OpenLedger's Apptrade Token Crowdsale Start Date Changed To February 28th 2017

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As we have managed to get a good amount of extra partners involved and to allow them all to benefit of the time to introduce Apptrade to their network, it has been decided to move the start date of the Apptrade token crowdsale to February 28th 2017.

It is furthermore perhaps an interesting side note that Apptrade is presented as a part of OpenLedger, a company registered in Denmark under the name Apptrade Aps will be created prior to launch of platform at the latest, with both Apptrade LLC and OpenLedger ApS as owners. OpenLedger ApS will be the beneficiary of all funds collected and will make sure in co-operation with the designated escrow partners that funds are released for Apptrade to use according to set milestones.

As a last part of the news, all Apptrade sponsors will receive not only the mastertoken after a one year vesting period, they will also receive an option to buy OBITS in the form of a warrant as well as a warrant for the mastertoken, both warrants to be distributed and possibly traded from second week of crowdsale. This mastertoken warrant is the proof of ownership of the mastertoken eventually, thus allowing anyone to trade the mastertoken in the form of a warrant even though the mastertoken itself will be released only one year after end of crowdsale.

Finally, OpenLedger ApS will have equity in the company Apptrade and its mastertoken, as well as payment for the handling and operation of which the asset holders ICOO will benefit receiving an approximate 3% of total amount crowdfunded as part of the revenue distribution. This future revenue will hopefully be the first significant indicator of the value of the future ICOO. Since another estimated 1,5% will be used on OBITS and BTSR, Apptrade will be the first proof of value based on the incorporated crossmarketing features involving the entire OpenLedger DC.

Well, maybe not the first, as Centz will be a similar stucture with OpenLedger ApS in the center, but these two combined with BlockPay main crowdsale coming up will very much be the initial indicators of the future value offered by the OpenLedger Crowdfunding 3.0 suite of solutions.

I hope you will all enjoy and take part in these projects as part of building proof of work almost, of a Crowdfunding platform expected to launch finally last quarter of 2017, however, using the tools, solutions, network and partners to roll out one proof after the other in coming months allowing me to think we are about to present something special and unique not offered by anyone, anywhere in the world.

End goal here is to allow a Crowdfunding solution involving consumers, investors, developers and startups to enjoy great results on the base of digital leadership through a decentralized conglomerate of ecosystems.

Welcome to OpenLedger - Smart funding decentralized

Yours sincerely,

Ronny Boesing

OpenLedger ApS

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