that I have the information about this restaurant on my Facebook home page, where I get all the details. I was quite amazed with this, and then a few such similar instances happened. Then one of the instance was that I and my friend were discussing about a place in person and not over the phone, after sometime I see information of that place completely coming up on FB again, now something ticked me. How does this thing get to know what’s going on in my mind and gives me exactly what I am looking for. This also made me think, am I being tracked, is someone keeping a watch on me all the time...

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Well I am really a technology challenged person and I use my devices to their minimal uses. I have very few basic apps on my phone. There are times when I still use the traditional sms service. For chats only whatsapp and Dischord is what I have, and other social media tools I use are FB, Linkedin and now steemit. My google map is always off unless when I need it just for specific use. So with all this my knowledge is also very limited. I searched about this on the net and I was quite shocked to read that how each and every information gets recorded on google. This really scared me off, I mean that I do not have any privacy, all that I do is out there open somewhere getting recorded.

Now the other habit I have is taking my phone in the bathroom for music while bathing, this also turned out to be one shock for me when I read that even the camera is functional even if you are not using it. I am not sure how much this is true, but this is something not very good and we need to be cautious about it.

All of this really makes me think that the progress is very good and required, but the new technology which leaves me exposed to my thought level is it really good for me.

We do not even realize about the use of our devices where we are sharing every single information on it, including the bank details, personal information and everything.

Is exposing up our self so much to the technology really good or are we becoming slaves to it?

Well Technology is a blessing in many ways provided it not getting manipulated. We definitely need to be sure about what we are sharing on our phone as I believe that nothing stays secret and private on the phone device.

I would also like to get some advice from the experts on how can the information be safe on the phone and how can I protect myself from these trackers and recorders.

With Love and Angels Blessings 💖💖👼🏻👼🏻

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I am not much concern about privacy, I don't see anything wrong If I am talking about something on whatsapp or fb and get related ad in facebook, I think it is an advantage of technology that we are getting desired info so easily.

I think its individual way of perceiving it, I am also ok till it gives me information and helps me out but the very moment it intrudes my space then that is what I am not comfortable with.

All we have right now in new generation is a great blessing. and we have to accept all the facts that because of new technology of today we learn a lot more even you are not educating on the school. Thank you for this article it's open the minds not only me but the whole community. regards @nainaztengra keep it up.

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good post

You are using Fb and Google(Mail, Search, Chrome). How they are making money?? By selling your info (anonymously) to the advertising company. Like They track all and then showing targeted ads to the user according to last activities.
If you will not use google chrome, Android phone, Gmail, Google search engine and all the site those integrated google search engine like steemit and Facebook (almost all social media) & Bing or yahoo then you will not be tarcked.

Sorry I really didn't get you, which are the devices and apps that are safe to use. FB I feel is the biggest scam but we are so much addicted now to it that just out of habit we do stuff there.

If you don't want to be tracked then don't use any social media to connect rather choose to connect then meet them in person. Don't use the android phone. Use VPN and browser like the epic browser. Never use google for a search you can use duck duck go. These are basic.
Yes, We are so addicted that we can get off at least from Google search engine, which has the best tracker.

That's a good information, I have never heard this duck duck go, let me try it out.

very well said bro...............

Sony Ericsson S312
I'm kinda old school when it comes to phones, I feel no need to have more functions then calling and sending sms. The smart phones has so many negative effects on our health as well as being extremely addictive...


We need encrypted phones and computers.

Carrier Pigeons and manual typewriters. Thats why Russia and Germany started buying manual typewriters again for Top Secret Govt work. Not joking.

:)))) We must think this too .

Scary is shutting down your computer system and getting up in the middle of the night to see it started itself and was doing all sorts of things... Yup it is unplugged each night now along with cell phone in the microwave...I like my privacy.

I get freaked out when I see ads for things that I have purchased on Amazon, when I am reading on another site!

Same here, I talk about crystals, healing work to anyone and then I have all these advertisements of the products popping up.

