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This post is Power Up 100% so I can increase my voting power very soon.

The #TeamPhilippines is growing everyday, new minnows are joining daily. We read new stories, photos and event but it's too hard to keep up with hundreds of followers. I'm starting the daily roll call to keep us up to date.

If you are a member, you MUST up Vote, RESTEEM and COMMENT below with your new post for us to check it out, then I will update this article with the first one to comment (with their new post) will be on top, then second will follow, and so on. Attendance Roll Call start between 10am-1pm to cover Asia, Europe and USA.

If you don't check-in, your name will continue to sink (bottom of the list). The main objective is keep an active list of members of #TeamPhilippines and help everyone promote their contents.

To all active members, show your support to other members. Visit their posts, read it, resteem, comment and vote up.

Who will be the first to promote their article?
Ex. @yehey ---

Please see their promoted links below. VOTE UP and RESTEEM!

@pinoy @mae09 @st3llar @gwapology @roytc123 @kenshiu @steemitph @trisun @luvabi @bobiecayao @june21neneng @cikxaijen @mers @rielx @toxiflexion @wreighyahh @earltizoy246 @gabriellasam @koshin @pinagpala @secto @kennyroy @adrianmendoza @ryuk @lgfurmanczyk @mhel @darthnava @vallesleoruther @jackdleybag @dwightjaden @dreddtemptz @gpfelizco @alyjane @blessednami @immarojas @zararina @aytona @myprimetime @deveerei @cryptokash @johndarcy1994 @myprimetime @olivercuico @philippinetrail @bellatravelph @cloh76 @grazz @mumssmoko @arnel @renepaolo @lovysteem @loraine @alyssaechavaria @sibinovic @royschuh @awesomenyl @nicholasblack60 @jamiz @olivercuico @vallesleoruther @ruel.cedeno @mumssmoko @yukimaru @bearone @tjpezlo @deveerei @dreamiely @cryptopie @theywillkillyou @offoodandart @jedau @albertvhons @noynavs @entheos @darthnava @joemz @kawal @shiribabe @gennie @jenmolon @alenjoe @juvyjabiana @johndarcy1994 @lapilipinas @unhorsepower777 @hulkbuster @joanaltres @cjclaro @englishtchrivy @carlobelgado @allmonitors @lauriejane @johndarcy1994 @jeanelleybee @saisei @beng05 @haneun @fernwehninja @onnionfillet @iamjammartinez @adevaesparago @dar @grazz @lette92 @jeseemei @chelseaside @mariayves0912 @idamagbag @reynarojas @deism12 @renepaolo @lovysteem @emerge @fernwehninja @shote.said @splice @haleyaerith @sasha.shade @howie @hulkbuster @topsnav @themanualbot

@belle.julz --- BANNED for impersonating someone and asking for assistance ---

Please follow me @Yehey, Vote Up and Resteem
Thank you.


Upvoted and resteemed! More power #teamphilippines. Please follow @yehey and @juliusdiam. <3

This is a good initiative mate. Good post. Upvoted and followed. My upvote is not worthy as I am new here and don't have enough steem power.

No worries. We all start for nothing.

Alright! Gooooodaaayyy! everyone , teamphilippines How're your guys doing? as always I tried myself present all the time. here's my post I would really appreciate it your reading and comments!

I'm here.. have some time to read this or share this to somebody you care about that experiencing loneliness. Thank you!

Great info. thanks for posting (Good luck!) - upvoted & following!

ok. checking in. more power to you @yehey.

Resteemed, upvoted and present today... here is my latest content

Whoa. There's team Philippines here! Can I join? :)

Who to join your party? Looks interesting to me as I am new here.