Some of the art in the UNHQ New York Compound Part 2

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Some of the art in the UNHQ New York Compound Part 2

This is my second post of some of the art in the United Nations Headquarters compound in NYC
The first post of the art is here

Art In United Nations Gardens good defeats Evil Russia.jpg

Sony A7iii 113mm F8 1/60 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

This piece is title good defeats evil, and is donated by Russia, the sculpture commemorates the 1987 signing of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate - Range and Shorter - Range Nuclear Missiles (INF Treaty), and is in celebration of the 45 Session of the General Assembly.

The piece is made from parts of actual United States and Soviet Missiles

Art In United Nations Gardens Horse.jpg

Sony A7iii 139mm F8 1/100 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

Another Statue feauturing a horse this was donated by Croatia, and is the Peace Monument, it a bronze sculpture and is 16 Feet high and stands atop a high platform

Art In United Nations Gardens Irish boat.jpg

Sony A7iii 38mm F8 1/100 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

And this is another bronze monument and features a 23 foot long boats with many people on and coming off the boat, it was donated by Ireland

Art In United Nations Gardens Irish Boat-2.jpg

Sony A7iii 28mm F8 1/125 ISO 100
Click here to view larger

I thought for this one a second shot from another angle was needed to do it justice

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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!steemitworldmap 40.748774 lat -73.967344 long United Nations HQ NYC d3scr

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hello @tattoodjay i saw you in @ecoinstant page which mentioned you in his post so i decided to come to visit your blog , <3 such nice sculptors ,i love street art and elements which make a wonderful scene ,art is everywhere and this is wonderful,thanks to show me this beauty of where you live


And thank you for your visit 😎

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The artwork never ceases to amaze me. I think I had some family come over on the boat back in the day from Ireland.

I think touring the places you go would blow my mind.


Ohh yeah there is so much to see in NYC, even working here there is always something new to be found


I would probably get lost.. I don't have much of a sense of direction.


MY wife is the same way the one time she came into the city with her son, they got so horrible lost thinking they were walking to my office but were headed in the opposite direction LOL

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spectacular work of art friend @tattoodjay I congratulate you for sharing this work on this platform, have a good night and resiva a warm greeting from venezuela.

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Phenomenal pictures, thank you for sharing. I didn't realize NYC had all of these amazing monuments. :)


My Pleasure to share there is so much cool art to see all around NYC

I really like all the "peace" themed art around the UN. Missiles into statues. Very cool but doesn't roll of the tongue like swords into plowshares :) I feel like there should be some symbolism in the longboat sculpture but I'm not getting it. Nice photo and sculpture though


@steven-patrick Thanks I found a lot about the construction of the boat but not so much about its history, perhaps during the Irish Famine many went abroad maybe it is related to that

Hi there ! Those are some very good art pieces :) A candy to the eye of any tourist :) Haven't been there yet but thank you making us feel like we toured it already :) Good day


Thanks kindly such a kind compliment


You're welcome @tattoodjay Good day

Amazing photos!! Were those raw from the camera? or did you do some touchups in Lightroom or Photoshop. Looks like a little bit a saturation, maybe some slight curves, and levels adjustments?


All were shot in Raw mode and edited in fact all my photos are edited and often are three shots at different exposure settings merged together


very nice!

I find the first image my striking. There is an eerie good versus evil vibe floating around. I was 7 years old when ​the statue was gifted. So many​ years late and not much has changed.


I feel the same way about that one

And I agree very little has changed

Gorgeous shots of this amazing artwork!


Thanks 🙏

The statues or the art..hard to say..eaxh one of them is masterclass...may be more becoz of your photography👌


The pieces there are so cool to see


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All of them look great but that ship is my absolute favorite :)


@zen-art That is sone of my favorites as well, but there was a new one I hadn’t seen before that I loved, but thats for another post :)

I want to visit NYC again, the last time I went I only passed by the UNHQ
Nice photos @tattoodjay btw


Thanks there is so much to see here

These are some really great statues. Nice to see some pics that aren't just of the famous landmarks you usually see.


I try to show a little bit of everything with my NYC shots

What an interesting collection of statues! I love the ship of immigrants, and the peace horse from Croatia. The Russian statue is a little creepy, but then again, missiles are a little creepy, so... lol! Awesome shots, as always!


Thanks and Yes that Dragon Slayer one is indeed creepy

So many pieces of art in NYC, lovely photographs as you always show.


@biglipsmama Thanks thats one of the cool things in NYC so much art all around

Beautiful statue, wonderful place!

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@princessmewmew Thanks so much I was surprised and honored to be featured,

Excellent work my friend!! I particularly like the bronze lifeboats. Actually it makes me think of the bromze age 🤗. The chinese dynasties of Shang and Zhou have some really cool weapons fashioned from bronze and at one point bronze was more valued by them than gold and silver. Wild, isnt it?! The ship reminded me of that 😁


Thanks so much for sharing you thoughts so interesting what it reminded you of, I think because I know it is Irish it makes me think of the rural places I visited in Ireland


Oh no doubt, the things that are nearest and dearest to who we are will always impact our preferences overall😁😁


That is of course so true

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Aw, how I miss NY! So many new and great things to see! Great captures, my friend!


Thats the greta thing about NY there is always new things to see :)


Indeed! Just enjoy them!

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Cool. It seems that my experiment is working...have a great Thursday!

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