They are listening in to everything you say on your phone- everyones phones- to supply advertisers and law enforcement with information. They know where you are, where you go, what you talk about- even if your not on the phone- its listening to you. It also has GPS and the cameras can be remotely turned on by anyone with $95, and they can read your texts, emails, photos, everything. I keep tape over all of my phone and laptop cameras, and place my phone besides a noisy speaker when I want true privacy. <----- One of many site selling spyware for phones.

" the other habit I have is taking my phone in the bathroom for music while bathing"
My sister does that. She put it on the cistern and it went straight into the commode. :D
Then contacted everyone saying her phone is damaged and she is changing her number!
Anyways I cover my laptop camera with paper + adhesive tape at all times! From my experience, the best hackers never give anyone the slightest hint about their computer skills.

Ya the hackers are way smarter then we can think. How much ever careful we are they have their ways out, but we atleast need to be careful that it does not lend us in any big time trouble.

Security on mobile phones, as well as other technological devices is definitely something that people should be more aware and cautious about. It is so easy to be hacked, tracked, etc with technology. Many apps use your location and run in the background even when you are not using them. I try to make sure location services are always off and not keep any sensitive information on my phone. You can never be too careful! Thanks for your post bringing awareness to these issues.

Yes I am now very cautious, specially with my location services. It feels like a trap at times using these devices

nothing is a secret anymore the moment it leaves the depths of your mind....

You are right. Thank you

technology is increasingly sophisticated, but every one of us will use these sophisticated tools, hopefully we are blessed god not to be arrogant and arbitrary mena akan technology and knowledge created by human

Thanks buat imformasi him, I will always follow directions properly, please reply usually guided me as a beginner in the media sosil steem

Thanks buat imformasi him, I will always follow directions properly, please reply usually guided me as a beginner in the media sosil steem

La verdad que el movil ha tenido una revolución importante en nuestras vidas. Por otro lado el uso de las redes sociales hace que no tengamos una privación de nuesttras vidas. El resultado de eso sería el no utilizarlas.

Privacy will continue to be a concern for years to come. The more technology we have in our life, the more we will be sacrificing some form of privacy.

some one said really good,
You are using Fb and Google(Mail, Search, Chrome). How they are making money?? By selling your info (anonymously) to the advertising company. Like They track all and then showing targeted ads to the user according to last activities.

Serious privacy issues with them, many people are oblivious to the fact.

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 9.65% vote... I was summoned by @nainaztengra! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Yes they are a blessing i some circumstances it helps to save our lives

Your microphone is being used, so when you say the name of a restaurant, it is recorded and that's why you get advertising for it.

Smartphones are a significant step towards the mechanisation of humans. We are beginning to supplant our brains into our phones. Why remember knowledge when we have Google in our pocket? Why learn directions when he have a map of the entire planet in our pocket? Why learn a language when we can translate it in our pocket? We are using our brains less, which means we will evolve to be less intelligent. The next step is the implanting of electronic devices into humans. This already happens. People have their public transport fob cards and all manner of things implanted into their skin.

Within a century, I'm sure that we will be a world of cyborgs.

'Within a century"... That's too far. I'd say half that time. Technology is evolving so fast now. Soon we will have fully functional Artificial Intelligence, tech that can create tech. Way sooner than a hundred years my friend.

Of course. What I mean is that within 100 years, fully organic humans probably won't exist.

An interesting post and a good discussion should ensue from this as it’s a subject many are passionate about with thoughts coming From one extreme such as day not use mobile devices as big brother is tracking and watching everything to those at the other end who say if your not doing anything wrong does it really matter if they are tracking you or there is no way they can be monitoring everyone’s device

But what is the real answer is hard to know I think it’s somewhere in between you need to configure the settings on your phone to a level you are happy with

Yes that's correct for some it may not mean anything even if they are tracked, but I feel its all about your own space and privacy at the end of the day that's getting intruded. These are just somethings that I mentioned here but lately I notice a lot of these pop ups, I just find it very strange and unacceptable :-(, I never approve any ask from the apps, but there are times when you need to use them and without approving you cannot proceed ahead, so its like you do it or leave it completely :-(

Yes it is tough to decide and control sometimes, and its not always big brother I know of people who have the tracking feature turne don for their spouses phone sp they can track where they are 24/7, to me that shows there are much larger issues with the relationship but thats not for me to say but I would never do that myself

Google and other sites use your location, browsing history etc to know what to recommend for you in the adverts.

And really in all honesty no matter what setting you have on your phone it can be tracked to a degree, it really comes down to what your willing to accept is happening and then make an informed decision

I am pretty open in my settings myself, but thats just me

Ohhh yes, this is one other thing I got to know sometime back. Here in Oman the service provider gives this service of tracking your wife's phone, that's utter disgusting. Even my husband was given that option, he just slammed it :-)

Yes I think it is absolutly disgusting

Correct. If we are using phone with the internet then we are being tracked.The settings are only to satisfy us only to some extent.

Yes thats a good take on it for sure

sorry before my friends, maybe you're on track, or maybe it just coincidence my friend @nainaztengra

They are a blessing as long as they are given correct and balanced use, people have made technological intelligence a god, they have substituted family talks, contacts with nature and many sad things to mention. good post

You are very right, we have given these tools so much priority that we feel our lives incomplete without them. It is like they are ruling our lives when it should be the other way round

privacy is the cost of using modern day technology

As technology continues to advance, so we will find more and more that everything we do on the internet is logged in some way. Websites have been capturing and storing browsing behaviour for a long time, and we see it all over included in adverts where relevant ads are shown related to subjects we have searched for before. Of course the biggest store of our entire internet activity is through the service providor - either mobile data providors or the broadband you use for home internet. Everything related to your external IP is logged, web pages viewed, pictures viewed, e-mails sent - it can all be reviewed if needed. You can of course use a VPN to mask this, of course the only problem with this is then the VPN could be doing what it likes with your data instead.

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They are indeed a blessing if you're a healthy individual.

If you don't know how to use them, if you're addicted or if you give too much data, now they can become a curse.


See now this is a dog bless edged sword, because the negatives (radiation, disconnection from real life, alienation etc) compared to enabling people to run businesses and become successful and connect people, it's hard.

You know, it happens the same to me. I do something without even talking about it near the phone or computer or even sending something written to a contact, and it shows me, in instagram for example, the same thing I was doing. It's creepy, really.

Yes! Dump people on them? no lol

A well written post.

I doubt if life could have been this easier if not for the Advent of smartphones.

I bought my wife a Pandora charm for Christmas and every app I opened had Pandora charm advertisements. I really had to work hard to ensure she didn't see any of them and know what I got her!

Google or any of their products are very invasive. I personally stay away. Amazon is sneaky also. If you have any of their products/apps they will track you. Can limit tracking in settings. Some. But if you’ll notice when app install for terms and conditions also logging in on browser and keeping open. More limitation is to disable some programs but that will cause functionality of device to become erratic as most apps use some portions base apps to use. Don’t ever log in to places with social apps user ID.

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I have covered my laptop camera.I want to do the same to my phone but also don't want people to look at me weirdly😁 This post definetly need to reach more people.Resteeming and following you😊

I think it is a good priviledge. You know how happy I am to call my phone my office. I have every thing I need to get busy on my phone. Steemit is my work. Everywhere I go, i move wt my phone. It such a great advantage we should appreciate so do not be scared.

Honestly, in the past few months, I have realized that phones are more of a menace than blessing and their use is over-rated nowadays. Their purpose isn't to corrupt our lives, but if we who give them more importance than we should and tag them along everywhere we go which is why they have become such a nuisance. I found out about the camera being on fact a few days ago too and was horrified. However, I think it isn't entirely true.

I would recommend you to watch the tv series Black Mirror.
Interesting approach @nainaztengra

so good post!

Wow . so beautiful your art, i like your post. i wait for your next post , carry on your life . all the best @bijoy123